As a birthday gift, Jill took me to Spinning Box yesterday, a.k.a. The Really Silly Masa & Baba Show. How silly? Apart from the singing and the dancing, there were clowns, juggling, KNEE-SOCKS AND LITTLE RED BACKPACKS. And Baba on a tiny unicycle. I'm serious! But most of Spinning Box wasn't. )
My ears are still ringing, but as we discussed last night, concerts in Japan are nowhere near as loud as they are in North America (and possibly other parts of the world, but I've never been to concerts anywhere but Canada, so I wouldn't know).

Masa's live was great fun, and even though I don't know the songs from his new album well enough to sing along much, he sang some older ones too. And much of the fun comes from him being a dork, and there was plenty of that!

I wish I had a better aural memory. I remember visuals in an incredibly detailed way, but to remember what someone said is pretty tough for me, even in English or French. I'll remember the gist of it, but exact wording? Not so much. So I can't, unfortunately, remember Masa's best lines -- he was practically doing a stand-up routine at one point, and it was hilarious. But what had me choking on laughter was when he introduced the band members, and the guitarist called him "Ma-kun". The whole audience started chanting, "Ma-kun! Ma-kun! Ma-kun!" and initially, he started complaining that only his kindergarten teacher should call him that, or something. But we wouldn't shut up, so he finally just went with it, and started doing this dorky little dance to the rhythm of "Ma-kun! Ma-kun! Ma-kun!" That alone makes the DVD worth it, for me. XDDD

And also, his great hero Nakajima... gah, I can never remember his name. Anyway, the guy he fangasmed over at his first live, who wrote a song for him, was there. Nakajima did two songs with him, and Masa had this enormous grin on his face the whole time. It was adorable, actually. When Nakajima left the stage, Masa indulged in some actual flailing and looked like he was about to explode from the excitement. Eda and I looked at each other: "I think he just came."

Masa's new hair (bleached, with the roots showing big time now) makes him look like a hedgehog.

Another hilarious part of the evening was spotting a guy who I thought was Baba looking very bored in a fedora on the 2nd floor balcony. It turned out to be him, in fact; when we walked into the lobby afterward, we heard girls shrieking and there he was, standing in a corner behind a VIP rope, still looking bored. He looked like a mannequin. XDDD

I must leave to get my hair cut now, so I'll talk to you later! ^_^


Feb. 22nd, 2010 12:58 am
I'm back from Sendai! It was awesome -- and to cap it all off, I got home half an hour earlier than expected, YES! -- but it's late and I'm tired, so I'll just take a page from Masa's book blog and say 無事に終わりました!!, which is what he says in every single entry.

On Saturday, he added



Oh, Masa. XD

Actually, I ate 牛タン (gyuutan, a.k.a. cow's tongue) on Saturday as well, after... well, I'll write all about it tomorrow.

Before I forget, Eda: you know the fuzzy scrunchy thing that was in the little gift bag from you on your birthday? The one that I can't use because I am tragically lacking in hair? Tabitha thanks you for the lovely cat toy. ^o^



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