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... getting things that have been sitting on my to-do list for a long time, done, here are some very brief reviews of movies that I saw ages ago. Don't expect anything too deep, as none of these movies were either.

Twighlight: New Moon

You may well wonder why the hell I watched this, eh? The answer is, "I was on a plane." And I'll admit that I was curious: could it possibly be as unspeakably dull as the first one? The answer is, "It actually isn't quite as bad, if only because of the fact that Edward spends most of the movie not acting like a creepy stalker, since he isn't there. And there was that ridiculous ending in Italy? Spain? wherever it was with the weird cult-like rite and vampires leaping around and god, it was stupid.

Actually, I will concede that there is one scene which really works, mainly because it has nothing to do with sparkly vampires or angsty werewolves. Well, a werewolf is involved, but it's the scene were Bella and Jacob and Guy-Who-Likes-Bella (why?!?) go see a movie, leave halfway through and their argument in the lobby is so teenaged and so awkward and so, so true to life.

But that's it.

Final verdict: 2/10 (2 because I'd give the first movie 1 and 0 = no movie)

Men Who Stare at Goats

Another film I watched on a plane! Because of this, I missed some lines, because I can't stand to turn the volume up so high that it drowns out the plane's engines.

Now, I only know George Clooney from way back when on E.R. and the wonderful O, Brother, Where Art Thou?, and this role was much more in keeping with the latter. The story concerns a special unit of the U.S. Armed Forces, a unit dedicated to developing such powers as telekinesis, mind-reading, etc. It's a weird little comedy, and Clooney's character keeps you guessing for quite a while; does he really believe in his supposed powers? It was an amusing film, but nowhere near as memorable as the aforementioned O, Brother, Where Art Thou?, which you should all see, if you haven't already.

Final verdict: 7/10


It's a bruised peach! Hehe. So yeah, this is a myuvie, but not a BL one, starring Baba Touru (Yagyuu) and Furukawa Yuuta (4th Fuji). I watched it without subs and was... doing something else at the time, so I surely missed some bits of plot, but it doesn't really matter. Baba sets off on his bicycle, which breaks down on the highway somewhere in the middle of the mountains and whatever part he needs has to be shipped. He ends up staying with a super-energetic obasan, her watch-repairman husband and his surly apprentice (Furukawa). Baba and Furukawa don't take to each other at first, mostly because Furukawa has a Secret!Tragic!Past. Of course they wind up being friends, but not before a tearful breaking down in an orchard -- that's the scene in the trailer, by the way.

Overall, the film is pretty low-key, decently acted, and my god does it ever help that it's not a stupid story of forbidden gay love that ends in murder/suicide!

Final verdict: 6/10

Good, I've knocked a few of them off my list!

On the money front, I may just survive. Tonight I experimented with hanpen, which I didn't even know existed! Well, I've certainly eaten it before, I just didn't know what it was. It's a kind of fish cake and it's fluffy and light and soaks up butter like a dream. I chopped it into small pieces, sautéed it in butter and fresh garlic, then added an egglant, blanched broccoli, basil, oregano, and a dash of salt and pepper. Delicious!

I think my laundry's almost done, so I'll take care of that and go to bed. 'Night, folks!
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