Instead of saying anything about today's hot topic, i.e. the death of Kim Jong Il, allow me to express the fact that my love for tenimyu will never die as long as stuff like this happens:

Possible spoiler? I don't remember this from the original Rokkaku musical, anyway: )

Excuse me while I die of laughter all over again. XDDD

I'll post more at length about it... eventually, as I've been meaning to post about the new (not so new any longer, I guess) tenipuri movie, tenipuri food at Namja Town, Dream Live 2011...
Know what's funny? This is. Also, this. Tears of mirth, people. Tears of mirth.

* * *

You know what I like? Seeing something I enjoy being improved upon. In this case, it was the reboot of tenimyu. What's good about it?

- they cut out the boring parts (i.e. Arai XDDD, and they fit Fudomine into half a show);
- they kept the good songs ("I'm always wiener", V.I.C.T.O.R.Y!, etc.);
- they vastly improved the choreography, or maybe it was just the fact that these guys can dance;
- an Echizen who transcended the script (bratty character made somewhat charming by acting age-apporpriate);
- the cast is adorable and THEY CAN ALL SING! :O

The last point cannot be overstated enough. Echizen and Tezuka were particularly good, and OMG@#$%@^ a Golden Pair that can sing*! Better than decently! *happydance* Both of them! It made their song soooo much more enjoyable.

As I said, the actors are adorable. I wanted to put them in my pockets and take them home with me. The ichinen trio were great, especially Katsuo; Kachiro basically acted like a seven-year-old girl, but girlier. Momo and Kaido were awesome, Fuji was pretty in spite of his horrible hair, Oishi was really sweet, Kikumaru was very bouncy, Taka was BAAANINGU!, Tezuka was a very good robot though his face (and head) seemed kind of large for his body. Kikumaru's head seemed a bit small for his body, but then again, he's all legs. (Of course, compared to the last Kikumaru, who had stubby little legs, anything would look longer, but still.) The only one I was slightly disappointed by was Inui. He wasn't bad, he just wasn't... Inui enough.

Fudomine actually has seven members now, though Tachibana still failed to interest me, except for his little pose at the end; Kamio was quite good, and Shinji had the oddest face -- he looks like a manga drawing come to life.

Leave it to Nanjiro to make a bad joke about cups... XD;

This was my first time seeing tenimyu from the first row, and from that close, the guys' perfectly smooth and hairless legs were at bit distracting. XD William and I joked about being able to see up their noses and count their nose hairs.

During the first half, the actors seemed to keep their eyes firmly fixed on the back of the room, but their gazes started to wander during the second half. Tezuka was singing to me at one point, and he waved at us during the final bows, as did several others. We were kind of hard to miss, four foreigners in the front row as we were!

They locked us in the theatre for a little while after the show so the actors could do their "junbi", that is get behind their little velvet rope, so we got to "Otsukare-sama" a few of the cast members as we filed out, including Ryouma (he's so cute! <3) but not, sadly, Tezuka. I was kind of hoping one of them would try out some English, but none of them did. XD

Really, the weirdest part of the show was how empty the hall seemed. We arrived at Seinenkan around 5:20 or so, and there were a couple of girls waiting outside. That was it. Once inside, it felt like a ghost town, especially when we got to our seats, and no more than 1/10th (if that) of the seats were occupied. It did fill up more, but I'd say the first floor only got to about 90% capacity, and there were only a handful of people on the balcony. I can understand why people who followed the musicals from the start have quit and aren't bothering with the new ones, but it's kind of a shame, given how entertaining this show was. I wasn't expecting the show to suck, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was, and definitely want to see what they'll do with the next one, which will have St. Rudolph AND Yamabuki mashed into one show. I can't help it, dancing tennis will never not be amusing to me. ^_^

* Maybe 3rd cast could? I don't remember, that's how much of an impression they made on me. ^_^; And 5th cast wasn't bad, they just weren't great.

* * *

I seem to have accomplished a whole lot of nothing today, apart from laundry, but I'm going out for a supper of sweets later on, so I suppose I should at least try to do something worthwhile while the sun is still up.
Dream Live 7th was over a week and a half ago, and I haven't said anything about it yet. Shock! Horror! Disbelief!

In keeping with the trend, I will start by explaining how tenimyu changed my life. It wasn't that I saw a show and BAM! I was in love, or that suddenly made me want to do, or become, or learn, something I'd never thought about before, but it set things in motion. Tenimyu and me, a story of (not really XD;) great BURNING PASSION! )

Fine, but what about DL7??? )

Thank you, tenimyu, for the crackiness and the fun times and the great friends I've made.

And that was the second of three promised posts! Will I get the last one done before I leave for Korea? *suspensesuspensesuspense* Who knows, but in less than 48 hours, I'll be in Korea! :D
Have started on the second season of Chinese Prince of Tennis, and it doesn't even have Chinese subs, so I'm even more lost! T.T Both the coach and her niece are played by new actresses. Haven't seen much of Xiao Lin yet (she got two whole lines this episode!), but the new coach is much younger. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen more of them, but I'm sad, because I really liked both of them.

