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Nov. 1st, 2009 12:38 pm
Before I forget, thank you, [ profile] rynn_sama, for the Halloween card! I got it last week, but kept forgetting to mention it... Anyway, thank you so much! I'm going to get myself out to Ikebukuro soon, I promise!

Halloween madness is over! And I indeed made myself into a prince, though one without epaulettes. Oh, well, I'm still immensely proud of my jacket, with the hand-sewn lining and all. ^_^

Last night Jill and I presented our first-born to the world, and let me assure you that Gakuto, Jirou, Yagyuu and Harriet Potter had a grand old time playing Tenipuri Clue. Because who hasn't wished they could one day accuse Tezuka of raping Shishido with a gouya bitter gourd in Atobe's helicopter? Or how about Nanjirou having his wicked way with Oshitari on the street courts, using grip tape? Oh, the cracktastic scenarios the game made possible... Once we're done modifying Monopoly and Risk, you're all invited to a board game party at my place!

It's past noon already, but I'm determined to make the day a productive one. I'm a bit annoyed at having slept until 10:30, but it was sleep I really, really needed, so I guess it's all right. I've already got laundry out to dry and have done some Japanese study, as well as taken more winter clothes out of the storage bin to air. Also to do today:

- moar nihongo! I'm three days behind in my study plan because of the costume craziness, and only 5 weeks remain before the test, so it's time to buckle down and seriously slap those kanji around;
- do another load of laundry/put more clothes out to air;
- sew a futon cover (I know which fabric I'll use, fabric I've had for ages because I bought it without a real plan and the print is no good for clothes and I wouldn't want it for curtains - I'm glad, because that'll be a good 4m less in the stash!);
- do the dishes;
- vacuum;
- get groceries;
- start NonNaNoWriMo, i.e. write up my travels for my travelpod. I think I'll start from the most recent trip, so look for the first chapter of There and Back Again; A Tale of a Kender and a Hobbit and Lots of Trains sometime in the near future;
- watch more Project Runway so that I can finally catch up and discuss it with K tomorrow;
- email some people to whom I've long owed replies (A, A, C, D, T).
Had a typical evening with Jill last night: we met up after my work, hit Animate and Yuzawaya, had a quick supper, then headed back to my place where I dressed up as a guy, and then we watched the new tenipuri OVA and drank ice cider.

Fine, I didn't stay dressed up as a guy all evening, but we took pictures! This also explains the trip to Animate... XD; )

ETA: Oh, and in case anyone was wondering about my hair, let it be known that I woke up this morning looking exactly like Oshitari. The other one. Now why aren't they selling Shitenhouji uniforms?!
It's nearly 2 in the morning, and I've not been getting half the sleep I should this week, but that's okay, because I finally have curtains in my sewing room! Somehow, the thought of welcoming my family with a sink full of dirty dishes wasn't as distressing as the thought of making them sleep in a room which had fabric pinned to the curtain rod in lieu of actual curtains. Cleaning the bathroom can wait until tomorrow morning, because I figure that if I'm to get up early to help Becca move, I may as well wake up SUPER early and finish getting my place ready then.

I handed over the costumes earlier this evening, and I think I must congratulate myself. First of all, I'm proud of the work itself; secondly, though I did get to bed very late these last few nights, there were no all-nighters, nor was there any panicked running around. Now I can sit back and relax, and hope that everything fits.
The school year is over! *dead* Next week there are no classes, we'll just be getting ready for the new year, cleaning and organising and preparing material. I will be working full-time and will start teaching afternoon classes on Wednesday. I'll be working more hours than I am now, but there'll be no reading-on-the-train time, and I'll be able to get home before 9! *cheers*

Last night was end-of-year yakiniku with my coworkers, and let's just say that we ate. A hell of a lot. We actually ate 1 1/2 of those huge party platters of meat, the half being because we'd ordered it shio but they gave us tare* and we were so hungry we didn't notice and started grilling it right away. When my boss noticed the mistake, she called the waiter over and we got a new platter, and they let us keep the meat that was already cooking.

In between rounds of food, we discussed next Halloween, because K is determined for there to be no all-nighters this time 'round. Our original idea was to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme, but aside from the Mad Hatter (me! me! :D), Alice, and the Queen of Hearts, the other costume options weren't met with much enthusiasm. So then we thought we could do Cinderella, since it has six main human characters, and there was much laughter when we told our boss she had to be the wicked step-mother. Since no one else seemed in a hurry to do drag, I offered to be Prince Charming to K's Cinderella. I've got the shortest hair, anyway.

Either way, I'm wearing pants next Halloween.

* I would never admit this to Oishi (XD) but honestly... I don't really care if my meat is shio or tare. I mean, if it's shio, I put sauce on it anyway, so it amounts to pretty much the same thing, no? Can any of you taste a real difference, or do you have a preference for either?



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