Instead of sitting around like a useless blob for the rest of the day, I thought I'd write a bit, since I've got a few things to write about that have been piling up.

First off, [ profile] nekonezumi gave me some words!

If you want to play, request your words and I will find some that remind me of you. Somewhere. And then you have to tell me what they mean to you. Kender, adventure, holidays, Chinese men, tray tables: )

Oh, hey, I think I had this idea that I'd keep up with book and movie reviews this year... Hah. Here are a few, at least.

Yesterday was Pirates Day, as in, Pirates of the Carribean. I went to see the newly released On Stranger Tides yesterday, and then Kimberly and I decided to watch the third one at her place, since I hadn't seen it and she had fallen asleep halfway through it. Pirates to starboard! )

I meant to sew today... And I did, for all of twenty minutes. It's as though studying Japanese sucks all the energy out of me, and after diligently writing out kanji for nearly an hour and a half this morning, the only thing productive I've been able to do is write this post.

Apparently, the potential embarrassment of getting a lower mark on the JLPT this time 'round isn't enough of an incentive for me to get up early in the mornings. I think my body wants me to hibernate, or something, I find myself fantasizing about sleep all the time. I'm not even getting less sleep than I usually do! :P Like right now, my body is all floppy and wanting to take a nap, but if I do that, I know I won't get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Double bloh.

And Tabitha is staring at me like, "What's the problem? Now is always a good time to nap."

I also meant to write a Travelpod entry, since I haven't even begun my account of this year's Golden Week trip, but ugh, I don't have the energy. I should at least make myself from supper.

Wow, I'm all kinds of lame today. An early bedtime for me, says I!

I'm tired from the week, and rather tipsy. You've been warned.

I'm getting to love Sayaka-sensei's classes more and more. Tonight I did pretty well, considering I'm pretty wiped out on Fridays, and my jumps felt effortless. *so happy* I had to prod myself to make it to the lesson, but as usual, once I was in the middle of it, it just felt so right and god, I love ballet. Even if I'm not very good at it, I don't care. It makes me feel beautiful and graceful for a little while, especially when I can ALMOST DO GLISSADES! AND ASSEMBLÉS!!! AFJKGJLFKDJ afjkl;fn!!! Victory was mine. *tears of accomplishment*

And then Sayaka-sensei, showing another woman how far she should be jumping, sent her flying across the studio with a well-timed assist in the middle of the jump. Let me tell you, the sight of a beautiful woman throwing another one around like that was pretty hot. *____* *fans self* Maybe she'll throw me around next time? :D~~~

Speaking of hot, one woman, who I'd never noticed in particular before, wore tight shorts over tights to class a couple of weeks ago. Normally, she wears yoga pants, and that's why I'd never noticed that her ass is amazing. Seriously, I couln't stop admiring it that class. I still can't stop, though she's since gone back to her regular attire. Damn, I feel like a pervert. XD;;;;;; *hides in shame*

In other ballet news, I still can't do the splits, but at least my flexibility is improving somewhat! I really need to be doing daily stretches, though. And figure out what the hell my other goals are re: my body. The trouble with developping the muscles in my legs is that the muscles highlight the areas that aren't muscle, so the jiggle looks worse than it did when my whole thighs jiggled. Also I don't think I should wear plaid tights anymore (not for ballet class, I mean regular tights) because the muscles make the lines look wonky. Oh, the tragedy that is my life! XD;;; Does anybody want a few pairs of plaid tights?

My groceries tonight: a carton of milk and a bottle of vodka. I are a classy broad. It's not my fault white Russians take twice as much vodka as crème de cacao! *drinking a very strong one right now, which is why I'm kind of giddy*

My appetite has been weird all week. My period is due... now, actually, so I hope my body will calm down within the next couple of days. Hear that, body? I've been giving you plenty of iron in the form of red meat. I've even started the iron pills early, and have been drinking no tea, just so you can absorb that wonderful Fe so you don't feel lethargic and listless and tired. *hinting like mad* Seriously, it's getting annoying. This week's excuse is hayfever, which I hope will pass. I hate feeling this fatigued, and if it isn't seasonal allergies, I don't know what it is. Bloh. Like I want to try getting more sleep to see if that will ameliorate the situation! :P

Before I jump on the bandwagon and start that 10-day, 10-thing meme, here are some questions from [ profile] tayles. Five que-que-que-questions! )

That's enough, I'd better get to sleep before I'm tempted to make myself another drink. I need to be up at a decent hour tomorrow, after all.

