Dream Live 7th was over a week and a half ago, and I haven't said anything about it yet. Shock! Horror! Disbelief!

In keeping with the trend, I will start by explaining how tenimyu changed my life. It wasn't that I saw a show and BAM! I was in love, or that suddenly made me want to do, or become, or learn, something I'd never thought about before, but it set things in motion. Tenimyu and me, a story of (not really XD;) great BURNING PASSION! )

Fine, but what about DL7??? )

Thank you, tenimyu, for the crackiness and the fun times and the great friends I've made.

And that was the second of three promised posts! Will I get the last one done before I leave for Korea? *suspensesuspensesuspense* Who knows, but in less than 48 hours, I'll be in Korea! :D


Mar. 28th, 2010 10:53 pm
Here's what I looked like today:

Mug shot! )

For a photobooth picture, I think it's quite a good one! Very European-looking. The dark smudges under my eyes are proof that I fail at removing make-up -- those are the remains of yesterday's mascara. At least my hair turned out more or less the way I wanted it to. ^_^ But is it just me, or is my hairline oddly uneven?

The picture was for my international driver's license, which was the quickest, most painless bureaucratic experience I've ever had in Japan. Once I'd walked the hour and ten minutes or so it took to get to the Fuchuu* licensing bureau from my apartment, I was in and out of there in under ten minutes with my new license. I almost came. ;___; (tears of joy)

Anyway, I showed the picture to a few people, who commented thusly: Tiffany said I looked like an international spy; Emily said I looked like a French actress; Eda said, without hearing Emily's comment, that I looked like I should be in a French movie. XD What do you think?

Later in the day, after a Very Large Meal (will post with pictures another time), when I was contemplating the fruit at the grocery store, a Russian man asked me, in Russian, whether I was Russian. At least, I'm assuming that's what it meant, since I didn't have a handy Eda with me to translate. All I heard was, "[insert Russian sounds here] Ruski?" He took my confused expression and my "I'm sorry, I don't understand," as a "No," smiled, and walked off.

* Fuchuuuuu! Almost as fun to say as Beppuuuuu!

I like crossing stuff out! )

So, yes, more Chinese Prince of Tennis! I honestly don't know why they're bothering writing in some sort-of-maybe-could-be romance between Long Ma and Xiao Ying, because the Golden Pair provide all the rabu-rabu you need in a show that's supposedly about tennis. Though they're mad at each other, and Ju Wan is kind of a dick (not waking Da Shi up when he overslept), as soon as he hears Da Shi is sick, he runs back to the dorm to take care of him. Then they reminisce about when they met, and we get flashbacks to them as dorky first-years, complete with their first meeting. "OMG, you play tennis too?! <3" I really wish I had subs for this part, because from what I understand, Da Shi wants to play doubles, but Ju Wan doesn't want to, so sets up some kind of challenge, like "I'll be your partner if you can do ____." But I could be totally off base. WANT SUBS! At any rate, dorky-wants-to-be-Ju-Wan's-partner-so-badly!Da Shi = <3
Before I go to bed, I must flail a little bit about Chinese PoT, because damn is the second season ever entertaining! In the past two episodes, we've had Zhen Zhi cackling over his latest concoction (and actually forcing Jue Wei to drink it, poor guy! XD); Long Ma making the best put-upon "Oh god my dad's coming to training camp with us DX" face ever; Da Shi making sure the sleeping Ju Wan is tucked in properly *dies of the cuteness*; Chun Long's hair looking ENORMOUS in the wind; Guo Guang smiling the most adorable "I'm so proud of my team! <3" smile; Da Shi and Ju Wan demonstrating that the proper method to run a three-legged race is by holding hands (the hell, guys? XDDD); the Band of Princes actually being canon, complete with Hai Tang on drums and Zhen Zhi and Chun Long having the most bizarre little dance-off I've ever seen. *could not stop giggling*

Oh, and Long Ma was a really chubby child, according to flashbacks!

