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In spite of waking up with achy skin and the worst headache ever, which persisted through most of the day and different pain relievers, I was astonishingly productive today. Perhaps that was because I didn't turn on the computer until 7 p.m.!

Here is what I accomplished, starting at about 9:30 this morning:

- did laundry;
- studied kanji;
- washed the dishes;
- got all my PET bottles, cans, styrofoam trays, etc. ready for recycling;
- got all my non-burnables ready for pick-up (i.e. the things like an old air mattress, a broken umbrella, etc. that have to be put in a special bag);
- tidied up my apartment;
- vacuumed;
- showered;
- got dressed (no mean feat, considering it was uncomfortable to have anything in contact with my skin!);
- took my recyclables to the supermarket's Recycle Centre;
- went to Royal Host for lunch and sat there for nearly three hours, doing a dismal job on an old N2 test -- though considering my state, and the noise level in the restaurant, I suppose I didn't do all that badly;
- paid my taxes and bills;
- bought a mountain of fruits and vegetables;
- came home and made some curtains;
- wrote a Travelpod entry;
- started making concrete plans for my summer holidays (one hotel reservation, I has it!).

I had planned on riding my bike to the restaurant, but just as I got to the street, the back tire blew out. Again. I've had it repaired twice already. Bloh.

Now, up until the making curtains bit, imagine me doing all those things, including walking to the restaurant and to the bank, at a snail's pace, especially this morning, because moving my head too quickly made the stabbing pain behind my left ear increase ten-fold. I actually had to stop what I was doing and lie down on the tatami (my futon was airing outside) a couple of times. Tabitha was intrigued by this unusual behaviour, and came to sniff at me and purr. I told her to be useful for once, and you know what? Pressing my ear to her side and feeling her purring vibrate through my head actually made me feel a lot better! The headache's gone now, thankfully, and my skin isn't really achy anymore, so I should be all right tomorrow.

So, yeah, my taxes? The city of Mitaka has finally decided I exist (after I prodded them about it a few months ago) and yesterday I got my tax papers, so now I've paid up what I owed in back taxes. It was a very large sum, but not quite as large as I'd been fearing (fine, only Y30,000 lower, but still!), and now I can rest easy knowing I'm being a responsible resident.

Hmm, the only things on my to-do list that I didn't accomplish were doing some vocabulary study (tomorrow!) and replying to lj comments. Er, that will also be taken care of tomorrow.
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