This weekend ended up being pretty relaxing, all things considered. Friday night I went to ballet class -- best moment of the night was Sayaka-sensei staring at me in disbelief: "You can't walk backwards!!! D:" -- then came home and didn't even switch on the computer, such was my desire to go to bed early. Except I told myself I'd read a bit, and two hours later... yeah, I'm pretty into Red Seas Under Red Skies, what can I say!

Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet! The whole damn thing! (Well, except the top part, but I did that when I put my Christmas tree away last month.) I banished a large pile of clothes from it, sorted through my hair accessories (i.e. put nearly everything in a box to give away), threw out some ratty old panties and a few pairs of tights and socks. I readjusted the bar, got rid of superfluous hangers. I even vacuumed in the back corners! I don't think the closet has looked this good since I moved in. I haven't taken a picture, but I have a witness (Eda), in case anyone doubts my word.

Apart from that, I went out for a lunch of kaiten-zushi, and while I was nomming on some yummy salmon, Kimberly texted me to invite me over for dinner/dessert/movie/one or all of the above. We made it dessert and a movie: strawberry and banana cream blob (she said it was meant to be pie...) and The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, of which I'll write more soon. I finished another square for the afghan I'm making, and made good progress on the first of a pair of mittens.

Today, I did some more cleaning and organising. I got my recycling out, sorted through papers, sorted through more papers, and did some general tidying up. Eda came over for hotpot, and it was delicious. Mmm, lamb, why are you so tasty? ;~; We had fun laughing at Tabitha, who made the greatest face ever when Eda started meowing back at her. It was like, "Who is this strange person and why is she making weird noises at me?"

Actually, Tabitha was rather miffed because not only did I spend the day at home, but there was another human there also for a good part of the afternoon, and there was no available lap for her to sleep on. Even just now, she meowed angrily at me when I got up to go brush my teeth. Because her job is to produce as much fur as possible, and my job is to feed her and provide a warm lap for her occupy. @_@

Countdown is one month until graduation!

Oh, and I have to start figuring out plum blossoms! Anyone up for a day in Ome, or somewhere else that's got lots of pretty trees? I think there's a place along the Keio line somewhere...
The Onion, never stop being awesome. Today's fit of giggles was brought to you by: Obama = Cactus! XDDD

Tabitha is currently reclining on my ironing board, gazing down at me, eyes heavy-lidded with disdain. Well, it looks like disdain, but it's really just her "I'm really relaxed and I luuuurve you" face. I can hear her purring.

I received a package this morning -- or rather, Tabitha received a package. The brand of cat food I buy her does a yearly campaign where you can send in bar codes from their products in exchange for various items. I'd intended to do it last year, but never got around to mailing in my bar codes. I saved them, though, which meant that I had lots for this year's campaign. I sent in the first 50 bar codes back in... June, I think it was, asking for their cute little eco bag (of course it has cats on it!). The papers said that items would be shipped within three months, so I didn't expect anything for a while. Then, since the promotion ended at the end of August, when I got back from China I mailed in another 150 bar codes in exchange for a bunch of boxes and cans of cat food. It was the cat food that arrived this morning, which leaves me to wonder... where the hell is my eco bag?!

Unless I misread the info and it said the items would be mailed within three months from the end of the campaign? o_O No, I just checked their website, and it says "three months after sending in your request," but I don't remember exactly when I mailed it, so I'll give them a couple more weeks before calling to demand my eco bag.

Ah, Japan, the land of point cards and customer loyalty campaigns that really do pay off. The amount of cat food in the package is worth around Y2,000 in stores, I'd say.

Anyway, I'll continue to save all the bar codes. Maybe next year, I'll have enough for one of the bigger items. With 250, I think it was, you can get either a cat bed or a tea cup set. I'll go for the tea cups, naturally, because I can make Tabitha a cat bed myself!

Speaking of making stuff, I'm definitely allergic to something in the fabrics I've been getting from Tomato. I did some sewing today (instead of doing other stuff I should have been doing -- avoidance! watch me practice it!), all with fabric that I've washed, and here I am wheezing like I've got asthma. I can't even take a deep enough breath to sneeze properly.

Arg, I just had the thought that what if it's not the fabric, it's my machine? Not sure how that would be possible, though. And the way I feel is exactly the way I have in the past when using straight-from-the-bolt fabric on machines other than mine, so I'll stick to my sizing allergy theory. So does this mean I should wash all my fabrics twice? Bother.