Emily and I had a nice lazy day of eating our own weight in vegetables (oh hotpot, how I love thee~~~ <3), starting to plan our trip to China, and watching CPoT starting from where we left off back in December, so episode 7 of the first season. I got to cringe again at the bad hair the guys sported, though I must say that I liked Hai Tang's original hair better. Short as is it in the second season just makes his head look weirdly shaped.
Just in case I wasn't already convinced that Chinese PoT is made of pure, unadulterated WIN, episode 6 of the second season opens with the guys showering, and Ju Wan wandering around with his head covered in shampoo suds, singing at the top of his lungs. XDDD And Inui has chest hair! Cpot is manlier than any flavour of Jpot.

Watching this, I actually felt like Ju Wan & Co. who are in the dark about what's actually going on, given that I can understand at most 10% of the dialogue (if I'm lucky) and have to guess at the rest. Still, hilarity ensued! (Also, Golden Pair fans will be happy with the fanservice in this episode. ^____^)

It's a date! )

Watching episode 7 now, and Kirihara (Qu Wen?) has just shown up. Damn, he's gorgeous. O___O Jin Tie (Sanada) isn't as physically imposing as you'd expect, but he's got the expression down. And the cap, of course!
Episode 4 of the second season of Chinese PoT and I understood more than I thought I would! Not just the plot (which was simple enough -- the beginning of their match with Jousei Shounan! XD), but actual sentences.

Hmm, so the new set has 3 bunk beds in the dorm room instead of 2. First season had Ju Wan on top and Da Shi on the bottom (hurhurhur 8D and it makes perfect sense because in this potverse, Eiji TOTALLY tops) of one, and Hai Tang/Guo Guang on the other (how's that for a crack pairing: Kaidou topping Tezuka! XD). Now Mr. & Mr. Ju-Shi are still sharing (except Hai Tang hides his dirty socks under Da Shi's blanket?!), Hai Tang is still on top and I guess Guo Guang would be underneath if he weren't in the U.S. (the hottest destination for physical therapy!). And the third bed, it seems, has Zhen Zhi on top and Zhou Zhu on the bottom (more crack: Inui/Fuji!).

Yes, these things are important to me.

Also important is that Ju Wan is trying to out-pink Zhou Zhu, because now even his non-tennis clothes are very pink. But he manages to make it look manly, and did I say he was sort of hot? He IS hot. Yum. And Da Shi has the most adorable smile. And he saves a pregnant woman!

Oh god, the hotpot restaurant scene nearly killed me. Hai Tang is just too easy to provoke. *pets him* And his stinky feet are still a running gag. XD

I was wondering how the hell they'd resolve the accusation of cheating on the test, because the only thing I could figure is that... Okay, I really had no clue how they could possibly resolve it, except for the coach to beg for Ju Wan to be allowed one last chance. Which she did, but it didn't do any good. Thank god for Xiao Peng and her video camera obsession!

They've really toned down Xiao Peng (Tomoka) this season! She's only gotten a few lines so far. And the ichinen solo got a haircut that makes him look like a girl. A really pretty girl. *_*

Halfway through the third episode, I started to wonder whether they'd recast Long Ma's dad, since we hadn't seen him, but he's still around. I think it's a shame they recast the coach as much younger, because there goes the whole backstory between her and the father! Now she has an old rivalry with Coach Boobs, who is not Coach Boobs in this version, though her boobs are bigger than Coach Lin's.

Hmph, I've pretty much decided that I don't much care for the new actress playing Xiao Ying. While I appreciate that they may be going for more potential romance between her and Long Ma, it doesn't suit the character (and it's not like Long Ma would notice, he's way too dense!), and the actress is too flirty, too pretty for the shy, rather awkward girl she's supposed to be (and she wears too much make-up for us to believe her even if she was a good enough actress!). The way she carries herself, it's clear she's used to having people be charmed by her looks; the original Xiao Ying was not ugly by any means, but seemed the type who didn't have enough self-confidence to even think to put herself forward in that way.
Cat Deeley in my very favourite colour ever*? Yes, please! :D

There are only 10 contestants left, the votes are for individuals (as opposed to couples), and from now on the pairings will be new and random every week! Let the hilariously mismatched physical pairings begin! On with the show! )

Results! )

* Emerald green, that is.

