Feb. 20th, 2011

This weekend ended up being pretty relaxing, all things considered. Friday night I went to ballet class -- best moment of the night was Sayaka-sensei staring at me in disbelief: "You can't walk backwards!!! D:" -- then came home and didn't even switch on the computer, such was my desire to go to bed early. Except I told myself I'd read a bit, and two hours later... yeah, I'm pretty into Red Seas Under Red Skies, what can I say!

Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet! The whole damn thing! (Well, except the top part, but I did that when I put my Christmas tree away last month.) I banished a large pile of clothes from it, sorted through my hair accessories (i.e. put nearly everything in a box to give away), threw out some ratty old panties and a few pairs of tights and socks. I readjusted the bar, got rid of superfluous hangers. I even vacuumed in the back corners! I don't think the closet has looked this good since I moved in. I haven't taken a picture, but I have a witness (Eda), in case anyone doubts my word.

Apart from that, I went out for a lunch of kaiten-zushi, and while I was nomming on some yummy salmon, Kimberly texted me to invite me over for dinner/dessert/movie/one or all of the above. We made it dessert and a movie: strawberry and banana cream blob (she said it was meant to be pie...) and The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, of which I'll write more soon. I finished another square for the afghan I'm making, and made good progress on the first of a pair of mittens.

Today, I did some more cleaning and organising. I got my recycling out, sorted through papers, sorted through more papers, and did some general tidying up. Eda came over for hotpot, and it was delicious. Mmm, lamb, why are you so tasty? ;~; We had fun laughing at Tabitha, who made the greatest face ever when Eda started meowing back at her. It was like, "Who is this strange person and why is she making weird noises at me?"

Actually, Tabitha was rather miffed because not only did I spend the day at home, but there was another human there also for a good part of the afternoon, and there was no available lap for her to sleep on. Even just now, she meowed angrily at me when I got up to go brush my teeth. Because her job is to produce as much fur as possible, and my job is to feed her and provide a warm lap for her occupy. @_@

Countdown is one month until graduation!

Oh, and I have to start figuring out plum blossoms! Anyone up for a day in Ome, or somewhere else that's got lots of pretty trees? I think there's a place along the Keio line somewhere...



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