Good night, everyone! ^_^
A thing of beauty... is a joy forever. Specifically, the 19th comment. (Comment #9 is pretty good too!)

Is it wrong to want to marry an lj comment? If it is, can I just frame it and hang it on my wall? ;___;

how can he be "anti-establishment" when his plaid-clad crotch clearly indicates he leans to the right? *dies laughing all over again* XDDDDDD

This ad, on the other hand, is all kinds of disturbing, even when filtered through the context of the time period. Because, you know, people ate pigs back then same as they do today.

But enough of that, I need to feel I've done something worthwhile with my evening. These questions come by way of [ profile] hinoai:

1) Why did you choose to live (or remain) in Japan?

Over a decade ago, when I got into anime and started studying Japanese, I thought living in Japan would be a good way to have a base overseas, allowing me to explore the country and its neighbours. When I got together with my ex-husband, we decided that our top picks (for his job posting) were Japan and China -- we were both leaning toward China as our top choice, but he was sent to Japan. When we split up, I was nowhere near ready to leave Japan. In a way, I think it was easier to rebuild my life far away from everything and everyone I knew.

Since then, I've made wonderful friends here, and I really love living in Tokyo. Apart from all those things, Tokyo is a really "easy" place to live in, and it has the advantage of having everything I need, and being close to lots of other places to travel to.

2) Imagine you suddenly turned into a cat. Describe your first day as a member of the feline persuasion. ^^

I would awaken in a sunbeam, stretch, then settle down for a nap. Later on I'd wake up again, groom myself for a bit, then find an even warmer sunbeam and have another nap. Once the warmest part of the day had passed, I would have a snack, and find a human to scratch my chin and tell me what a beautiful creature I am. Then I'd attack and claw crazily at the little catnip-stuffed mouse that I'd ignored for the past week. The mouse dealt with, I'd demand fresh water. And canned food. Sated, I'd sit in the window for a while, looking down my nose at that annoying yowling cat who comes by every night. After a trip to the litter box, I'd find a warm lap to sit on and remain undisturbed until my human was ready for bed, at which point I'd claim the most comfortable spot of bedding for the night.

3) What is one bad habit of yours that you wish you could stop?

Procrastinating. I end up doing so much less stuff than I'm sure I could, and often for no good reason at all. I'm slowly improving, but... yeah, it's mada mada.

4) Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla, if it's cake or ice cream -- I've just never cared much for chocolate ice cream, except for that stuff that Eda and I had at... Royal Host, I think it was? That was good. For other things, it really depends on my mood. Chocolate is generally a more readily available flavour, though, so I eat much more if it.

5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still travelling the world! And posting lots of pictures from my travels. Hopefully, my Japanese and my Mandarin will have improved. Apart from that, I'm not sure. Whether I'm still in Japan, back in Canada, or somewhere else altogether, I'll have Tabitha with me. Beyond that, I don't know. I'd like to be with someone, and we might have kids together (plural, because I wouldn't want to have an only child; I have too many great memories of my brothers, and too good a relationship with them now, to want to deprive a child of sibilings), but I'm not too concerned about the specifics, as long as I can still do the things I love.
Because I'm just like the House of Commons, I am. XD

Before that, though, I want to know why weekends go by so quickly. It's unfair! Yesterday I got mah hair did, went to ballet class, then spent the rest of the day with Jill. We at sushi, we stitched, we bitched, and we drank lots of blueberry wine. It was great. Today, I met up with Jamie, Eda and Hannah to eat burritos. The burritos were very large. I also had yummy tortilla chips and guacamole. After lunch, Hannah and I went to Shinjuku. We spent some time in Kinokuniya -- I immediately went to the porn section, i.e. the travel section. I may have bought a guide to Singapore. ^.^ After that, we waited in line for ages to get a slice of tart (for me) and a glass of air freshener (for Hannah). For what was left of the afternoon, we shopped a bit, got lost, and Hannah imparted some wisdom of the make-up variety, because I know sadly little of such things, and it turns out I kind of care about the state of my face.