And now for some more Chinese tennis boys! :D Oh, the looooove~~~ )
Have started on the second season of Chinese Prince of Tennis, and it doesn't even have Chinese subs, so I'm even more lost! T.T Both the coach and her niece are played by new actresses. Haven't seen much of Xiao Lin yet (she got two whole lines this episode!), but the new coach is much younger. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen more of them, but I'm sad, because I really liked both of them.

The boys have much better hair, overall. Chun Long/Taka styles it up something fierce! Cheng Wu/Momo has discovered gel. XD Guo Guang/Tezuka has gone back to his natural black, which suits him much better -- he only looks 35, now, instead of 40. XD Zhen Zhi/Inui got highlights! Da Shi/Oishi has stopped combing back his bangs, thank god. Ju Wan/Eiji got a cut, and it's made a big difference (also, has he lost a bit of weight? His face doesn't seem as round); instead of looking cute, he looks kind of hot now.

Speaking of the Golden Pair, they still can't keep their hands off each other. And Da Shi is still so much Ju Wan's bitch that I actually spit tea all over my keyboard.

Oh, and we've had our first glimpse of Rikkai, I mean, Li Hai. They are badass. Sanada's cap is firmly in place! XD But the question is, does he still have a family rock?!

And speaking of family rocks, I kept forgetting to post one of the best jokes of the latest PoT musical, which wasn't actually in the musical itself.

The day I saw the show for the first time, I was heading to the theatre with Laura and Marianne. Marianne was telling us about bad fanfiction she'd read, including one story in which Sanada, suffering from unrequited love for Yukimura, who was dating Kirihara, had offed himself.

"Then Yanagi shows up, panting, on Yukimura's doorstep, and announces, 'Sanada just jumped off a bridge!' "

There was a beat of silence in the mostly-empty train car, then Laura said, perfectly deadpan, "Did he weigh himself down with the family rock?" XDDD

During the show itself, Marianne kept whispering comments to me everytime Sanada looked the least bit pissed off (i.e. everytime he was on stage). "Brb, gonna go jump off a bridge."
You know how sometimes you come across someone who seems exactly like a fictional character you know, but it takes you a while to process the resemblance because they're in a completely different context/career/setting than the character?

Tonight's ballet lesson was taught by a different teacher, though I think the guy who did it the last two weeks was only filling in. If this guy is the regular one, I'll be quite pleased, because he had us start off with some very good stretches and turn-out excercises, though they were very hard. Also, he definitely favours the hands-on-I-will-MAKE-your-body-move-this-way approach, which works for me. As in, I was trying to do a pliƩ, and he wanted me to keep my torso as high and long as possible, so he was holding on to my ribs and pulling up, and I was, "But now I can't go down!" and he was all, "Yes, that's it!"

I really enjoyed the class, but about five minutes before it ended, my brain finally put it all together: the quiet monotone that rattles off fast explanations about arm positions and the angle your head should be at; the messy hair; the tall, thin body; the rectangular glasses with the thick black frames; the geeky track pants. I nearly burst out laughing in the middle of a turn, because the teacher is Inui! *giggled all the way home*
So. Chinese Prince of Tennis. You all hoped I'd forgotten about it, eh? HAHAHAHA! My love continues to burn bright! *waves Qing Xue flag aroud*

How much fun was it to have friends over so I could subject them to the awesomness of angsty Chinese tennis boys? :D The hotpot and team cooking were loads of fun, too, and we ate very, very well indeed.