In spite of the shortness of breath, I made a new cover for my computer chair, because the old one was beyond gross: the metallic dye on it, which was originally golden, has gone completely green in places that had regular contact with my sweaty body. The new cover also has metallic accents, but they're metallic thread (as opposed to painted on) and it's actually upholstery fabric, so let's hope it holds up better. Also, autumn has finally arrived, so I won't be sweating as much, or at least not until next summer. This new cover also deserves a special mention because I bought the fabric for it exactly a week ago. I BOUGHT FABRIC AND USED IT WITHIN A WEEK! Fabric that I had no specific plan for, even. Just, "Hey, this is pretty! I'll get a metre of it! :D"

I got some curtains mostly done (with fabric I bought within the last six months, GO ME!) in the hopes of actually redecorating. Or what passes for redecorating around these parts, anyway. I really need to make some sort of slip cover for my blankets, because at the moment, and as I keep piling them on as the weather gets colder, my futon's colour story is pretty much, "Hey, try to find a colour that is not represented here!"

Then there are all my quilt ideas, of course, which I continue to believe I will get around to translating into reality. At least I've got the scrap practice one on the go.

Hah, why had I never though to make Tabitha a cat bed?! What a perfect use for fabric I can't think of any other use for. Just need to find some good foam for it...

In the meantime, I'll go cut up some more old clothes. Let the rest of my ideas simmer a bit.

Things I meant to do today but didn't: go to ballet class, scan stuff that needs scanning, write my last China post, finish going through my Kagoshima pictures.

In the hour or so before bed, maybe I can knock at least one of those off the list? *stares intently at Kagoshima pictures*
Me + camera + 8 1/2 hours of hiking in a forest = 12,908 pictures of moss-covered trees; 54,930 pictures of moss-covered tree stumps; 781 pictures of moss-covered rocks.

Okay, okay, slight exageration. I took approximately 1,100 pictures over the course of our five days in southern Kyushu, though only about 1,000 of the pictures made it back to Tokyo. Now I'm slowly going through them, but by my estimate, here is the general break down is (please imagine this as a pie chart):

53% -- pictures of trees, tree stumps, rocks (moss-covered or otherwise) and general foresty-ness
21% -- pictures of the sky, clouds and the ocean
12% -- pictures of various things of interest we saw, including several failed pictures of jellyfish
6% -- pictures of food that I ate
4% -- pictures of amusing signs, etc.
3% -- pictures of me or Sarah being dorky
1% -- miscellaneous

* * *

Right now, I'm thinking I want to curl up in bed with Tabitha, because it's Friday night and I'm an old lady! :D So maybe eating some chocolate isn't such a good idea.

Argh, I just remembered that I forgot to buy milk.

Oh, well. Maybe one day, I'll actually have something interesting to post about! I have ideas, I just need the time to get them out on paper, as it were.

With my sticker sheets, especially the travel posting one, I've come to a point where I'm doing it just for the sticker, and the reward sort of falls by the wayside. But I completed my second sticker sheet a while back, so I deserve some dessert! I will look through my dessert magazine and select a likely spot, then issue a general invitation. ^o^

* * *

Tabitha seems to have decided that instead of being bratty when I come back from travelling, she's going to be the most adorable cat ever. She just hopped onto my lap and spent several minutes purring and rubbing up against me. *melts* The fact that the weather's cooled considerably helps, as it's now open season on my futon, i.e. open season on whichever part of me is warmest.
This week's annoyances are:

- Having MSN Messenger continually crash on me (status: no longer a problem, as it was a "known error" and there was a fix for it);

- Not being able to find my Suica card. I used it Thursday when I took the bus home to come get my ballet things, but when I went out again for class, I used a different bag. I don't think I put it in my ballet bag, since I was going to be walking both ways, but now I can't find the card at all! It isn't in either bag, it doesn't seem to be lying around on the floor anywhere... I'd just put money on it, too. Bloh. Maybe it fell out of my bag at the studio? *fingers crossed*

Tabitha's been unusually affectionate since I got back. I was expecting some brattiness and hurt feelings on her part for having been gone for two weeks, but it's pretty much "Purr, purr, pat me, purr, brush me, love, purr, love, love," all the time, which is nice. <3 Maybe the heat has gotten to her furry little brain? XD


Jul. 17th, 2010 10:17 am
First up, some announcements:

Fireworks! Here is what's going on in Tokyo this summer. I can't do anything between the 31st of July and the 15th of August, but any takers for some of the other ones, maybe on the 29th? *hopeful*

Birthday! My birthday is the 17th of August, but I'll be working that day, and will have a ballet class afterward, so there will be no partying that day. However, I would like to get to the Tamagawa Fireworks on the 21st (Saturday). Those are my favourite fireworks (after the Edogawa ones, which are happening while I'm away), so I hope they're just as good this year!

