Yesterday was rather emotional, but mostly in a good way. A-L and I met the blushing (XD) bride for lunch, and OMG PHO and SPRING ROLLS and THAT DELICIOUS CHICKEN SALAD!!! *drools* It was heaven in a bowl and two small dishes. ^______^ Pho 99, people. That's where the good stuff is.

Afterwards, we got bubble tea (OMG HONEY GREEN TEA WITH PEARLS *drooooooools*) and babbled away some more. A-L went out for a minute to make a phone call, and when she got back, she found A and I sobbing on each others' shoulders. "I missed you so much! I'm so proud of you! I'm so happy for you!" My little ducky is all grown up... ;___;

Our next stop was G's new house, where all my things were waiting for me in the garage. I'd spoken to G in the morning to ask if I had to get a key from him or what, but he said he'd leave the garage opener in the mailbox for me. I kind of wondered about that, like, "What, he's going to go home at lunch and put it there?!" Of course, it was because Connasse (sorry, there's no good English equivalent for that, and Stupid Cow just doesn't have the same ring to it) was home, so she did it. I still find it hilarious how he never mentions her existence at all to me*, to spare my feelings, or out of shame, I guess. He was certainly ashamed enough to not speak to A-L! It was funny to hear A-L rant about him, though. >:D

So starting at 3 o'clock, A-L, who is one of the best friends a girl could ask for, helped me sort through boxes, picking out what to keep, what to give away, what to throw out. My furniture and all housewares like dishes and towels went to B1, who finally moved out of my parents' house last weekend. He and his roommate S (whose family used to live across the street from ours, so I've known him since he was 6, and A-L and I had a "Aw, they're all grown up!" moment to cut up the hilarity of listening to the boys figuring out the best way to load things: "Tu m'as dérobé l'espace!" "Mais c'est pas un oblong." "On peut mettre les objets disparates en arrière.") showed up later in the evening with a van and a trailer to move the stuff out. It took them two trips, and it's a ways from Gloucester to Aylmer, so I didn't get back home until midnight. A-L didn't feel like driving back so I got to drive Maggie (her Smart car) again. It's like being in a little bubble! <3

Today I need to finish sorting through my stuff; while I did a pretty good job yesterday, there are still a lot of things that went into the "Will be lent long term to either parents or brother" file, because what's the point of having DVDs or CDs or books sitting in a box for however many years it takes before I move back here? I'd rather someone else enjoy them.

Tomorrow starts the true whirlwind of meeting up with people and being busy. At least two people to see tomorrow (possibly 3!), then Friday is wedding preparations, Saturday is the wedding, Sunday is maybe Pacific Mall with M-P (yay!), then I sleep in Waterloo, then Monday I go see B2 in Toronto, then I come back to Aylmer, then I scramble to see the people I won't have had a chance to see this week, visit B1's new place (and take the guys out to eat to thank them for the help), go for drinks with A-L, and hopefully get to spend some time with my parents. @_@

*Some rare ranting about the whole situation )
Driving in Tokyo? Piece of cake. Granted, I stayed within the Kichijouji/Mitaka area, but there was darkness, and rain, and HAIL (yes, hail!), so I feel justly proud of myself. The only hurdle I didn't overcome with grace and dignity was backing out of a stupidly long, stupidly narrow driveway. I don't think Jamie was in the van at that moment, so Eda, you had the rare priviledge of hearing me swear when I backed into the gate -- ask any of my longtime friends, it's something that only happens once in a blue moon!

I ended up getting home very late, but it's always encouraging to help someone move, if only to think, "Wow, I suppose I don't have that much stuff after all..." Which is totally untrue, because I do have a lot of stuff. I just have more space to spread it around! And now I have even more, because Jamie kindly gave me a folding table and a little bookshelf/cupboard thing.

Anyway, I will so be renting a car to take my family up to Mt. Fuji during their stay.
Just when I think I've got everything I need and can stop spending, I start thinking of MORE things that would vastly simplify my life. Like a dish rack. And a kitchen knife or two.

What? You mean you guys all chop up your vegetables with spoons and butter knives? I fail.

Oh, well. At least I got my bedroom and my fabric organised! Got no sewing done, of course.
Ah, sticky summer heat! Strangely enough, I don't seem to be bothered by it as much as most people, including people who are originally from hot and humid places such as Singapore (G) or the Philippines (a coworker). All I feel like doing, though, is drinking ice tea and eating fruit.

