Sep. 6th, 2011 12:08 am
Yay! So far this month, I'm at under Y2000 on groceries! I know it's only the 5th, but I made curry tonight, which settles the question of this week's lunches, and I've got spaghetti sauce in the freezer for at least two more meals, and then there are things enough in the fridge and kitchen to last me until next week. So yeah, that means I've been cooking! As I was making the curry, I had a sudden urge to ditch the curry package and freestyle some sort of stir-fry, but then I remembered that I love curry! And full of potatoes, it makes a very easy lunch. I did use yogurt instead of my usual coconut milk, though, and it turned out nice and almost tart.

Sadly, I ate my last box of Kraft Dinner last week. TToTT

At the moment, I've got one of those freaky-looking sheet masks on my face. The package says "Herb Essence Collagen Mask" and it smells like... it smells like... isn't it maddening when you can't pin a name to a smell? Am I the only one that frequently happens to? Anyway, it's not quite mint, not quite anise, not quite flowery, but I KNOW I know this scent. It puts me in mind of being a kid and taking a bath, so I must at some point have had bubble bath that smelled like this, or more likely, bath beads. It smells round. XD;;; According to the ingredient list, it's got lavender, rosemary, oregano and thyme, but it doesn't smell like any of those to me. Well, maybe a tiny bit like lavender, but lavender that's gotten all the spicy kick sucked out of it.

Sometimes, I write down quotes or transcribe amusing things I see, intending to share them with you all later. Seldom do I get around to it, but in the interest of winnowing down my paper pile some more (I'm trying to be good and just spent the last half hour sorting through stuff), here are a few of them.

* * *

A t-shirt I saw on the train at some point, an eclectic list if I ever saw one:

Tick one per line: [very good] [good] [fair] [poor]

beautiful clothes
you and me

* * *

From a children's book on animals I came across at work. Obviously written with someone whose English vocabulary was limited and whose knowledge of the animal kingdom was even more deplorable.

A fox is a kind of wild dog, with a bushy tail. Not a dog.

Horns are the hard, pointed bits on the heads of deer. Horns =/= antlers!

A lizard is an animal with short legs and a long tail. A very vague description indeed.

A reindeer is an animal with very large horns. We went over this...

A starfish is a star-shaped fish. @_@

A tooth is one of the hard white bones in our mouth. DX

[After something about domestic cats looking like big cats,] But leopard, tiger, etc. are just "large animals". *headdesk*

* * *

From Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure, a novel so powerful that though I stopped halfway through it and didn't pick it up again for over five years, I remembered the first half vividly and picked up the story as though I'd only put down the book the day before. Here's Sue Bridehead explaining why she doesn't want to marry Jude. Not something I expected to encounter in a 19th century novel, to be sure!

"Well, I don't know. The intention of the contract is good, and right for many, no doubt; but in our case it may defeat its own ends because we are the queer sort of people we are -- folk in whom domestic ties of a forced kind snuff out cordiality and spontaneousness."
Sogo department store is in full January sale frenzy, enticing customers with large red and white signs proclaiming "CLIMAX OFF".

* * *

Walking through Kichijouji station one morning, the living incarnation of high-school-age Oshitari Yuushi, looking more like him than any myu actor has ever looked, or could ever hope to.

* * *

On Aoyama-doori, a little boy wearing a puffy winter jacket, the zipper of which split up the Engrish, so that one could read:

As you may know, I love me some Engrish t-shirts, and I scored today at Seiyu, which I thought was a depaato slightly too sofisticated* to carry that sort of nonsense -- I'd figured it to be just slightly below The Bay's level, but it seems it's pretty much the Japanese Zeller's.

Anyway, today's haul (Y390 each!) includes "Fabulous in THE Advanced, AND Luxurous! Gorgeous", whatever that means (I'm fabulously advanced in luxuriousness?) one that simply proclaims "Luckily" (which I love; isn't it so full of possibilities?) and one with this sublime rumination on Life, the Universe, and Everything:

Be known all over the world!!!
Many people yearn for
a world where there is no war, but
it seems almost impossible
Buck your ideas up!
one member of the cabinet insisted
that there was no other way but to call a
general election cheer sb up


It's got a message of peace, a positive gambatte-style spirit, a nafarious plot to trap someone, and it gets bonus points for managing to include a reference to a general election with the purpose of cheering up sb (whoever that is! Some bitch?). Win all around! XD

In other news, I'm really liking my tatami floors. So much so that I've been napping on them without so much as a cushion and damn it, they're comfortable! Either that, or I'm way more exhausted than I realised.

* Where the hell is my brain tonight? Can't type, I have the Engrish? I left it as I first typed it because it made me laugh so hard.



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