Birthday, Take Two! Apart from the fireworks, I'd like to have my birthday celebration on the 29th of August (Sunday). So far, my idea is to have Greek food (or possibly Turkish or Moroccan, depending on what restaurants are to be found), and also purikura and maybe something else. Reserve that date for me, please! ^_^

Desserts! To reward ourselves for sticker sheets completed, Eda and I will be hitting up that fabulous dessert place in Ginza on the 24th of this month, probably around 6:30. Who wants to join us? :D

Heat )

Girl, I want to make you sweat )

Fruity individuals )

Smile if... )

Counting the days )

Wow, getting up early on weekends is great, it's only a bit after 10 and I feel I've done so much! Well, I haven't actually done much, it's just that I've gotten my daily tooling around the internet mostly done. Still, I've done laundry, am uploading photos for my next Travelpod post*, and last night I got fabric out for a (few) new project(s). Because I really need to start new things, when I'm in the middle of a bunch of others.

All right, time to get some sewing done, then I need to go over my budget (the next few months are going to be tight -__-;;;), then I'm going to see U-KISS in Nakano! Because Eda is awesome and got us tickets. <3

* Picture #666 from The Great Train Adventure is of... the giant reclining Buddha in Shimabara. I giggled.

ETA: Here's what Tabitha thinks of the heat. You can't make me move )
Here's the dress I finished on my way to Korea. Seriously, I spent the train ride to Narita sewing the straps, and finished those and added a hook and eye at the gate while waiting to board the plane. I completed it about five minutes before my seat section was called.

This picture is also a teaser for my account of Seoul, which I'll start posting to Travelpod tomorrow night. Here be a dress! )

And now, a challenge for you all: gratuitous Tabitha spam )
I'm not sure why, but these past few months have seen me feeling things more intensely. I've always been d'humeur égale, prone neither to extreme highs or lows of mood (not without a good reason, anyway), but today I've been full of so much love for everything that I feel warm and mushy and I just want to hug the world. I don't know if it was waking up to Tabitha being incredibly affectionate, cute and cuddly and purring like a tractor, but the rest of the day was lovely. I got up early to cook lunch and it turned out really well; I discovered my new favourite song* and beat my record time for walking to work; the kids were just so adorable and bright and funny today that I wanted to hug them and gnaw on their cute round cheeks forever; after work I met up with Eda and Jamie and we parked ourselves at Coco's to study (Korean for Eda, Mandarin for me) and draw (Jamie); I got home to a postcard that Jill sent me from Thailand, informing me that even the ladyboys have larger boobs than I do.

Well, if they didn't, I'd say that they'd really wasted their money!

* Lady Gaga's "Optimist" which I love and makes me stomp fiercely through the streets, mouthing the words.
[ETA: One more picture, which I forgot to include.]

When I manage to get to bed at a reasonable hour, it's a chore to drag myself out of it as early as I'd like. And then when I let myself go to bed later, planning on sleeping in, I'm wide awake at 6:20 and am unable to fall asleep again. Sigh.

Perhaps I shouldn't complain, because the reason I couldn't get back to sleep (in spite of Tabitha being warm and purry beside me) is because after yesterday, my brain is fired up and unable to stop.

I know I keep saying, "I'll post about this next time," and I really mean to, but oftentimes I don't, or it gets delayed indefinitely. Perhaps it's because I feel I don't want to be spammy and post long entries about stuff that others might not be interested in. I figure if I only post long entries once in a while, there's more chance they'll be read. ^_^; Anyway, I really want to write about creativity, and the whole creative process, because after a good creative week, yesterday was almost too much for my little mind to handle. Or maybe it was all the fabric fumes*. At any rate, Kimberly and Jamie are both very creative in very different ways, and it was a joy to spend the day bouncing ideas off other people, making stuff, talking about making stuff, and sort of casually brainstorming.