My new vacuum cleaner is my friend, and I must remember to use it more often, lest I die from inhaling too much cat hair. Tabitha has been doing her level best to make sure every surface has some fur on it at all times. I was hoping she'd let herself be vacuumed and while she didn't run away when I turned the machine on right beside her, when I passed it over her belly, she decided, with great dignity, to saunter over to the window and sit there until I was done.

I'll convince her yet! And to aid me in my fight against sneezing, a friend, who's moving home soon, gave me her hepa filter. I don't know how big a difference it makes with the windows open, but I leave it on near my head while I sleep, and I've been sleeping fine.

In the meantime, I need a name for the vacuum cleaner. Ion-kun (because it's an ion-something) isn't too original, but I think I'll stick with that. I also need to name my other appliances, seeing as I paid for them. The washing machine, the fridge, the range and the micro-wave need identities! Perhaps I'll be terribly original and go with Kirei-chan for the washing machine, Tsumett-chan for the fridge and Sugoi-kun for the range (in honour of B1, since he paid for it).

Any suggestions for the micro-wave?

My futon, mirror and storage units arrived safe and sound yesterday, only now I need a futon cover. I have the perfect material for it, but only enough for one side. Damn. And now I'm far, far away from Nippori! Looks like I'll have to actually organise my fabric to see what I can scrounge up.
I skyped a little with my family this morning, and it seems B1 has finally gotten around to watching some more PoT.

B1: I was totally awed by Atobe's prowess.
Me: Damn right you were! :D

Ah, the weekend! Out to eat with friends tonight (a small joint Canada Day-4th of July celebration), then tomorrow I await the last delivery: a futon, two chests of plastic drawers for my fabric (and it's not nearly enough, but I can always get more later) and a full-length mirror. Maybe I'll even get around to finishing that dress I started two months ago!
Tabitha had not been with me 48 hours when she figured out how to open the kitchen window and escape. Luckily, she didn't have time to go far before I noticed -- I was tipped off by the lack of purring and rubbing up against me -- and she came to me when I called. When I brought her back in, she was quite miffed to find the kitchen window firmly shut and latched. I'll have to put a bar or something to block the screen so that it can't be pushed open by little paws.

Aside from that, she's settled in quite nicely, shedding fur on EVERYTHING (of course, that's her job!), sitting on whatever it is I'm doing, demanding attention every thirty seconds, and generally being unbelievably cute. And furry.

Have I mentioned the fur?

My sewing machine and serger are set up; now all I need are storage bins for my (enormous quantities of) fabric, and I'm ready to roll. Also, by tomorrow evening I'll have a fridge, so I'll no longer have any excuse to not prepare my own meals.

I saw the new Indiana Jones movie today, and had to admit to my friends that I've never actually seen the original ones. I know Raiders of the Lost Ark because I had the book & record set (which I'd won at a balloon-popping game at a fair) when I was a kid, but that's all. I guess since it's such a part of popular culture, I don't actually need to see them do I? I think I will anyway, though.

It was funny how the three of us were the only ones laughing at some parts, and we were in the biggest showing room at Roppongi Hills.

Ah, only... 5 days until I get internet, if all goes well. I don't know what to do with all the free time I have, now! What did I do back before the intarwebs, anyway?!

All right, time to go home to the furball.
Spend, spend, spend, that's all I've been doing lately. Wake me up before I go broke?

BUT! I have a gas range (two burners and a little grill in case I ever want to go totally nihonjin and have grilled fish for breakfast) and a washing machine, to be delivered tomorrow.

Next order of business, furniture. That will include a full-length mirror, because I've lived without one ever since I left Canada (incidentally, a full-length mirror is apparently not considered essential, i.e. provided, furniture by the Embassy, unlike 57 end tables, and so the staff quarters are only provided with vanity mirrors) and frankly, it sucks to have to use a crappy webcam or go to the combini if I want to see what I look like.

Well, this is it, time to pack up the rest of the odds and ends.
I am almost a registered alien! I made it down to City Hall today to alert the authorities to my presence, and managed to cause great consternation when I tried to explain to the man at the Health Insurance counter that I'm only moving into my new place on Saturday and so if he sent my card by mail tomorrow, I'd not be home to sign for it. He called over another woman to ask what he should do, then they called over a third person (who spoke some English) to explain what I'd mostly understood already but wasn't quite sure. Finally, they'll just mail it next week.