Someone needs to tell shop managers in Shinjuku to lay off the fragrances. In Studio Alta, I kept sneezing, it was so strong, and even in Lumine, I had several uncomfortable "ITCHY NOSE!" moments. And I don't even have that sensitive a nose! :P

Since I've gotten home, I've eaten, cleaned up cat vomit, and posted a Travelpod entry. Oh, and I did laundry. Why am I so exhausted?!

Here are some more questions, these ones courtesy of my favourite hobbit in the whole wide world (and that includes the imaginary ones), [ profile] nekonezumi.

1) What flavor or scent do you associate most with winter?

To me, the scent of winter is cold night air that freezes its way up your nose. Or the smell of a cat's fur when it's just come in from outside, a scent that's vaguely reminiscent of smoke and steel. The scent of clementines and evergreens is specifically a Christmas smell to me, not of winter in general.

2) Would you rather give up hotpot or ice cream?? D:

Ice cream. There are other ways to cool down in the summer, and plenty of other desserts to enjoy when craving sweets. And really, one can't boast of having eaten the world's spiciest ice cream, eh? ^_^

3) What vintage fashions would you most like to see become the vogue in the near future?

You were the one who said once that the 1920s were my decade, right? I love the aesthetics of the era: the drop-waisted dresses, the long ropes of pearls, the short hair, the shoes, the elaborate beadwork. And beads are sparkly, and we all know how I feel about sparkly things! :D

4) What language would you choose to study after you've mastered Mandarin and Japanese, and why?

If that day ever comes... Hah. Probably German. I've got the family name to go with it, for one thing, and I like the sound of it. Plus, my youngest brother is learning it now and damn it, I'm the polyglot of the family!

5) What's your favorite way to eat a bagel? (what kind of bagel, toasted or untoasted, butter/jam/cream cheese/other??)

My standard order at Tim Horton's is a toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese (cinnamon-raisin if they're out of blueberry, as the Ottawa Airport one often is, grr!), and for several years, my usual lunch was a sesame seed bagel with either cream cheese or peanut butter.

That said, the ultimate bagel experience is a fresh poppy seed bagel, toasted, with raspberry jam and either brie or camembert on it. (I know, I know, as if the raspberries weren't bad enough, SOFT CHEESE! XD)
Because it's Friday night, and I'd like to go to bed thinking I've done at least one productive thing today, apart from pay my phone bill, here are my answers to that 5-question meme. You know the one. These questions are from the lovely [ profile] lizstarsky. Also, if you want me to ask you some questions in turn, just comment and I'll try to think some up for you! ^_^

1. Is there any place in the world that you've never traveled to, but you'd really like to visit? If so, where, and why do you want to go there?

The question should probably be, are there any places I don't want to visit? XD Seriously, though, there are lots of places I'd love to go to. If I could go anywhere right this moment, it would be either Singapore (with its mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures, the food has got to be amazing, right?) or back to China, to see the south-east of the country. I loved China, and two weeks was far too short a time there. I love the language(s), I love the food, it's beautiful, I really liked the people, and I just felt really comfortable there. The only thing I disliked, in fact, was the pollution. And certain tourists.

(There are many, many more places I'd like to visit, such as the Scandinavian countries, Mongolia and other central Asian countries, Thailand, Laos, and the list goes on and on, but in the interest of keeping this short...)

2. What kind of old woman would you like to be? :P (E.g., the jolly grandma type? The crazy old lady who talks to her millions of cats? The you're-only-as-old-as-you-feel granny who scales mountains and goes skydiving? Etc. :P)

This is a really cool question!

I'd like to be the kind of old woman who doesn't care what people think of her, who does her own thing, and who can inspire younger people to get out and do the stuff they want to do. You know, the kind of woman that makes you think, "Wow, I hope I can be a cool old lady like her someday." Cats would be involved, of course. =^_^=

3. If you had the power to change one thing about the world, what would you change?

Where, oh where to begin? I'd like for people everywhere to be more tolerant of each other's differences; I think that would go a long way toward solving a lot of other problems.