But first, as promised, pictures**! For pictures of Tabitha, my completed dress, my not-yet-completed dress, and miniature fruit, it's this-a-way: Also my chest -- go ahead and laugh, Jill! XD )

That's it for now, folks. I swear, within the week I will write about:

- Tenimyu
- creativity
- a really cool izakaya I went to in April
- OMG I'm going to Korea for a day! :D

* I'm somewhat allergic to the chemicals that are used at the end of the fabric-making process, which is one of the reasons I always wash my fabric before using it. Something that I've been working with must not have been washed, because I'm feeling distinctly asthmatic, which only happens when I'm with Siamese cats, or using fabric that's still factory-fresh. And I know it's not the damp, because even though it's been grey and drizzly, the air isn't damp enough to make my hair start to curl.

** And this is where I visit my Photobucket account and see that, hey, there are pictures and video I uploaded over a month ago that still haven't been shared with the world! -___-;


May. 25th, 2010 08:00 am
Have done something to my wrist to make it twinge again. And it had been doing so well! ;___;

Also, have still not completed the dress (but I've been working on it every day, so at least there's progress!); went to bed way too late; got up too late to do anything productive; will be getting home late tonight and will need to cook; have stupid blister on foot; have stupid zit on chin.

On the other hand, the weather has finally improved, and Tabitha loooooves the little catnip mouse I got her.

I really, really hope my co-teacher makes it to work today. -___-;
Friday, yaaay! v^o^v

Hmmm, cheesy dance music, I likes it.

Eda came over last night for sexy study times sexy hotpot times. And then I asked to be educated about Korean music (in preparation for our assault on Seoul), and we spent some time watching videos on YouTube and rolling around on the floor laughing at incredibly faggy Korean boy bands who are BEASTS and ANGSTY and wear HIDEOUS SHADES OF PINK to advertise cell phones.

Before we got to that, though, we witnessed the weirdest behaviour ever from Tabitha. I was showing Eda some pictures I took nearly three years ago, of G's cats and Tabitha, and while I was clicking through the pictures of Tabitha, the furball herself started staring intently at the screen. Her tail puffed up larger than I'd ever seen it go, but she kept it down, nearly between her legs as she crept toward the computer, one slow step at a time, her eyes fixed on the screen, totally ignoring our comments about how strangely she was acting, until she was half up on the computer desk. I was almost afraid she was going to attack the screen. It was so weird!

Did she recognise herself? Was she having some sort of existential crisis, thinking I'd captured a piece of her soul? I'd never seen a cat act like that. I've seen cats react to movement on a screen, such as birds or fish or squirrels, but never to still images. Even weirder, there were plenty of close up shots of her eyes or face, so it wasn't as though she was simply identifying a cat-like shape. Once I switched to pictures of the other cats, though, she completely lost interest and wandered off. o_O

I asked her about it today, but she just blinked slowly and looked away, purring. <3
Central Europe 2010 was incredible, and I'm predictably suffering from "But four days ago I was in PRAGUE, what am I doing back home?!" syndrome. Still, it's nice to be back in the land of good customer service!

I am currently in a net cafe and my keyboard's a and d keys both have issues. I would normally be at karaoke for the hour before my ballet class, except my internet is also having issues, and I may not be able to fix them tonight. We'll see if uninstalling and reinstalling the Flet's software does any good...

On the other hand, net cafe = free drink bar!

Apart from that, I landed in Tokyo yesterday morning at 9m after about 14 hours in transit and very little sleep, was home by 11:15 (Narita, you're doing it right! Don't ever change! Love, me), napped as best I could, then was at work at 2:30. I managed a decent amount of sleep last night, and felt more rested than I'd expected to this morning. But then I got to work and realised I'd forgotten my glasses at home.

So far, jet lag and I are tied one for one.

Tabitha was very happy to see me, and was, for the most part, an adorable purring furball who slept curled up by my side. She's started shedding in earnest, but she resisted the brush, and just wanted me to cuddle her last night.