After that, I headed over to my apartment to see how Operation Tatami had progressed. They've gotten the old ones out, and the new ones have yet to arrive, so the floors were bare. I also went on a recon mission to the supermarket, which I can see from my window. It's a bit more expensive than Spunky is, but not too much, and the selection is much better. Supermarket sushi, here I come! XD

I've calculated that it's about a 50-minute walk from the apartment to work. That means that I won't be leaving home that much later than I do now, but dare I hope I'll have killer legs ere long?

Some days, work is like being in the Cute Overload Zone. One of the little girls has the roundest chipmunk cheeks ever, and she's so cute I just want to eat her up. Today they were practicing tracing sentences such as, "I see a blue flower," (and they had to colour the accompanying drawing of the flower blue, of course) and I asked Chipmunk Cheeks if she knew what her sentence said. She looked carefully at the drawing and declared loudly, with the most adorably proud smile, "I see a brown peanut!"

I was all, *sparkleheartsrainbows* "I WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME AND GNAW ON YOUR CHEEKS AND HUG YOU FOREVER!!!" *falls over twitching from Teh Cute*
It's sort of pathetic, but at the moment, I'm inordinately pleased with myself for having made soup. But a girl can't live on combini burgers and instant yakisoba alone, even if she occasionally switches it up with discounted depaato sushi*.

Filled up some more boxes and started disassembling my shelves. If I could, I'd put aside some clothes to wear this week and just pack everything else, but the weather's been so inconsistent lately that I'd rather not chance it.

Having my brother here was so much fun that I'm sad he's gone, but I won't let that stop me from proding him along in his love of Prince of Tennis. It's a bit tougher now, since we hardly ever manage to be on line at the same time (when I'm on, he's either sleeping, at work or out), so I've enlisted my mother to help. Her first instructions were, "Ask him if he thought Japan was sugoi," and she reported that he laughed and said it was.

For my next sneak attack, I've told her that when she next makes smoothies, she should present him his glass while saying it's her new Super Ultra Deluxe Hyper Golden Remix Neo (or any order of those words). I can't wait to hear what he'll say to that! :D

* While watching the Ouran High School Host Club episode in which Tamaki is horrified at the thought of poor Haruhi thinking that supermarket sushi is as good as it gets, I was all, "...what's wrong with supermarket sushi?" XD Fine, the supermarket sushi I've had wasn't so great, but Matsuya's stuff is quite edible, and Lawson's negitoro maki are not bad.
Friday, after handing over a frackin' huge pile of cash (I really should have taken a picture of me rolling around in it beforehand), I got the key to my new place! It looked much better with the late afternoon sun slanting through the windows than it did when B1 and I visited the first time, on a grey and rainy day. It also smelled better, since the tatami weren't so damp, or maybe I was just predisposed to find everything wonderful, since it's now My Place, as opposed to A Place I Might Rent. At any rate, new tatami are being put in this week, so I'll wait before pronouncing a final verdict regarding the smell. In the meantime, excuse the poor quality of my cell phone picutres and have a look: )

The moving company sent 20 boxes over, and I've already filled 5. I'm aiming to do at least 5 more today, mostly the rest of my sewing stuff and non-essentials, and leave the clothes/toiletries/computer for the last minute. I think a whole box is going to be just shoes. >_<

When I was listing the Good Things about Kichijouji, I completely forgot to mention that the burger place in the station has poutine on the menu.

Allow me to repeat that, because I had to read it over twice myself when I saw it:

They have poutine on the menu.

I haven't tried it yet, but -- THEY HAVE POUTINE ON THE MENU.


I've eaten poutine in Japan once before*, at a Canadian pub in Shibuya (called the Maple Leaf, I think?), but it was made with grated mozarella and thus wasn't proper poutine, so I'm not expecting miracles from this place. Who knows if you can even get proper cheese curds that go "squeek squeek" in Japan? Still, poutine!

Mmm, poutine...

Last week I went out for karaoke with my coworkers. After three hours of belting out songs in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish and Romanian -- and all getting up on the sofas for "Dancing Queen" -- we thought it about time to head home, and after a glance and a grin at each other, all launched into the "Goodbye Song", which we sing with the children before sending them off at the end of the day. Ah, what working with kids will do to you... :)

And speaking of kids and singing, I was completely unprepared for the feeling of nostalgia that welled up within me the first time I did the Hokey Pokey with my class. Because seriously, that song rocks.

* Outside of Canada -- and yes, it's a Quebec delicacy, but it's spread! :D~ -- I also saw it on a menu in the U.S. once, somewhere in the Midwest, at a Wendy's. It seemed to be some sort of new special item, so I don't know if it ever took off, but you'd think fries smothered in cheese and gravy would catch on in the States, no?
Usually I'm more on top of things, but last week I had a fit of hysterical laughter, directed at myself.