A few memorable quotes:

"So, we have a textbook that was written in -- broccoli!" (Emily, being distracted by vegetables)

"It, like, eats a hole in your stomach, but not in a bad way." (Me, on the subject of mapo tofu)

"Oh my, Fuji wants Captain's ass!" (Tiffany, after Zhou Zhu gave Guo Guang a particularly loaded look)

We only got 6 episodes in, which is not so much, as far as marathons go, but it was enough to make me start whining about how there were no more subbed episodes and when was all the Golden Pair angst going to be resolved, goddamnit?!? And then my guests went home, and I looked up the download links to send to them and there was a shiny new subbed episode up! *hearts and sparklies and kittens*

I downloaded it immediately, of course, but by the time it was done it was bedtime, so I just skipped through it to see where the Golden Pair bits were check that the file was okay, but had to stop and watch a wee bit when I saw the there was a full-blown shouting argument between Da Shi (Oishi) and Ju Wan (Eiji). I guess it shows how pathetic I am that I went to bed troubled because of what they said to each other. ;_________;

When I got home tonight I watched the episode properly, and then the next one raw and in crappy .rmvb quality because I wanted to see them get back together! And I was rewarded, because OH MY GOD COULD GOLDEN PAIR BE ANY SLASHIER?! If you don't want to read spoilers, or don't care about the Chinese version of GP, skip this. )

All right, now it's late, and tomorrow I need to sew a Christmas tree costume, and somehow turn myself into an elf. Of the Santa's helper variety. @_@ Good night!

She lives!

Nov. 1st, 2009 12:38 pm
Before I forget, thank you, [livejournal.com profile] rynn_sama, for the Halloween card! I got it last week, but kept forgetting to mention it... Anyway, thank you so much! I'm going to get myself out to Ikebukuro soon, I promise!

Halloween madness is over! And I indeed made myself into a prince, though one without epaulettes. Oh, well, I'm still immensely proud of my jacket, with the hand-sewn lining and all. ^_^

Last night Jill and I presented our first-born to the world, and let me assure you that Gakuto, Jirou, Yagyuu and Harriet Potter had a grand old time playing Tenipuri Clue. Because who hasn't wished they could one day accuse Tezuka of raping Shishido with a gouya bitter gourd in Atobe's helicopter? Or how about Nanjirou having his wicked way with Oshitari on the street courts, using grip tape? Oh, the cracktastic scenarios the game made possible... Once we're done modifying Monopoly and Risk, you're all invited to a board game party at my place!

It's past noon already, but I'm determined to make the day a productive one. I'm a bit annoyed at having slept until 10:30, but it was sleep I really, really needed, so I guess it's all right. I've already got laundry out to dry and have done some Japanese study, as well as taken more winter clothes out of the storage bin to air. Also to do today:

- moar nihongo! I'm three days behind in my study plan because of the costume craziness, and only 5 weeks remain before the test, so it's time to buckle down and seriously slap those kanji around;
- do another load of laundry/put more clothes out to air;
- sew a futon cover (I know which fabric I'll use, fabric I've had for ages because I bought it without a real plan and the print is no good for clothes and I wouldn't want it for curtains - I'm glad, because that'll be a good 4m less in the stash!);
- do the dishes;
- vacuum;
- get groceries;
- start NonNaNoWriMo, i.e. write up my travels for my travelpod. I think I'll start from the most recent trip, so look for the first chapter of There and Back Again; A Tale of a Kender and a Hobbit and Lots of Trains sometime in the near future;
- watch more Project Runway so that I can finally catch up and discuss it with K tomorrow;
- email some people to whom I've long owed replies (A, A, C, D, T).
With all the loving, lingering close-ups of the boys' equipment and tennis outfits, they should have just gone and renamed it The Prince of Product Placement.

But... but... but...

AKFLJKLWEJRLKRJM@!!!! *gnaws at fists*


I love this show so much, it's not even funny. Ju Wan, stop being so hot-headed and learn to appreciate Da Shi's love for you forebearance. Da Shi, slap some sense into your partner, would you? Or are you just going to let him dump you like that?!