The boys have much better hair, overall. Chun Long/Taka styles it up something fierce! Cheng Wu/Momo has discovered gel. XD Guo Guang/Tezuka has gone back to his natural black, which suits him much better -- he only looks 35, now, instead of 40. XD Zhen Zhi/Inui got highlights! Da Shi/Oishi has stopped combing back his bangs, thank god. Ju Wan/Eiji got a cut, and it's made a big difference (also, has he lost a bit of weight? His face doesn't seem as round); instead of looking cute, he looks kind of hot now.

Speaking of the Golden Pair, they still can't keep their hands off each other. And Da Shi is still so much Ju Wan's bitch that I actually spit tea all over my keyboard.

Oh, and we've had our first glimpse of Rikkai, I mean, Li Hai. They are badass. Sanada's cap is firmly in place! XD But the question is, does he still have a family rock?!

And speaking of family rocks, I kept forgetting to post one of the best jokes of the latest PoT musical, which wasn't actually in the musical itself.

The day I saw the show for the first time, I was heading to the theatre with Laura and Marianne. Marianne was telling us about bad fanfiction she'd read, including one story in which Sanada, suffering from unrequited love for Yukimura, who was dating Kirihara, had offed himself.

"Then Yanagi shows up, panting, on Yukimura's doorstep, and announces, 'Sanada just jumped off a bridge!' "

There was a beat of silence in the mostly-empty train car, then Laura said, perfectly deadpan, "Did he weigh himself down with the family rock?" XDDD

During the show itself, Marianne kept whispering comments to me everytime Sanada looked the least bit pissed off (i.e. everytime he was on stage). "Brb, gonna go jump off a bridge."
Herein lies the tragic, tragic tale of The Girl Who Felt Horrible at Tenimyu: sickness and gross stuff go here )

But enough about that, let's talk about fun things!

Yesterday, I bought a turkey! And Emily and I got our hair cut! I hope she posts a picture of her new do, because she looks adorable. Mine is shorter (not as short as the last cut, though) and my first colour experiment was a success! Not quite as dramatic as I was originally thinking, since it would have taken too long to do the full dye -- as it was, I slipped into the theatre after the show had started -- but lots of pale gold highlights on top. I like. The colourist seemed loath to do anything to my hair, though; she said it was "mottainai" since she liked my natural colour so much. This isn't the first time a Japanese hairstylist has said so, and now I'm wondering whether a) people here are actually trying for a used-to-be-blonde-but-isn't-anymore colour, and b) why anyone would aim for that colour to begin with. It's not a bad colour, it just... isn't very interesting.

Since I went short last year, I've been amusing myself in the mornings by comparing my bedhead to various tenipuri characters' coiffures. I've gone through the Eiji, the Oshitari Kenya, the Tezuka, and managed a passable Yagyuu; I fully expect to wake up with a Hiyoshi someday soon. XD

Speaking of things tennis-related, I saw the latest chapter of tenimyu twice this weekend. What did I think? )

All right, enough of that, I need to eat something. Also, I want to clean up my apartment some. At least that way, my day won't have been completely mottainai.
I'm going to do tenimyu lottery for Tokyo, 17th of December, for 3 tickets. Does anyone want to be the fourth? Speak now, or forever hold your peace. ^_^

In other news, yay, holiday tomorrow! It will be a day of productivity, I hope. At least I have yesterday to inspire me -- I didn't expect to get so much done! Rarely have I ever managed to cross so many things off a to-do list in a single day. So here's to more studying, more sewing, more organising, and more Project Runway!

Tabitha is being annoying, running around and meowing for no reason. Well, that's not really true, it's that she complains in code. She's thirsty? She sits by the front door and meows. She wants to be cuddled? She scratches at the wall in the other room. And when she runs around and jumps into the closet, shoots back out, mews at me, then runs away, that means... I still haven't figured out what that means, actually. @_@

I think I'll retire to my futon and read now.
Last Friday I took a night bus to Nagoya, all in the name of sparkly tennis. Of course, I took the opportunity to kick around the city on Saturday, saw some of the sights, then met up with Sarah after she got off work. She took me to the most wondrous kaitenzushi place ever, where you can not only grab stuff off the conveyor belt, as usual, but you can order from a touch screen, and they send you your order on a second, special conveyor belt -- by shinkansen. God, it was amazing. God, I am easily amused. XDDD She also showed me Shinesman, which is this hilarious, obscure little OVA from ages ago about a team of sentai-wannabes who work at a - duh dah daaaaan! -- TRADING COMPANY! I would totally join their team. You think I could be Shinesman Periwinkle?! I would go perfectly with Moss Green and Salmon Pink! ^o^ Then on Sunday morning, she told me all about the "Two guys, one suit, OMG they're soul-bonding!" show that I'd missed because I was sleeping.