As I was getting ready to leave for work, I thought to myself that I'd wear my moonstone earrings with the hook posts. When I came back from the bathroom, I spent two minutes searching for those earrings, which were not on my earring rack where they belonged, even knew for a fact that I'd seen them hanging there not five minutes earlier. Where could they have gotten to?! Obviously, my brother wasn't wearing them (B2 is the one with the pierced ears). After finally giving up, I chose a pair with straight posts and butterfly pins/whatever you call those, and had an unusually difficult time putting them in, but figured I was just getting them caught in my second and third earrings.

It was only during lunch, as I scratched at my earlobe, that I realised I was wearing two pairs of earrings. In the same holes.

*rolls eyes at herself* XD

On the moving front, I've scheduled movers, and they're even going to drop some boxes off tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to go to the fudousanya and pay the remainder of the Huge Pile Of Cash so that I can get the key and ask some relevant questions, such as, "Will there be curtains?" Officially, the lease starts on the 15th, and the movers are taking my stuff over on the 21st, so I have next week to:

- get appliances
- get some furniture (I need, as a bare minimum, some sort of table for my computer, and a kitchen table/chairs would be nice; a futon I can live without for a while, as I have an air mattress)
- get my alien registration card, since I (FINALLY!) have a proper visa
- call my current landlords to see how much of my deposit I can get back
- look into internet providers for my new place
- get cat supplies: food, litter box, some sort of scratching post
- start contacting banks/etc. back in Canada to change my address -- perhaps it would be easier just to give my parents'?
- go to the Embassy apartment and pack what I'm going to take with me to the new place (which means I won't have to buy any dishes/pots/pans/linens) and what will be going back to Canada and into storage this summer*
- walk at least once to/from the apartment from/to Kichijouji Station and whichever Inokashira line station is closest (I think it's Mitakadai) so that I know the route
- find out which bus will get me from Kichijouji Station to my new place

* Because G is heading back a year early. It actually works out better for me, because this way one of us will be in Canada sooner than expected, which means this whole divorce business will hopefully be over with quicker, though I get the feeling I'll probably have to prod G's ass along the whole way. :P At least if we get things settled before he leaves, I might not ever have to see him again!
This will most likely be my last post from Hull for a long, long time. The packers arrived bright and early yesterday morning, doing a super-efficient job, leaving only the basement, G's office and various odds and ends for today. We thought at first that one day would have been sufficient, but now I'm glad it was two because I accidentally left a big wad of cash in a box of papers that was packed. Being the organised *ahem* person that I am, I'd stowed the money (yen and U.S. dollars) with my passport, but then I took my passport out to prepare for our departure and put it in my suitcase, I completely forgot about the money, only remembering late last night. If it had been a smaller sum I wouldn't have minded so much, but as 800$ worth of cash isn't in our inventory, it won't be insured and thus we'd lose it if anything went wrong with the shipment. So I had to ask one of the packers to open boxes until we found it; luckily, it was in the third one we tried.

It's odd how now that everything's in boxes, it still doesn't seem real that I'm moving halfway around the world. I'm expecting it to be like my first big trip -- growing anticipation, a little episode of freaking out from stress (been there, done that), then a feeling of "Wow, I can't believe I'm doing this!" as I board the plane, a feeling that won't dissipate until a few days in. Though with this being a rather longer journey, I'm prepared to live for a couple of weeks with that feeling once we're actually in Japan.

I'm trying to not be such a fountain of tears when I say goodbye, but it's hard to go against my nature so. In this day and age of supremely easy communication, with internet access and telephones, certainly, a fact of life, I wonder how I would have fared a mere two generations ago, knowing the wait between letters would be long.

Last night we bought a scratching post/climbing station/pedestal for the cats, who are justly pleased that their specific needs have been catered to: two tall scrathing posts, a little platform up high so they can see out the window and sun themselves, with a hollow barrel-type thing on its side below the platform, to serve as a stair to the platform, a place from which to plan a sneak-attack as well as hiding place to curl up in. They've been taking turns on the platform since early this morning, observing the packing and enjoying the slight breeze from the open window.

Though I will keep writing here, I must also direct your attention to my tavelpod (, where I'll be posting entries more specifically related to travelling and other places (with pictures! when possible), once we leave.

So tomorrow the movers arrive to cart our things away, we hand in the car, leave the house keys with the notary and spend the night at a motel, then an early flight to Vancouver. Until then, au reservoir! :D



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