As I've been telling people, this show cuts out all the boring stuff, and instead of being about acquiring sparkly new tennis moves, it really explores all the different dramas in the characters' lives. Chen Long's conflict with his father gets lots of play, as do the Zhou brothers' issues; Long Ma actually evolves as a character (beyond acquiring the aforementioned shiny new moves) and you know what? I like him -- he's still mada mada*, but he's already come a long way; Ju Wan and Da Shi's fight is extremely realistic, I think, and you can see where they're both right and both wrong *rooting for her boys to work it out, because they can't NOT be together, damn it*; Tao Cheng Wu, Qian Zhen Zhi and Zhong Guo Guang haven't had the spotlight as often re: personal issues yet, but I expect we'll get to that at some point.

Overall, I reaaaaaaally like the character dynamics, and I'm continually amused by how serious, determined, shy Kaidou Kaoru has been turned into sly, teasing, blustering Chen Hai Tang. For the most part, the characters have kept their original personalities -- aged appropriately, of course, and realistically adjusted: for example, Da Shi is still the mother hen of the team, but he's more than willing to join in good-natured ribbing of his teammates -- and their appearances are pretty much intact. I could instantly determine who was who based on hair alone. XD

Appearance-wise, the biggest change was actually Karupin, who's only shown up a handful of times, being held by Long Ma's father: he's now a tiny marmalade kitten! <3

Another thing this series has reconfirmed is that tall Chinese guys do it for me (see: my marriage XD) the way men in general don't, and this cast is full of especially fine specimens. *___*

* I meant to write down the Mandarin equivalent, but I kept forgetting, and Long Ma hasn't said it in the last few episodes.
First things first: Thanksgiving!

Unless anyone has any objections, let's settle on Sunday the 11th, my place (Kichijouji or Mitakadai station, let me know if you need directions!), around 4 or so. Emily and I will probably spend the day attempting to bake pies, so I don't know how feasible it is to send a delegation to meet people at the station, but most of you have been here before, so you can find your way again, right?

Attendees and their offerings:

Me: Pie, stuffing, mikan-flavoured castella from Nagasaki, mad sangria-making skillz
[livejournal.com profile] nekonezumi: Pie, cranberry sauce (or salad, if there are no cranberries to be had, even for ready money)
[livejournal.com profile] lizstarsky: Mashed potatoes
[livejournal.com profile] llamachan: Drinks (alcohol? :D)
[livejournal.com profile] dilettantka: ?
[livejournal.com profile] kurayamihimitsu: ?
[livejournal.com profile] genkischuldich: ?
[livejournal.com profile] akahannah: ?

As you can see, we still need some sort of meat -- last year, we had Costco roast chicken in lieu of turkey, but I have neither the time nor the membership to go and get one. Can anyone volunteer to either get something similar or cook it themselves? I've got two gas rings and a microwave/convection oven for any on-site cookery that needs to be done.

We also should have some sort of vegetables, and more drinks. Or you can chip in some money to cover the cost of fowl and sangria and pie fixings! :D Either way, let me know what you plan on contributing!

Finally, if anyone has any leads on where one could buy cranberries in Tokyo or Chiba, please share!

ETA: And if anyone not on that list would like to join us, let me know, there's still some room! ;D

* * *

I was going to post about how in a way it was a good thing I'd caught up with all the fansubbed Chinese PoT episodes, because I wouldn't have time to watch any more tonight, what with dance class and studying, but on the other hand, moar Ju Wan/Da Shi doubles love goodness plz!!! (Last ep ended just after the Golden Pair lost to St. Rudolph because of Ju Wan's lack of stamina, so I'm looking forward to some juicy angsting on both their parts as Ju Wan accepts he has to work harder and Da Shi just wants to support his partner, with maybe some manly tears and hugging thrown in XD) Anyway, I got home, and there was a new subbed episode waiting for me!


Still need to study, though, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. And then I have the raw episodes, so I can see just how much of the Chinese I can understand. So far, more than I would have given myself credit for, but a lot of times it's while reading the subtitles, I compare it to what I'm hearing and think, "Ah, that's what I would have guessed," so it's not the same as having no translation at all.

* * *

So yes, dance class!