Kimberly teased me today, saying I'd come back with a stronger Canadian accent. "You keep saying 'aboot'! " I think it's just because she hadn't heard me speak in nearly two weeks. XD

I haven't yet uploaded my pictures, but I have over 5GB, and there are a few I'm very pleased with. Although to tell the truth, one of the most awesome (er, well, maybe awesome isn't exactly the right word...) pictures is blurry and is one I didn't even take myself. Actually, I didn't even know it had been taken until the next morning, but it proves that I couldn't have asked for more caring brothers than the ones I have. Though I imagine my definition of "caring" in this case is perhaps not the same as everyone else's, unless you define it as "taking embarrassing photos of your sister". XDDD

Hmm, what else did I want to say? Oh yes, I bought postcards but didn't mail them, so they'll be stamped and postmarked in Japan.

Also, I really should take more time to read actual books again. I finished one during the trip and got well into a second, and it just reminded me how much I love the feel of a good book in my hands, and how big a chunk of my life has been spent reading.

Provided I get my internet connection working again tonight, there will be a post (part I of V, or possibly more) on Travelpod by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I suppose I'll USB it and come back here tomorrow after work.

I was asked to provide a zipped file of all the pictures from Easter, for those too lazy to manually save each one. So I made a .rar of ALL my pictures, plus some stolen from [ profile] lizstarsky's post, and [ profile] dilettantka's awesome Tabitha macros. There are all the shots I posted, of course, and plenty more silly ones, including a whole series of the "Tabitha reaching for YES!!" variety. The file is 541.94MB. Let me know if you want a download link!

* * *

Today has been absolutely glorious. I didn't set my alarm last night, and even when I woke up this morning (probably around 7:30 or so), I refrained from looking at the time, because I didn't need to get up! ^o^ I ended up sleeping until nearly 10, which I don't think has happened in ages. I think Tabitha was a little worried, to tell the truth.

It always seems to happen this way: on the days I let myself relax and tell myself I don't need to do anything, I wind up accomplishing more than I probably would otherwise. Today, this includes:

- 3 loads of laundry;
- chatting with my parents over Skype, which included laughing at my father because he and my brother have started studying German in view of our impending trip, and the book he has was published in 1938. "So, does it include useful phrases like, 'Shall we invade Poland tomorrow?' ";
- cleaning up the last dregs of Easter in the kitchen. I even scrubbed the backsplash and UNDERNEATH my gas range. No huge mutant roaches attacked me, to my great relief;
- making muck au thon* and eating it;
- giving Tabitha her first brushing of the season, with exciting results! Do not want. )
- posting to Travelpod (still waiting for pictures to upload...).

That's pretty respectable for a lazy day, wouldn't you say? And I still have the whole evening ahead of me!

* Muck au thon, as my parents jokingly called it, was something we often had when I was little because it's hard to find a cheaper meal to make than canned tuna mixed with mashed potatoes, and also it made me happy because I could drown it in ketchup. I don't remember how old I was when I separated the sounds in my head and realised that it literally meant "tuna muck". XD


Feb. 22nd, 2010 12:58 am
I'm back from Sendai! It was awesome -- and to cap it all off, I got home half an hour earlier than expected, YES! -- but it's late and I'm tired, so I'll just take a page from Masa's book blog and say 無事に終わりました!!, which is what he says in every single entry.

On Saturday, he added



Oh, Masa. XD

Actually, I ate 牛タン (gyuutan, a.k.a. cow's tongue) on Saturday as well, after... well, I'll write all about it tomorrow.

Before I forget, Eda: you know the fuzzy scrunchy thing that was in the little gift bag from you on your birthday? The one that I can't use because I am tragically lacking in hair? Tabitha thanks you for the lovely cat toy. ^o^
And now, because I haven't shared enough pictures for one night, and because the intarwebs have been demanding MOAR KITTEH PICSPAM, a brief interlude. )
Here be part one of a ???-part photodump, because I've got all these pictures accumulating that I should really share with people, especially the people appearing in said pictures. Here are some of the things that I've been up to so far in 2010, and it seems I've been a busy girl! I don't know how I've managed to do so much in less than a month and a half. @_@;;;

Actually, I meant to post this last night, but by 10:00 I was so exhausted that I couldn't keept my eyes open, so I made like a little old lady and went to bed. However, it wasn't until 11 or so that I finally fell asleep, because that's when Tabitha decided to finally stop being a pest and gave up running around and scratching at the walls and meowing, in favour of curling up beside me and sleeping the deep sleep of innocent babes and evil kittehs.

Tokyo Oedo Onsen, waaaay back at the beginning of January )

SYTYCD 5 Finale! )
Yesterday, in honour of American Thanksgiving, five of us made the perilous journey from Nishi-Tokyo to Chiba, to partake of chicken (lots of chicken), various vegetables (porn and peas! :D), mashes potatoes, stuffing, cranberries (in various states of solidity), and pie. Lots, and lots of pie. And cake.

