Here be part one of a ???-part photodump, because I've got all these pictures accumulating that I should really share with people, especially the people appearing in said pictures. Here are some of the things that I've been up to so far in 2010, and it seems I've been a busy girl! I don't know how I've managed to do so much in less than a month and a half. @_@;;;

Actually, I meant to post this last night, but by 10:00 I was so exhausted that I couldn't keept my eyes open, so I made like a little old lady and went to bed. However, it wasn't until 11 or so that I finally fell asleep, because that's when Tabitha decided to finally stop being a pest and gave up running around and scratching at the walls and meowing, in favour of curling up beside me and sleeping the deep sleep of innocent babes and evil kittehs.

Tokyo Oedo Onsen, waaaay back at the beginning of January )

SYTYCD 5 Finale! )
SYTYCD Final Four! )
Note to all people seeking to acquire ladies' undergarments in Tokyo: Amos Style gave me some chocolates (Lindt milk chocolates, in case you're wondering) for shopping there today, so I guess this is a good time to be buying stuff! If I'd known, I'd have bought one item and gone back at other times for more. Mmm, free samples...

In back news, there are 6 stitches, it seems. The pain is pretty much gone, but now I have to deal with the deep, annoying itchiness of skin knitting itself back together. (Isn't that a great image? Millions of tiny little skin cells with knitting needles, attempting to connect themselves to each other. ^o^) GRRRR, I JUST WANNA SCRATCH! *whimper* I know it's a good sign, it's just not fun. Good thing it's right in the centre of my back, otherwise I might be tempted to poke at it. XD

In other news, woohoo, Dream Live 7th comes to Tokyo -- well, Yokohama -- after Golden Week, which means I get more time in Europe with my family! *dances around*

SYTYCD final 6 rambing goes here! )

I can has results! )
Only 8 dancers are left! It's down to the wire. )

It's the show's 100th show, and they celebrate by giving Cat voluminous 70s hair (but she rocks it <3) and covering her with a leopard made out of sequins! O_O

Woohoo! )
Cat Deeley in my very favourite colour ever*? Yes, please! :D

There are only 10 contestants left, the votes are for individuals (as opposed to couples), and from now on the pairings will be new and random every week! Let the hilariously mismatched physical pairings begin! On with the show! )

Results! )

* Emerald green, that is.

And now for some more Chinese tennis boys! :D Oh, the looooove~~~ )
Ballet talk goes here! )

And now, it's time for So You Think You Can Dance!

Mmm, Cat with a wavy bob and a demure-yet-sexy black dress. I approve! 8D

Only 6 couples left! )

And the votes are in! The top ten will be... )

What I love the most about this season, I think (apart from the fact that all the dancers are really good and hot, and the choreographers just keep outdoing themselves, and Cat Deeley's stylist is obviously in love with her and wants her to look more beautiful each episode), is that the girls are so strong, and I find that overall, they're more memorable than the guys. The winner had better be a girl, this time!
The girls this season are AMAZING! Gorgeous and hot and sexy and can they ever dance! *fans self* The guys aren't bad either. Actually, I like all of the contestants, and besides being talented, they are tops in the eye-candy department.

7 couples are left! )

And the results! Mmm, sexy rocker Cat... )

Blarg, I want my nose to stop being stuffed up! I woke up parched more than once during the night because my nose was out of commission, and breathing through my mouth completely dried it out. I'm afraid tonight will be the same... :P
Am I the only person who still darns socks? *curious*

Moving on to other things, I've finally gotten around to watching some more So You Think You Can Dance! Down to eight couples, now. )

And the results! Farewell... )

And now, off to bed with me.
Woohoo, more not-really-live blogging! ^o^

One thing I forgot to mention about the auditions was how Nigel should really stop ordering his hair from the 70s. And also, I could understand the judges' reactions at that weird, really... close brother/sister act, but what the hell, had they never heard of same-sex ballroom dancing*? Stop being a homophobic git, Nigel. I thought it was cool that one of the guys was straight and totally comfortable dancing like that with a gay guy. They were pretty good, thought not as high-level as others who made it farther.

All right, let's go! Week 2 of SYTYCD 5 )

Aaaaand the results! WHO will be eliminated tonight? /Tyra )

* I once did a dance show with a [gay] guy who was a judge at international same-sex ballroom dancing competitions. He paid the bills by giving private dance lessons to rich ladies.
I've always wanted to do an episode-by-episode recapping of So You Think You Can Dance, so here I go! I started watching the 5th American season over the break, and just finished watching the first performance show, so here are some thoughts, even though they're super late, since this is last summer's show. I think I'll write my review and my predictions (just to see how wrong I can be!) before watching the results show. That'll be interesting!

First off, can somebody PLEASE change the opening sequence? Keep the music if you must, but why are we still shown the dancers from the first season? I can't believe they can't budget a bit to film a new opening sequence with this season's dancers. Or hell, if they're worried about spoilers, use last season's! Or a mash-up of all former contestants, I don't care.