Tonight I started a social dance class with K and R (our coworker) at the Musashino City Sports Club. I'm by far the youngest one there, as it's mostly ojiisans and obaasans (A-L, il y en avait un ou deux que tu aurais certainement voulu kidnapper!), but it was fun. We did some waltz, some rumba, and what they call "blues" (slow, slow, quick-quick), and god, I miss dance classes!

I was pounced on by a nice lady who spotted my name-tag (they'd printed "Marie" on it, because Japanese people don't seem to understand hyphenated names) and wanted to know whether I was French. Turns out her husband is living in France, and while she speaks German fluently, she has trouble with French (but she sounded pretty good to me!), so she asked if we could chat in both Japanese and French. She was really sweet!

* * *

Japanese study... I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I'm determined to get through my study plan even if it kills me. So if I'm not around on line or don't post much for the next couple of months... it's because nihongo has eaten my brain, not because I don't love each and every one of you. orz
Had a typical evening with Jill last night: we met up after my work, hit Animate and Yuzawaya, had a quick supper, then headed back to my place where I dressed up as a guy, and then we watched the new tenipuri OVA and drank ice cider.

Fine, I didn't stay dressed up as a guy all evening, but we took pictures! This also explains the trip to Animate... XD; )

ETA: Oh, and in case anyone was wondering about my hair, let it be known that I woke up this morning looking exactly like Oshitari. The other one. Now why aren't they selling Shitenhouji uniforms?!

*shrieks of delighted laughter*

I wonder if he'll also have a purple shirt of doom??? 8D

Also, first appearance of An -- love! Love love love, she's so cute! <3
During our trip, Emily and I talked about (among many, many other things, of course!) Thanksgiving, which is coming up in a bit over a week, and we'd like to have some sort of get-together.

What: Thanksgiving, minus the turkey. Unless someone has a spare one lying around, and an oven to cook it in!
Where: I volunteer my place (we fit 8 people in here at Easter, and there would be room for more), but anyone else is welcome to offer theirs.
When: We thought Sunday, the 11th, would be good, but the 12th is a national holiday (so nice of Japan to observe Canadian holidays! ^o^), so that could work as well.
Who: Me, [livejournal.com profile] nekonezumi, and you! :D
Why: Because Emily and I wanted an excuse to make pies!

Apart from pies -- and this is assuming we succeed -- there will be stuffing, which I make from scratch. I even mix my own spices, that's how hardcore I am. So if no one else can make it... Emily and I will have a lovely meal of stuffing and pie. But if you can join us, bring whatever Thanksgiving essential you think the day shouldn't be without!

* * *

Chatting on MSN with my mother the other night...

Me: I think I've found something almost better than dancing Japanese tennis boys! <3
Mum: :O Traitor! How could you?!?
Me: Angsty Chinese tennis boys!
Mum: XD Well, I guess it's only a semi-betrayal, then...

I love this series more and more... So yeah, it's pretty angsty, and it's full of manly embraces and manly tears -- but geez, you'd think Zhen Zhi (Inui) had been exiled to a foreign country, the way everyone else is carrying on. Hai Tang (Kaidou) won't stop scowling and angsting and blubbering about it. Though it was worth it to see Guo Gong (Tezuka) try to comfort him, because either that guy's a great actor or it was the best casting decision ever, because he is so stiff! XDDD Another thing I really like is that Long Ma (Echizen) has shown more personal growth in a handful of episodes than he did in pretty much the whole anime series.

It's interesting to see what changes have been made to the characters. Many are pretty much the same, though I won't yet give a definite verdict for Chun Long (Kawamura) or Da Shi (Oishi) yet, since they haven't said or done much so far. But Chun Long's father is a chef/restaurant owner, and Da Shi plays the guitar (I'm imagining he's writing love songs for Ju Wan XD). So far the ones who are the most different from their original counterparts are Zhou Zhu (Fuji was never half so emotional, even when it came to Yuuta); Zhen Zhi (Inui was much more detached and creepier, though in a hilarious way); and Lin Ying (she's got way more personality than Sakuno and is the coach's niece, not granddaughter).

