Apr. 17th, 2011

Hello, internet. How are you on this lovely spring day?

Flipping through the channels this morning, I came across an anime series called "Ringu ni kakero" (リングにかけろ ), the "ring" being the boxing ring. So an anime about boxing. The one episode I watched was enough to prove that the laws of shonen are alive and well, i.e. the good guys' team has the requisite five members: the regular-guy hero (who has the most devastating moves), the big guy with the pompadour, the elegant pretty-boy, the short comic-relief guy, and the fifth guy... I didn't quite get what his role was, maybe he's the older, more experienced mentor? In this case, he looks like a taller version of the protagonist.

What really got my attention, though, was the opposing team. Seems they're in the world championships, and this episode, they were facing off against France, which for some reason had their given names (instead of their surnames) on their shirts. The team leader was named Napoleon and was basically Oscar François de Jarjeyes -- I'm not even kidding, it was Oscar right down to the hair and the casual clothes, including the jabot. The other members were also Oscar clones, though at least their hair was different shades of blond/light brown/red. But they all had blue eyes! One of them was named Tiffany, which as you may know, is usually a female name (and not even French, to boot!) -- but another one was Claudine, which is an even girlier name than Tiffany! Well, Claudine (and at least one other guy, can't remember which one) was voiced by a woman, but really... I was kind of hoping that Claudine would actually turn out to be a woman, but the show oozed enough testosterone that I don't think they'd be into that kind of plot twist. He was K.O. within about thirty seconds, anyway.

Now, I have an apartment to clean, some writing to do, and a skirt to finish sewing.



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