I'm sitting in a net cafe right now, but I'll get to that later.

It's summer school now, so the pool is out, and I can join the kids in trying to cool off as best we can. Seriously, Tokyo? A whole week at 35 degrees? *melts into a little puddle of sweat*

Monday, I left my brain at home, along with my bathing suit and towel, so no swimming for me. Tuesday I was good to go, and got changed as soon as I'd finished eating. Hyo was waiting to use the toilet when I stepped out of the bathroom, and he looked up at me and laughed.

"You're like Lady Gaga!" he exclaimed. His mother is big into music, so he knows his stuff. Still, I wasn't wearing a dress made out of balloons, or shoes with platforms two feet high, or a lobster on my head.

"I do? Why?"

"No pants!" he answered, delighted.

I must add that "Ms. Adele has no pants!" is always a great hit with the kids. A few months ago, I spilled my soup on my jeans, and changed into my ballet clothes (which I luckily had with me that day) to let the jeans dry out. The kids thought this was the funniest thing they'd ever seen, and they still bring it up on occasion.

"Remember one time Ms. Adele knocked over her soup? No pants!" And they all start laughing, even the ones who weren't there at the time. XDDD

Hmm, there's a guy snoring a few booths over, but otherwise it's nice and quiet in here.

Right, so I'm at a net cafe because my hair appointment was possibly the quickest ever, in spite of the fact that I got a full dye job. I was in and out of there in under 2 1/2 hours, for reals! Since I'd not planned on going home before going out again for those scrumptious desserts, and had lugged all my things into Kichijouji, I figured I might as well update my Travelpod -- which I didn't do last night because I was too exhausted -- and stay where it's cool.

Anyway, I told the stylist that I wanted really short, and the colourist that I wanted really blonde, and that's what I got!

I absolutely love the cut; it's exactly what I wanted. The stylist got it perfectly just with my explanation (I couldn't find a reference picture close enough to what I wanted), and he seemed really excited about giving someone a super short cut (there was a lot of "Cute! So cool for summer! ... Do you mind if I cut this bit a little shorter?" going on).

As for the colour, well, I asked for "kinpatsu" and I am definitely "kinpatsu" now. XDDD I suppose that since I didn't specify that I wanted a shade of blonde actually found in nature, I shouldn't be too surprised. It was quite a shock to see myself in the mirror, like, "Is that really coming out of my head?!" I'll be doing double takes for days, but I think, on the whole, I like it a lot. It's certainly dramatic! Though I feel like I should wear equally dramatic make-up with it, or at least some better powder/foundation than what I use now. And dangly earrings, definitely!

Kimberly's reaction was, "O_____O Wow, now you really look like Lady Gaga! Can I touch it? XD"

I'll post pictures, I promise.

All right, now I've got to decide what to do with the rest of my afternoon. I have my Chinese stuff, so I need to find a place to study. Doutor was too crowded earlier, and probably will still be, but I don't want to have a family restaurant smell clinging to me for the rest of the day... But I should eat, because so far today I've only eaten two very thick blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and bananas, and I don't want to eat too close to the Time of Dessert.

Oh god, those desserts are going to be amazing. *___*
Yes, my shiny new three-year visa, let me show you it. Or not. But it's here in my passport, and it's preeeeeetty. ^.^

Not so pretty was having to go out to Tachikawa to get it. Seriously, that place is so depressing, I think I'd go mad if I had to live there. Around the station is not so bad, but the rest of what I saw from the bus, around the immigration office and walking back to the station by a different route, was mind-numbingly grey and sad. Except for the Chinese restaurants I walked by, they were wonderful. At least, they smelled wonderful.

Anyone want to find some dim sum with me?

Last night was fabulous. Well, my mad dash from Kichijouji to Ikebukuro -- with 6 minutes spent squished against the doors of the train on the Saikyou line, barely able to breathe -- wasn't so great, but Kuroshitsuji musical? Oh, so good. I went in knowing the bare minimum about the characters, having only read the first chapter of the manga, but I emerged even more convinced I'm going to enjoy it quite a bit. The Undertaker was awesome! I only wonder how on earth he could see through his wig, because I was right up in the second row and I only once caught a glimpse of one of his eyes. XD

Rainy season-induced fluffiness notwithstanding, I really like my hair this length. Now I'm trying for a sort of garçonne look, and wish I hadn't so assiduously plucked my eyebrows during my teenage years. Not that I ever over-plucked them, and I've never been sorry I nipped the unibrow in the bud, but a little thicker would be nice... /whine

My apartment seems deserted now that Becca and V are gone. A is still here, but there's only one of him. I started him on Prince of Tennis last night (he's watching as I type, chuckling to himself), and we had a long discussion about which BL movie he should watch. My answer: Boys Love, just to laugh at the ending!