4. Does Tabitha eat moths? If yes, can I borrow her during the summer to work as Special Agent In Charge of Destroying the Moth Colony In My Cabinets? If no, do you eat moths?

The one or two times there's been a moth fluttering about my apartment, Tabitha got very excited about it. I'm sure that if one flew close enough, she'd have no choice but to follow the prompting of thousands of years of instincts and eat it, but whether or not she'd decide it was an experience worth repeating... I doubt she'd like the commute to Chiba, either way!

As for myself, I can't say I've ever felt the desire to eat moths.

5. If you could have any super power, what super power would you want to have, and how would you use it?

Being able to understand, speak and read any language would be awesome, and would make travelling a hell of a lot easier! Not to mention, I'd be able to enjoy books in their original language.
How weird. Though I got home before 10:30, I feel like it should be much later. That's what happens when you get home near midnight every Tuesday for months, and then suddenly you don't need to stay late for rehearsal anymore! ^_^

This is it, folks, the last day of forced writing. From tomorrow, I'll be free! :D

I jest, I jest. Considering I only failed to post on two days, and for the most part, I had no trouble with the writing itself, I declare my Non-NaNoWriMo to be a smashing success. I'll check my final word count tomorrow. And then maybe I can get working on my million sewing/knitting projects, some of which need to be finished pdq!

So here they are, my last two anwers. Can I get a drum roll?

Great Expectations )

One last moment )
This morning, my mouse appeared to have died, so I stopped at Yodobashi on the way home to get a new one. But the old mouse seems fine now, so I have a spare mouse. Oh well, I guess when this one really does give up the ghost, I'll be ready!

The memes, the memes...

What I'll miss )

My aspirations )

I've got tea, I've got my knitting, so it's time to put on a movie.


This week has felt like three weeks rolled into one, so am I ever glad it's over! I'm not sure whether my sore throat is Kimberly's fault (she's been coughing for a week) or the karaoke's fault, but either way, I don't have to talk tomorrow, so who cares?

Eda and I had planned to meet up tonight. I wavered between wanting to go get quickly drunk on half-price happy hour drinks, or singing, but singing won out. I sang in Mandarin, she sang in Korean, and then we repaired to Coco's for food. Our original plan of getting dessert was postponed because we weren't hungry anymore, so we'll have to go out to a dessert porn place soon to get our fix. Mmm, delicious desserts...

Here are the daily memes. Incredibly, the month is almost over! How did that happen?!

Trains )

My fears )
Okay, so that's two days that I didn't do my daily memes. Still, it's better than I'd hoped for!

Part of the problem is that by doing a daily word count, I know that I already passed the 25,000 mark, so no matter how far behind I fall, I've still won. I was going to try to hit 40,000, but there's no way that's going to happen now. Can I hope for 35,000? We shall see.

Yesterday evening I did nothing worthwhile, except for buying vases in which to put the flowers I received yesterday (a ballerina should always have vases at the ready!). I also bought Y5,000 worth of earrings, but they were all 70% off, so for that amount of money, I got eleven pairs of bright, sparkly, dangly pretty things. ^_^

Today, I got 3 1/2 hours of exercise: 1 1/2 walking (to and from work, then to ballet -- I would have walked back, but it was raining pretty hard), and 2 of ballet. I don't know what magic Sayaka-sensei was weaving (she was the one who with the crazy extension who did the solo during Carmina Burana), but I got my right leg up in a really high second position and was able to keep it there for a few seconds! That's a victory.

Apart from that, I wish I could sleep in tomorrow. And let's not even talk about the state of my apartment, it's disgraceful. So let's do those memes instead.

My favourite loan-word and vending machine )

What makes me cry, and a first )

Normal life may now resume.

