Mar. 2nd, 2011

A thing of beauty... is a joy forever. Specifically, the 19th comment. (Comment #9 is pretty good too!)

Is it wrong to want to marry an lj comment? If it is, can I just frame it and hang it on my wall? ;___;

how can he be "anti-establishment" when his plaid-clad crotch clearly indicates he leans to the right? *dies laughing all over again* XDDDDDD

This ad, on the other hand, is all kinds of disturbing, even when filtered through the context of the time period. Because, you know, people ate pigs back then same as they do today.

But enough of that, I need to feel I've done something worthwhile with my evening. These questions come by way of [ profile] hinoai:

1) Why did you choose to live (or remain) in Japan?

Over a decade ago, when I got into anime and started studying Japanese, I thought living in Japan would be a good way to have a base overseas, allowing me to explore the country and its neighbours. When I got together with my ex-husband, we decided that our top picks (for his job posting) were Japan and China -- we were both leaning toward China as our top choice, but he was sent to Japan. When we split up, I was nowhere near ready to leave Japan. In a way, I think it was easier to rebuild my life far away from everything and everyone I knew.

Since then, I've made wonderful friends here, and I really love living in Tokyo. Apart from all those things, Tokyo is a really "easy" place to live in, and it has the advantage of having everything I need, and being close to lots of other places to travel to.

2) Imagine you suddenly turned into a cat. Describe your first day as a member of the feline persuasion. ^^

I would awaken in a sunbeam, stretch, then settle down for a nap. Later on I'd wake up again, groom myself for a bit, then find an even warmer sunbeam and have another nap. Once the warmest part of the day had passed, I would have a snack, and find a human to scratch my chin and tell me what a beautiful creature I am. Then I'd attack and claw crazily at the little catnip-stuffed mouse that I'd ignored for the past week. The mouse dealt with, I'd demand fresh water. And canned food. Sated, I'd sit in the window for a while, looking down my nose at that annoying yowling cat who comes by every night. After a trip to the litter box, I'd find a warm lap to sit on and remain undisturbed until my human was ready for bed, at which point I'd claim the most comfortable spot of bedding for the night.

3) What is one bad habit of yours that you wish you could stop?

Procrastinating. I end up doing so much less stuff than I'm sure I could, and often for no good reason at all. I'm slowly improving, but... yeah, it's mada mada.

4) Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla, if it's cake or ice cream -- I've just never cared much for chocolate ice cream, except for that stuff that Eda and I had at... Royal Host, I think it was? That was good. For other things, it really depends on my mood. Chocolate is generally a more readily available flavour, though, so I eat much more if it.

5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still travelling the world! And posting lots of pictures from my travels. Hopefully, my Japanese and my Mandarin will have improved. Apart from that, I'm not sure. Whether I'm still in Japan, back in Canada, or somewhere else altogether, I'll have Tabitha with me. Beyond that, I don't know. I'd like to be with someone, and we might have kids together (plural, because I wouldn't want to have an only child; I have too many great memories of my brothers, and too good a relationship with them now, to want to deprive a child of sibilings), but I'm not too concerned about the specifics, as long as I can still do the things I love.



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