Quote of the evening: "It's a basic human right to not look like Horio."

It's true. In fact, the people who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are kicking themselves right now, thinking, "How could we have forgetten the most obvious one?! DX"

In other news, I called in late for work because I just couldn't drag myself out of bed, and felt ready to keel over all day, culminating in a dizzy spell during my afternoon lesson that nearly had me calling over to my coworker, "Can you take over for a minute while I pass out?", but I couldn't get my voice to work, so I refrained. It passed after a moment, and I was all right after that.

Then I went a spent a bunch of money on gifts for my family. Mostly. Part of it was spent on The Coolest Belt Ever, which I can't wait to wear tomorrow! <3 And also a few cheap long-sleeved t-shirts, because layering is no longer a fashion statement, it's a must with the chill setting in. I'm glad I found some which are supposed to be long and kind of wide on tiny Japanese girls -- they fit my shoulders!

When I was in a menswear store getting stuff for my brothers, I was asked if I needed help finding a size. I'm wondering whether the clerk thought I was shopping for myself, because I was wearing a hoodie I bought at that very store.

When I came home, I had this glorious list of stuff to do, and set about doing it... but got mired in item #3, which was "prepare Christmas parcels for family". I had about a million things to separate into little bags, so it took longer than expected. That's my excuse for the dishes still languishing in the sink.

Tabitha is sitting on my lap, keeping warm. She'll no doubt complain when I make a move to get up...
But she did! Post pictures of adventures at the Vampire Café in her Travelpod, that is. Not technically travel, but it's a start. One step at a time.

* * *

It's just occurred to me that I'll soon be spending 4 days in Okinawa, and I need someone to look after Tabitha. Would anyone be up for the job? I'll be away from home from the morning of the 19th (Thursday) until late in the evening on the 22nd (Sunday). I'll leave plenty of food with her on Thursday, but she'll need to be checked on at least once, preferably twice before my return (say, Friday at some point and Saturday evening/Sunday morning). Is anyone up for the job? I will bring you back something strange and awesome from Okinawa! Or will repay you some other way, if you prefer. If any out-of-towners want to volunteer, you're quite welcome to spend the whole long weekend here, since Monday is a holiday. =^_^=

* * *

I'm giving everyone a great big advance warning that I am quite willing to host Christmas dinner! For those of you not fleeing Japan for the holidays, consider yourself invited for some Yuletide cheer at my place. My apartment gets cold and lonely in the winter, so help me warm it up!

Of course, before that, there is still American Thanksgiving [this being the .5 announcement, since it isn't really news] before that, so remember to join us chez [ profile] lizstarsky and [ profile] akahannah on the 29th of this month, if you're free and like to spend time eating with friends. ^_^

* * *

I bought a wig today. It's my first, unless you count the gold one I wore once in elementary school for Halloween and the horribly cheap black one I bought at some point in secondary school for... I can't even remember why I bought it, because I never used it for a costume, and probably only tried it on a couple of times.

This wig is awesome, though, and I just need to give it a cut and style it properly. And then find a cosplay occasion to wear it! Because unlike Laura and Tiffany, I didn't buy it to wear it around town. While I am thinking of changing my hair colour, it certainly won't be to ice blue!

So, what do you think? Can you see me as a redhead? A platinum blonde? o_O...
I don't know what it is, but I don't seem to be feeling the heat as much this year. Not that I'm complaining, if it makes it easier to sleep! Tabitha is complaining enough for both of us, anyway. @_@

Last night I remembered to tune in and watch 恋して悪魔 (ヴァンパイヤ ボイ) . I propose that it be renamed: Angsty Emo Vampire Boy and the Teacher Who Believes In Him tells you everything you need to know about the show. ^_^;

Speaking of angst, while I was waiting for K at ガスト this evening, I had time to surreptitiously observe a couple of high school kids at the table next to mine. For at least fifteen minutes, the pretty girl and the pretty boy said nothing, staring at the table and ignoring the plate of fries between them. The boy was sitting with his knees tucked under his chin, feet on the bench. The girl's eyes were red. When he got up and went over to the drink bar to refill his glass, she leaned her head against the divider, letting her hair fall over her face. The boy came back with his drink and they sat in silence for another minute or two before he suggested they leave. They split the bill.

