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Because it seems kind of pointless to pretend to myself that I'll be in bed at a reasonable hour...

I saw the last Harry Potter movie on Friday, and may I just say... Meh. It wasn't just me, either. I went with Kimberly, who's a big fan of the books and the movies, and she was just as underwhelmed as I was. Where was the emotion? Granted, I had pretty much cried myself out for the week, but I expected to at least feel marginally moved. I wasn't in the least.

(@Eda: Except for the pole-dancing scenes, of course, which were pure poetry in leather pants! XDDD)

* * *

Last night, Eda and I met up at Zepp Tokyo to see The Show That Was Cancelled Twice: . Honestly, I was half expecting to get a text from Eda halfway through the day saying, "Guess what show is chuushi lol" But it actually happened! Though it wasn't a true concert, it was a Fan Meet, i.e. having U-KISS on stage answering silly questions and doing vaguely embarrassing things/activities/batsu games and failing at nihongo.

The highlights were as follows:

1 - New Members: I've determined that as long as AJ keeps his fivehead under wraps, he reminds me of this guy:

(Mao Fang Yuan, who played Ju Wan (Kikumaru) in the Chinese Prince of Tennis drama)

To which I say, yes please! :D~~~

(As for Hoon, he seems all right, but he kind of flew under my radar. I still wouldn't take him without the parfait.)

2 - Kiseop: His hair just got puffier and puffier with the humidity! He started out perfectly coiffed, but by the end of the night, his hair had doubled in volume. He still looked mighty fine, though. I can has Kiseop/AJ sandwich? :D

To the "What's your hobby/thing you're good at?", Kiseop answered that he works out a lot. When asked to show the results, he took off his jacket (with enthusiastic help from Kevin!) and flexed his arm. There was a general "Uoooo~~~" from everyone, then one of the guys (or the host?) said it looked like an egg. To which Eli (probably? or AJ?) said "おいしい!" and tried to nom on Kiseops's tamago. Which just sounds really wrong, now that I type it.

3 - Physical Challenge! Among other things, they had the guys blow into a machine to measure the strength of their lungs (what the hell do you call that machine, anyway?). The winner was... uh, I can't remember. Either Eli or someone else (Soohyun? AJ?). Kiseop was the weakest, which I guess means... eh, obvious "He's better at sucking" joke is obvious. XD

4 - Nihongo FAIL! They were all able to speak Japanese (to a certain degree, anyway!) pretty much the whole time, but the section where they had to write their answers was just full of fail. There were many strange versions of かわいい (かはい , かあいい ) and other weird mistakes, but the ultimate fail was Eli writing that his "charm point" was his くび. We were all, "Seriously? Your neck? Dude, it's really wide." But it turns out he meant his くち! XDDDDDD

Dongho, however, rocked the kanji. O: よく頑張った、ドンホ君!

Also, note to Kevin: if you say your charm point is your tongue, don't act all coy when you're asked to show it! And it was funny how when Kiseop didn't know what to write, everyone was shouting "鼻 !" He went with eyes, though.

5 - Groan-Worthy Pick-Up Lines: At one point, the guys were asked to pretend they were wishing happy birthday to the girl they liked. Hoon: "Happy birthday! I have a present for you, but it's at my place so you have to come over to get it! :D" Dongho: "Your present is... ME!" AJ: "Do you smell something burning? Cause my heart's on fire for you!" is what he meant, anyway.

6 - Eli Loves Us! Enough to say a few words in English at the end, at any rate. Actually, all the guys love everyone; there were an awful lot of あいしてるs flying back and forth, several of them aimed at the host, who seemed a bit non-plussed at first. XDDD

7 - Gift! On the way out, we each got a little U-KISS notepad which obviously means they thought of me in particular, because I love notepads! And notebooks! Mmmm, stationery...

That's all I can think of now. Hopefully, Eda will write a more coherent review of the show.

* * *

We finished rehearsal early tonight! Well, by early I mean, we finished rehearsal on time! Mostly I think because Inui-sensei wanted to bike home before it started raining again. Too bad, because he was really hitting his stride. "Smile! SU-MA-I-RU!" "I looks like you're sniffing your armpit!" "Waki! Wakiwakiwakiwaki. YOWAI!" "You're sniffing your armpit again!!!"

I've developed the ability to gauge the temperature in the studio before I even look at the display on the little A/C. At least, I can feel the difference between 29, 30 and 31 degrees. 29 is almost comfortable, 30 is hot, and 31 means my hair is so sweaty it looks like I just got caught in the rain.

Speaking of which, when I left home to catch the bus this morning I got completely soaked in the minute it takes me to walk to the bus stop. Not only was the rain coming down in sheets, the wind was such that the rain was coming at me nearly horizontally. By the time I reached the bus stop, my right side (as well as most of my left) was wet to the bone, so I just stood with my right side against the rain to at least try to keep my bag sort of dry. After a few minutes, my right foot was ankle-deep in water -- INSIDE MY RAINBOOT. Since I didn't want to spend the bus ride in a footbath, I wriggled out of the boot and emptied it, to the great amusement of the two other women waiting for the bus.

Luckily, because it's summer school and the pool is out, I had a change of clothes at work: a bikini, an old t-shirt and board shorts, which I quickly changed into because even my underwear was wet.

Date: 2011-07-20 02:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tayles.livejournal.com
Glad I wasn't the only person underwhelmed by Harry Potter. I honestly don't understand why people want to watch it more than once. It was a bit bleh. Ok, but bleh.

Whoo, U-Kiss! And, aha, his tongue indeed. Way to titilate the audience, Kevin ><;;

The rain yesterday was mad. Luckily I missed most of it, but it was so LOUD coming down! At least you escaped mostly unscathed...

Date: 2011-07-20 12:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] blodeuedd.livejournal.com
Hear, hear! The main thing I took away from the movie is that Neville is the real hero. Also, it needed more McGonagall.

He wrote "した" and at first Eda and I thought he meant "下". "Below? Below what, your waist?" o_O I can't think of him as sexy, though, he's just too shiny and smiley and sparkly-unicorn-princess for that. XDDD

As my mother says, "You're not made of chocolate, you won't melt." It makes an amusing story to tell my students. "Even my underwear was wet!" is almost as funny to them as "I was trying to pee when the earthquake struck!" Oh, kids. ^_^;



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