No I'm going to potter around and get ready for bed, because once again this weekend ne sera pas de tout repos.
My hair is short! Weeeee! :D It's just what I wanted, and I think it looks cute. I may revise this opinion once I try to style it myself.

The whole process took quite a long time, because the stylist decided that he'd wet my hair and cut it, then send me off for shampooing, then get another girl to blowdry it, then cut some more, then style it (usually it's shampoo first, then cut, then style, then all done). He was doing another client's hair at the same time, so while I waited, I was treated to a saabisu hand massage. Yes, please!

It was funny to see the perplexed look on the blowdry girl's face when she got around to my bangs and saw the lock that always dries with a weird little kink when left to its own devices. It never fails! Also funny were the stylist's feeling of "Urayamashi~~~" at my natural hair colour, as he pointed to his own died-to-sort-of-my-colour hair.

Spent the afternoon in Ikebukuro with the roomies* eating gyouza (Gyouza Stadium in Sunshine City is totally worth it!) and ice cream and taking them into Animate and Mandarake and K-Books. Fun times standing around in Mandarake, A and I explaining the concept of doujinshi and BL to S, who knows nothing of manga or anime at all. Her reaction to the tenimyu photosets was, "...are those REALLY all guys?" XD Then we did purikura and A proved to have natural mad skillz at decorating the photos -- this was followed by him immediately failing at choosing the picture layout, jabbing randomly at the screen before I could explain what was going on so we ended up with some microscopic shots along with the decent-sized ones.

While we were at karaoke last night, it hit me just how good it feels to hang out with French speakers (Canadian ones, even!) my own age. Since C moved back home last year, I only regularly speak French with my mother over Skype and with my private students, who are both lovely, but in their 50s... It's really weird to have no French in my day-to-day life, when for 25 years I constantly lived in two languages. Part of the problem is that I rarely read in French, and hardly ever watch anything in French either, but that's not a new development; I hardly ever did back home either, but I went to school and worked in French, and spoke it with a good number of my friends, as well as G. Those are all parts of my life that have radically changed since moving here, though I suppose I could make an effort and find out where les gens de chez nous hang out. ^.^;

In other news, how the hell is it nearly June?! Seriously, people! So I have a number of things that I'd like to do this summer, and I'll post a list in a little while so you can tell me what you want in on. Or, you know, let the crickets chirp away. ^_^

* I've got two people staying with me, and a friend of theirs is staying in a hostel. A is getting ready to write his thesis on cosplay and is in Japan on a recon mission of sorts. V and S are along for the ride.
My new イメージ, let me show you it! )

That's... a lot less hair than I'm used to! It may take a while to get rid of the deeply-ingrained instinct to pull my hair out of my collar whenever I put on a shirt, a jacket, a scarf...

Also, I'm curious about what this will look like after I style it (or not!) myself.
Haircut! I took a picture because I'll never get it to look this good again.

I are satisfied okyakusama.

Shinohara-san (laughing at the strand of hair to the right of my forehead that always curls up, even when it's being blow-dried): So, doing anything special tonight?
Me: Going to dinner with friends in Shibuya, maybe clubbing afterwards.
Shinohara-san (busting out the curling and straight irons): Well then, let's make you pretty! :D

When I went in, I had a good idea of what I wanted (pretty much exactly this, in fact), but when my stylist came to get me in the waiting area, all that nearly flew out the window because Shinohara-san's hair looked that good -- really short in the back, long and messy on top. I've been thinking of going short for a while, and would totally have asked him to give me that style, except I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty in a month, and Aurora with short hair just wouldn't be right. So I stuck with my original idea. But next time...

Next time, I'm definitely getting the shampoo also (I didn't today because I washed my hair this morning). Having someone play with my hair is the ultimate sensual experience, for me. It feels kind of like when the warmth from the first swallow of alcohol on an empty stomach hits, only it's better than that. It's a warm tingling in all my limbs, a heaviness spreading through me, compelling me to relax.

During the summer school programme, one of the girls (who is not a full-time student with us) liked to pretend a toy telephone was a comb and run it through my hair. The only reason I didn't melt into a puddle of boneless goo was that I had other kids to supervise. Then she'd move around me and stare into my eyes, close enough that our noses were almost touching, before she'd start giggling and run away. Her English was limited, and she just grinned when I asked her what was so funny. "Is it because my eyes are blue?"

"Green!" she corrected.

Well, all right, then. XD



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