And lastly, Crop circles are Chuck Norris' way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie down, and Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise. Because this always cracks me up.
Calling all the fine folks living in Japan:

I'm going home to Canada for two weeks in August, from the 1st to the 16th. As I can't take Tabitha with me, and I don't want to leave her cooped up in a pet hotel for such a long time, I need a petsitter. (And I also have a plant that needs watering.) Would any of you lovely people be willing to help a girl out, even if for only half that time?

If you're not a Tokyo resident, but you want to hang out where all the cool people are, then you've got yourself a free place to crash! If you live 'round these parts, I'll of course pay your train/bus fare, and if for whatever reason you want to camp out here, you're more than welcome to do so.

You'll have my eternal gratitude, as well as Tabitha's -- or as much gratitude as a cat can muster, at any rate. XD And I'll treat you to a really nice dinner, or whatever other form of compensation you deem appropriate.

Here, take a look at the cuteness and tell me you still don't want to take care of her: Princess Tabitha )

ETA: Forgot to specify that I live a 15-minute bus ride/30-minute walk from Kichijouji Station on the Chuo-Sobu line, which is 16 minutes from both Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Also, I have a large tv, if that makes any difference. XD
Is there anything more hilarious than watching a cat tweaking on catnip? Tabitha was trying her best to make sweet, sweet love to her cat tree, on which I sprinkled some earlier today, rubbing herself against it and gnawing on it and purring sweet nothings in its ear. Worth FAR more than the Y399 I paid for the little bottle of magical powder. Des heures de plaisir garanties!

This morning I woke up from a very vivid dream, and wrote down a few key words so I'd remember it later. My note to myself reads:

play skipped
Yangzi (?)
red candles
silver seals

"Play skipped" was something about me being back in university, taking a drama class (I'd be only slightly less likely to take an engineering class!) and skipping the day I was supposed to present because I'd suddenly realised I hadn't learned my lines! The other part of the dream had nothing to do with the first, and I was in China, trying to see those suspended coffins over the Yangzi -- but didn't the Three Gorges dam project wash those away? I'm sad I'll never get to see them -- which was much narrower than I'd expected*. There was a Chinese man I knew and a friend of mine, a woman I was travelling with, and the man showed us a protection spell (I think?) that involved us lighting a red candle that had several wicks running through it, making it vaguely tree-shaped. Once the candle was lit, we used a seal to make a mark on a paper that was covered with silver crests. My candle burned out, though, because the wicks were too short, and the man just laughed, saying that that was a sign I wasn't meant to marry a man. (Because I didn't suspect that already! XD)

I stayed in today, revelling in a lazy sort of day on my own. Chatted with my parents over Skype, ate Kraft Dinner, ate some mango KitKats. I did laundry -- I'm sure I've said it before, but to me there nothing more satisfying, household-chore-wise, than doing laundry: it requires little effort, and my clothes/bedding/fabric come out clean and fresh, and then they get to dry in the sun, and there's nothing better than freshly laundered, sun-dried clothing -- and lots of tidying up. I went through the ridiculous amount of PET bottles that had been accumulating, dropping them off at the supermarket's recycle centre (because who wants to wait for pick-up day?!), and restocked things like laundry detergent and カビハイター(I'm wondering if that's supposed to be "fighter"? ^_^). I even scrubbed the bathroom! I''ve been trying to vacuum as well, but Ion-kun has informed me that his union allows working no longer than 3 minutes at a stretch, so it's been a fits and starts sort of things. As of now, it's been 3 fits, and that's only covered the two rooms; the kitchen has yet to be tackled.

By far the most exciting thing that happened on this lovely Saturday is that I finally got myself a new set of wheels! The bike is silver, the brand is Fat Cat, and it promises to reflect my lifestyle of "nonchalance, noblenss [sic] and pride" XDDD Also, it was on sale, so I ended up paying less than Y15,000 for the bike, registration, a better set of tires, and a basket for the back. Now my only problem is disposing of my other two [useless and rusted beyond repair, respectively] bikes. There's a bus-station parking lot not too far away, so I may just dump them there under cover of darkness! *is stealthy like a ninja*

* Now that I think about it, the scenery was rather like what I saw in the Taroko Gorge in Taiwan last summer: steep marble cliffs and swift, narrow mountain rivers.



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