At least they've found a way to combine several pointless and/or annoying characters: instead of having some useless reporters hanging around, Tomoka writes for the university newspaper. Also, there's only one fellow first-year worshipping the ground Long Ma walks on, and though he has 2 years of tennis experience, he's more of a Katsuo-Kachirou fusion, with Kachirou's unfortunate hair.

And omg, Long Ma's father is perfect, and I LOVED Coach Lin's reaction when she got wind of how everyone had run away with her "catfish among the sardines" metaphor. She's all, "The hell? They took it that seriously?! *headdesk*"

I'm apparently faithful to my old flames, though, because Ju Wan/Eiji still owns my soul -- he is so damn funny! And he still can't stop touching Da Shi. XDDD
Anybody in the Tokyo area interested in possibly making an easy Y3000? I can't quite remember why, but I'm on a mailing list for cosmetic/marketing/product research things, and for the first time, I qualify! (Other times they were looking for people of races/ethnicities/countries not my own). They're looking for people who are "White, Black, or Hispanic" (Hispanic here meaning pretty much any colour as long as there's no Asian ancestry, apparently). Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the contact info. It's for a 5- to 10-minute skin tone testing, either on 25 October or 1 November, in Yurakucho.

In other news, I've started the major task of sorting through and cleaning up the pictures of The Great Train Adventure. Emily's been terribly productive and has already posted twice about it (part 1 and part 2 of ???), but it'll take me a bit longer than that...

This evening I finally started watching one of the roughly three thousand tv series sitting pretty on my hard drive, and it isn't even Project Runway (which I'm supposed to catch up on so K and I can gossip about it at work) or SYTYCD (American or Canadian, so that I can discuss them with my father). It's... the Chinese live-action Prince of Tennis! :D

I'm just one episode in but I think I already love it. I paused it frequently to note down the character names (tried to get the tones, but it's tricky!), because otherwise I'd just keep using the Japanese names, and that would be lame. So far, Long Ma (Echizen) is as much of a brat as you'd expect; Tao Cheng Wu (Momo) is always stuffing his face; Zhou Zhu (Fuji) is pretty; Zhong Guo Guang (Tezuka) looks and acts like he's 40 XD; Chen Hai Tang (Kaidou) is pissed off at the world; Qian Zhen Zhi (Inui) is just as you'd expect; Ju Wang (Kikumaru) is adorable and hilarious in a kind of obnoxious, snarky way; Da Shi (Oishi) hasn't really said anything yet, but he's always standing by Ju Wang (opening song has them gazing meaningfully at each other, ending song has them hugging XDDD); Zhou Yu (Yuuta) has a huge chip on his shoulder; and Huang Jue Wei (Horio) has 2 years of tennis experience!

Major change is that the story takes place in university, but they're all chomping at the bit to defeat Bing Di (Hyoutei), and we've already been treated to dramatic flashbacks of a guy I assume is Atobe defeating Zhen Zhi (Inui) the previous year.

All right, I've got time for another episode before bed! 8D
If any of you ever wonder what [livejournal.com profile] kurayamihimitsu and I do in our spare time, wonder no more! We like to wear fake glasses and hang out in family restaurants, making the most of the drink bar and modifying boardgames. You thought I was kidding about this, didn't you! Yeah, we got some weird looks when I pulled the Monopoly and Clue game boards out of my bag and set them up on the table...

I'm afraid I didn't do Yuushi's glasses justice, because I fail at being a sexy beast. T__T But here, have a look anyway: )

Grar, itunes keeps freezing! I'm just trying to change some music around, is that too much to ask? :P
I don't know if it was the heat or what, but today's laser appointment was the most painful one to date, at least the underarm part. But I womanfully bore the pain, and it only took a couple of minutes. Aside from that, the most uncomfortable part of the experience was when the technician was using a marker to delineate portions on the backs of my legs, because dammit, that tickles! I wonder if they ever doodle silly things on customers.

