Tomorrow, AK and I leave for Hokkaido! Asahikawa, to be more precise, and also two days up on Mt. Asahidake. Here's hoping that we won't get rained on (too much) and that we'll be able to reach the top!

My hair was still looking all right on Sunday, but I had to wash it yesterday morning and after no styling and letting it air-dry on the way to work, I looked not so much "I've just had a haircut" as "I should totally be an extra in a hair band video! :D"

My hair's natural wave + layers + Tokyo's humidity = fluffy, wavy mass that looks to be twice as much hair as what I actually have.

And because I can't update without talking about Corner Gas (I just finished watching the 5th season, so this is most likely the last thing I'll quote in a while):

Davis: I thought "WANDA" was an acronym.
Emma: For what?!
Davis: It could be lots of things. (...) Or "Wizards Against Naked Dancing in Alberta".
Me: *die choking on my laughter*
Lacey: She wouldn't know Spanish gold if a Spaniard came up to her, gave her some, and said, "Here, have some gold!"


That's almost as good a "you wouldn't know a..." as Black Adder's "You wouldn't know a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on a table singing, 'Subtle plans are here again!' "
Is it wrong to want to marry a tv show? XDDDDD

Oscar: Kids are animals! They need discipline! Otherwise it's anarchy, like Lord of the Rings!
I've just started on the 5th season of Corner Gas (3 episodes in), and it's every bit as good as I've come to expect. To wit (and the actors just kill me with their delivery, which obviously doesn't come across in the transcription):

Hank: It's like there's no way out. Kind of like that Kevin Costner movie.
Brent: You mean "No Way Out"?
Hank: No. Uh... "Dances With Wolves"!

Oscar: The world's a dirty place, Lacey. Things happen, things you don't wanna know about. Money changes hands, people look the other way. *dramatic pause* Cats go missing.

Wanda: You just sucked a pancake full of eggs out of me under false pretenses!

We've also seen the return of Competitive!Lacey, and while the spinning class scenario did not end with any romantic Karen/Hank hilarity (the lusting-after-Hank episode from the first season is still one of my favourites), it was quite satisfying. As usual, Oscar is pure genius.

And oh god, Davis's Christmas card. XDDDDD

So it seems that the 6th season will be the last. While it's sad, if they can keep up this level of funny until the end, I won't be sorry to have such an excellent show end on a high note. But I've still got plenty to watch until then, so here's to continued lols! :D



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