The show went really well! Okay, so the back screen didn't go up when it should have for our number, and I messed up a couple of things, but my fouetté turns were ON! I think I was even in synch with the others! More importantly, I was spotting, and I mostly stayed in place, which is a victory, so who cares if I stumbled a bit on the landing. And I have no extension, and

Hah, I will, once I see the DVD. XD;;;

Thank you so much to those who came to see me (and those who wanted to but couldn't), and those who sent encouraging words. It really meant a lot to me. Somehow, ballet has always been something personal to me, because I never did it with friends (except for A-L, at first), so it's never been something I really share with people. I'm very touched that people came to see what I'd been working so hard for. And I even got flowers! <3

Quickly, before I turn in for the night, here are my daily memes.

What they don't have back home... )

What makes me feel better )
In all probability, as soon as my recital is over, I'll fall into a coma of the cold/flu/exhaustion variety. I can taste it already...

Here are today's memes, in the interest of staying abreast of things.

Japanese fashion trends )

Another moment )
I got a poscard from Korea! Thanks, Becca! ^_^

Rehearsal ended late this evening. It sucks to be in the last number, because I have to wait around until the very end.

It's technically not the 17th anymore, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so these still count.

Za Top )

My favourite memory )
Tonight, I feel like the brave little tailor. Except instead of "Seven with one blow!" I've been chanting "Three doubles in a row!" to myself ever since I left ballet.

[flailing goes here]

As discouraged as I was the other day, today was much better. Thank you for the comments, they meant a lot to me. <3

I don't know if it was the iron pills I've started taking, or the large cup of coffee I had before ballet class, but I was on fire tonight. THREE PERFECT DOUBLE PIROUETTES IN A ROW!!! And then... THREE MORE (almost perfect ones) GOING LEFT! And then... THREE MORE NEARLY PERFECT ONES GOING RIGHT AGAIN! It was amazing. I was high up on demi-pointe, my back was straight, my arms were perfectly level, I was whipping my head around like nobody's business, and if I'd given myself a bit more momentum, I could probably have managed triple turns. I want to crush this feeling to chest and hold on to it forever and ever. *_______*

Class had already been going really well, because my arabesque got an "いいでしょう" from Inui-sensei (before he told me to stretch my leg out even more XD), and then he stayed by me during the rond de jambe exercise, poked at me a bit and adjusted my positions and told me I was doing well. *happy tears* And also rehearsal went well -- I thought he'd have more to say to me when he started correcting all of our turns, one at a time, but his main problem with mine was that I wasn't looking where I was supposed to. "How do you expect to go diagonally if you're looking in front?!" Of course, he was right, and it was much easier once I shifted my line of sight.

So if it was the large latte I had with dessert that is to be thanked for my non-suckitude tonight... Imagine if I'd had espresso! XDDD

My meme answers will be short and sweet tonight, because I need to get to bed. Rehearsal starts at 8:40 tomorrow night, so who knows at what time we'll finish?!

Wow, in a week, the show will be over. O_O

Turning Japanese )

My first kiss )
I feel I should preface this post with a warning that I have had some extremely uncharacteristic moods lately. Namely bad ones, despairing ones, foul ones... you get the picture. Partly it's hormones (what the hell, I'm nearly 30 and for the first time experiencing typically female mood swings, why NOW?!), partly it's other stuff, but at least this post will get happier toward the end?

Originally, I wanted to reprise last night's meal, but with the way I was feeling when I left the ballet studio, I [rightly] figured wine was the last thing my fragile emotions needed, so I got some sushi from the department store instead. It's a step up from grocery store sushi, I guess? XD;

Anyway... Here's me whining about my body and ballet. )

I watched some movies recently! If you care about spoilers, don't click.

Team America World Police )

Lucky Brand Refrigerator )

Animals Are Beautiful People )

Happy Together )

And here are the daily memes:

It's hard, so hard )

What I wore today )

I feel slightly better now, though I wish I could take a week off work and... I don't know, sleep, or try to feel less screwed up about things.
After ten days of faithfully following my two memes, plus the usual Travelpod updates, I was sitting pretty at just under 14,000 words.

THAT'S INSANE! At that rate, dare I hope to break 30,000 by the end of the month?