The auditions weren't too painful this time, as they didn't linger too long on some obvious losers. There was that idiot with the red dreads who "didn't care about the judges' opinions" (so why exactly are you auditioning?!) and some really painful ballroom dancing, but on the whole it was good. And the showdown between Leo and "Sex" was actually pretty amusing, not the cringe-fest I was expecting.

Best moment, hands down, was Cat Deely saying, with a gleeful little grin, "I love it when grown men cry!" If I weren't already in love with her, that would have sealed the deal. <3

Worst moment, was why the hell did they bring back that twit Lauren from season 3 to do choreography? Gah, she was irritating enough as a contestant, did anyone like her?!

And now, the top twenty! First night of dancing. )

And now, I will watch the results show!

Results )

Bah, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. How is it possible that out of 14 days, I only spent 2 of them at home on my own? So much for days of rest. @_@
I'm two for two this week in the "getting stuff done on days I'm not working in evening" stakes. Today, I not only did a little more organizing in my sewing room, I thoroughly cleaned and oiled my machines. The last time I did this... well, I was in Canada, that's for sure. It would seem I'm not a good mother to my babies. >_<;;;

Speaking of sewing, I finally joined the sewing communities I used to watch. Here's hoping it will inspire me and get me started on all those half-finished projects I have lying around!

I also finished watching SYTYCDC, and the outcome didn't suprise me, but I'm still flailing about how awesome the whole show was -- will write more on Monday, when I get my weekly reviews done.

Going through my Taiwan pictures (yes, finally), I can't believe that M-P and I crammed so much into so few days. Seriously, our first day in Taipei, we saw about half the city, including the Taipei 101 building, the botanical gardens, Chang Kai Shek's shrine/monument, and one of the larger night markets. But by the end of our trip, we were mostly taking cracky pictures of each other, it seems. Here, take a look: Me being silly in Taiwan )
The God of Small Things )

My private lesson was cancelled today, and I'm very proud of myself for coming home and actually doing something productive, in this case putting away all my laundry, reorganising my sewing cubbies -- and I found the extra button for my jacket, yay! -- and making myself a proper meal. Then I sat down to watch 5 episodes of SYTYCD Canada, leaving just the last two for tomorrow night. I'm mostly happy with the top 4 (I wish the last girl eliminated had stayed instead of one of the others, but I like her too, so it's all right) and I think I can guess who's going to win -- or who has won, really, since it's been over for a while >_< We'll see if I'm right!
Is there a word for something that's beyond awesome, full of awesome, and made of pure concentrated awesome? Because right now, I know of no word that can express my love for SYTYCD. Because --



I love this show. I want to marry it and have its babies. And if they turn out to be half as hot as this season's contestants... *fans self*

Sadly, my ultimate Season 4 fantasy will forever remain unfulfilled, as Chelsie didn't make it to the final four.

What was that fantasy, you ask?

Katee and Chelsie doing the Argentine tango together. Or the mambo. Or the rumba. Or any Latin dance, basically. :D~~~ That would have been BEYOND HOT!
SYTYCD, episode 8, Nigel critiquing Comfort and Chris (who did a krump routine):

Nigel: My granny is more gansta than you! (...) When you were supposed to grab your crotch, you looked like a little boy saying, "Mummy, I need to pee-pee!" (...) You need to be like the Hulk, turn green with it! BE BUTCH! *waving his arms around and roaring while exhorting Chris to release his inner animal*

Chris: (mumble mumble)... my crotch.

Nigel (who wasn't exactly talking about Chris's crotch anymore): This is an area that you should own!

Me: *wheezing with laughter, tears rolling down my cheeks*
So I finally started watching this year's So You Think You Can Dance and just the first episode brought many, many lulz. Of course, the auditions are always funny, but these ones were especially hilarious because of the judges. How I envy them their jobs! Nigel, Mary and Mia just seem like they have so much fun together: Mia and Mary giggling like schoolgirls, Nigel trying -- and totally failing -- to keep things somewhat serious for all of five minutes. But Mia's Freudian slip (Nigel: "Mia, how successful is Jonathan* going to be in America?" Mia: "Not very sex- sex- successful!") set the tone for the whole Los Angeles auditions, and it was hilarity from then on. And while Mary's shrieking can get annoying later on in the show, I felt that each and every one of her shrieks (many of horror) were 100% justified here.

Other notes:

1. Cat Deeley is seriously hot. I mean, I'd noticed it during last season (and in season 2, though whoever was dressing her then seemed to go out of their way to mess with her gorgeous proportions, because her dresses never seemed to be the right length), but the black vest over the semi-sheer shirt with her hair pulled back in a messy pony-tail was damn sexy. It might possibly have been even better if she'd been wearing glasses, but then it would have been a bit too "sexy librarian/schoolmarm" cliché, so this was just about perfect. *wipes up drool*

2. "I think they're racist against tall people." XDDD Oh, bitter sucky dancers who were told "No!", don't ever change!

3. HOW CAN THOSE POPPERS MAKE THEIR BODIES MOVE LIKE THAT?!?!? I can't wrap my brain around it. All I know is that I want to see more.

* an Italian guy who basically did a stripper routine



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