After that I happened upon a super Uniqlo sale and bought two pairs of shorts for Y990 each! Pink and, because they had no more yellow, purple. Then I met up with Jill and Laura and we sang the newly-available-at-karaoke Shitenho-ho-houji song! 8D It was most excellent.

Afterwards we repaired to Jill's, where there was Kraft Dinner, tenipuri, some bitching, and a whole lotta stitching. Laura got down and dirty with t-shirt surgeries and started her initiation into Jill's unholy [cross-stitch] club; Jill stitched kitties; and I knit a(nother) pair of booties for E's baby, but oh, at what cost? My wrist is really sore... :P

So we were discussing "Which character on ___ team would you date?" We started with Seigaku, of course, but before could I even open my mouth, Jill said, "No, Adele, Golden Pair is not a valid answer!"

;_____; But I want them for each other, not for myself! :DDD

Oh fine, I wouldn't say no to an Oishi of my very own... with different hair. (Or even better, girl!Oishi, because she'd be really pretty... <3)

We kind of fizzled out at Rikkai, because honestly, who would want to date any of them? XD

Bloh, I just remembered that I'd told myself I'd start my translations tonight, but I'm too tired. I'll do that tomorrow morning before heading out for the day, then go over it again in the evening. The project is almost over (I've already done 5 stories and several in-game text files, and there are 2 more stories due Monday, then 3 due Wednesday, for a grand total of about 10,000 words, so yay, money!*), and it's been a fun one, if not as cool as being able to tell M-P, "I worked on some of the French for a Castlevania game! :D".

* I have no idea how this works back home, but it seems that freelance work here is always paid 3 months after you send in the invoice. It was like that when I did the educational video, and it's the same with this translation gig. I sent my first invoice in April, so I should have my first paycheque by the end of this month. That means that I won't see the money for this project until October, but after all the travelling I'll be doing in the next two months, I'm sure my bank account will be happy with a little extra padding at that time. ^_^
Know what this world needs? Monopoly -- Prince of Tennis edition.

Who wants to help me create it? 8D

Of course, Boardwalk would be Hyoutei, and Mediterranean would be Fudoumine. XD Unless we're going by traditional colours, in which case the real estate market has gone haywire and the schools are, from cheapest to dearest: [insert violet school*, or maybe street tennis courts?], Hyoutei, Higa, Rikkai, Rokkaku, Shitenhouji, Yamabuki and Seigaku. St. Rudolph can be Chance/Community Chest and Fudoumine can be the railroads. XDDD

Sample Chance/Community Chest cards:

"You get caught stalking members of rival team in an effort to collect data. Get kicked off the regulars (i.e. Go to jail). Do not pass Go, do not collect $200."

"You have been invited to take part in Junior Senbatsu selection camp. Collect $100."

"You receive an award for founding a tennis camp for underpriviledged youth. Collect $150."

* According to Wikipedia, these properties are now St. Rudolph brown, as of 2008.
So it seems that Jill and Becca have decided that were we tenipuri characters, I'd be Tezuka. I suppose I'll take that to mean that I am not easily ruffled and that I always strive for perfection (HAHAHAHAHA!), not that I never crack a smile. It sure as hell isn't because I look like Daisuke! XD

But now I feel I should be searching for a pillar of support... ^o^

In other exciting news, the costumes are almost done! I am incredibly pleased with how the draped-from-scratch dress turned out, and if all goes well on the last little bit to complete it, Becca's vest will be the nicest thing ever to grace the TIP stage (not that I can take credit for the pattern, since I just traced off a vest of hers, but it's all in the finishing touches).

I used to say that I would never go to sleep on a deadline with the intent of "waking up early to finish", but that was back when the only deadlines were academic, not physical stuff like sewing. While I actually really like working on the floor, I've spent over 6 straight hours bent over fabric, cutting, pinning, ironing and sewing, and my poor old bones need a rest. Here's hoping that I can have enough energy upon waking to buckle down and get back into the zone.

The Tezuka zooooone!




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