This week has been tough, and I'm not even sure why. Yesterday I was feeling blah and crabby and it was an overall lousy day, except for spending the evening with Eda, which was wonderful as always. <3 Today, I thought I was going to throw up at one point, but I didn't, and felt better by the end of the afternoon. It's not even like there's anything wrong that I can pinpoint, it's just a general feeling of malaise and fatigue. :P

Okay, here are today's topics:

Fail and smash )

In mah bag )

Now I'm going to put on a light, fluffy movie, eat the lemon tart I bought earlier, and knit.

Good night!
Rarely do I remember dreams with any type of narrative, because I usually remember the ones I have between waking up the first time, falling into a doze and waking up again, so they're not dreams that usually make much sense. This morning, however, I woke up from the dream itself, before my alarm.

I was in a city, probably somewhere in western or northern Europe (though it could have been Boston, for all I know -- I've never been there), and it was winter. I was sort of but not really dating an older man (or rather I was his protégée of sorts, something along those lines), and at one point I thought to myself, "Oh great, it's like G all over again!" Though to be fair, G wasn't really old, though he was nearly 8 years older than I am. Anyway, this guy was in his late 50s, a distinguished-looking older gentleman. I think he might have been Russian. He was taking me to a gathering of some friends of his, and it was to be a high society type thing, in a gorgeously appointed old apartment (for some reason I knew what the apartment looked like). I had a dress suitable for the occasion, but had no shoes, as I had been going about town in my winter boots -- obviously, I couldn't wear those into the apartment!

The hotel or pension I was staying at had a maid who had an interesting reputation; she would trade for things, and could get you pretty much anything you wanted. She wasn't a thief, exactly, though her dealings were apparently sometimes shady. Someone knew about my shoe situation, and must have told her about it, because she showed up in my room the next day saying she'd get me some shoes. Then she started putting the moves on me, and there was definitely some rolling around on the bed.

Later on, I found a pair of shoes in my room, and assumed they were from her. However, I was told afterward that they were actually from the older man, and that he'd come to give them to me, but left without seeing me. Maybe he'd seen me with the maid? I felt really bad about it, because I knew it must have hurt him terribly, but at the same time, we hadn't been officially together or had a formal agreement or anything. Still, I prepared to go to the gathering with him.

That's when I woke up.

Hah, all this is just to try to make up for the really quick job I did of writing yesterday. To be fair, I worked all day, then went to ballet class, and collapsed onto my futon as soon as I got home.

Set yourself apart )

What I wore )
If I were an insect, I could type and knit at the same time. Imagine how many socks I could knit in a month!

Whatever's been going on with my brain and my body lately, it's made me fantasize about sleeping. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. I just want to curl up in a pile of warm blankets and sleep, then wake up, doze off again, and stay horizontal for as long as possible. The thing is, even though I slept in fairly late (for me) yesterday, and was tired last night, I woke up this morning at 8:30, after under eight hours of sleep, and was wide awake.

Bloh. Anyway, I'll start getting ready for bed now, right after I finish my tea.

Japanese words )

Friends )
Wow, I really needed those drinks. *___* The alcohol's mostly worn off, but still.

A friend-who-used-to-live-in-Japan of Kimberly's is in town, so I went with her to meet up with the friend and a few other people at a pub. The happy hour prices and portions were excellent! I got to speak Japanese with the girlfriend of another one of the former gang, who didn't really know anyone else either. The conversation was slightly hampered by the loud music, the alcohol in my system and my crappy Japanese, but I figure I shouldn't feel too bad about not knowing the Japanese word for "schizophrenia". XD Anyway, I had a nice time, so it was a good way to kick off the weekend.

Au programme pour demain:

- make a to-do list;
- try to accomplish some of the things on that to-do list;
- decide whether I'll go to a ballet class or be lazy and just go to the rehearsal;
- try not to suck at Japanese

And now, my memes! Five days in, and I'm keeping up. Good, good.

Japanese mannerisms )

Love is... )
I'm glad these two are short! Let's see if I can get them done in under ten minutes -- it's still technically the 4th! ^_^;;;

Favourite place )

Today's food )
Exhaustive analysis of my Travelpod says that...

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

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