Now, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my thoughts on the newest chapter in the tenimyu saga, so here it is. Or rather, here are the notes that I took yesterday. Before you read this, though, know that after the first show I saw, I was rather disappointed by what seemed to be lackluster songs in general. However, after seeing it after they've been doing it for a while, the guys came across as much more relaxed, and their voices were much stronger. Overall, this show is more solid than I gave it credit for. And since they have ALL of Shitenhouji there, it can't help from being kind of awesome, right? click here for much silliness )

And that's all, folks. Overall, I was very pleased by the Nagoya show, as it was better all around. Stronger singing (especially from Rikkai!), better interplay, much more settled. I didn't get all the stares from the stage I got in Tokyo (prolonged eye-contact with Masa, for instance, and a hilarious double-take by Shiraishi when he was taking his bow), but I got them when the boys ran down the aisles.

I must admit I'm curious to see the Rikkai support cast, but... but it doesn't include Masa! *waaah* I'd say that new Yagyuu isn't as pretty as Baba, but who cares, he barely does anything this show anyway. XD
I have an extra ticket for The Final Match Rikkai First, Sunday 6 September, Nagoya, 12:00 show, row 15.

Is anyone interested? If no one answers... I guess I'll try selling it at the venue! ^_^ (Posted to tenipuri_myu as well)
As promised (a long, long time ago...), here are my thoughts on Dream Live 6th. In bullet form, copied directly from my Hawaii journal, since I wrote them down on the flight. For me, the show was:

- Silver Pair synchro fail (baka pair win?!)
- Tezuka & Sanada can sing
- Shitenhouji are ravers at a gay disco!
- Yuuji = sparkly crop top
- Higa with leis
- Yakiniku battle
- Ichinensei get a little song
- High school uniforms: sequined badges, WTF Fuji?! (Mao with polka dot tie!)
- Still like A Shiraishi better (B not feeling the ekusutaji~~ quite so much)
- Flying Taka!
- 5th Horio really, really short*
- Koori no emperor & Hyoutenka no jounetsu medley
- B Gakuto SO MUCH CUTER with that wig
- Hardly any talk at all compared to DL5 (perhaps they had less rehearsal time after Shitenmyu's super long run?)
- Luke C. needs to learn to pack his junk better. >_<
- "Do Your Best" & "Kimi to nakama de/Good Combination" blast from the past
- Can't remember what had me screaming "OH MY GOD! D:"

I still can't remember what had me yelling, but when I get my hands on the DVD and watch it, it will hopefully come back to me. ^_^

* I think he must be going through a growth spurt, because when I saw him on stage on Friday, he didn't seem that short anymore. Does anyone care about him enough to confirm/deny this?

And here's what my brother thought! I was very proud of him for wearing his (my) kirakira mitt and waving his (my) light stick around just like everyone else, though he had but a minimal understanding of what was going on, having only watched the anime up to the end of the Hyoutei arc. His comments:

- I didn't understand anything
- I was surprised at how many people had light sticks
- I felt tall
- The screaming was insane
- Everyone seemed to really like the guy in yellow [Sanada]
- The parsimonious use of pyrotechnics was a bit strange [my brother's way of saying that he didn't expect random fireworks at a musical about tennis XD]
- There was lots of energy, but I still didn't understand anything

And there you have it, folks. Tomorrow (possibly), my Very Silly Review of the newest show. I'm half-tempted to once again transcribe it as is, random Japanese included. :D

Home again

Aug. 1st, 2009 11:37 pm
I am on Canadian soil! :D

M-P and A-L (+ Tronche, who I'd never met before, but is living with A-L now, so I'd better get to know him fast! XD) were at the airport to pick me up. Surprisingly, I didn't tear up when I saw them! I blame my fatigue and the fact that all the liquid I've ingested over the past few days has gone toward keeping my sinuses nice and stuffed. Oh yeah, was that ever fun times on the plane... :P

So far, I've distributed gifts and KitKat bars to an appreciative audience, and showed A-L some tenimyu videos on Youtube. Hey, she asked what all the fuss was about! ^.^

I've been promised dim sum for breakfast. Heeeeee! :D :D :D

A-L's condo is super nice, and did you know that nights here are not hot and humid? They're not hot and humid! I've got a wonderfully cool breeze blowing on me. And now I think I'd better get to bed.

Tomorrow I'll try to post my tenimyu thoughts. ^____^ Special sneak preview:

Shitenhouji rules. Period.
So, tenimyu lottery! I'm going for 30th of July in Tokyo, and [ profile] later_uk, [ profile] umbrellaofdoom and [ profile] kurayamihimitsu want in, right? I'll do that tonight.

For Nagoya (which will be while I'm away, I believe, so I'll have to get someone to do it for me, but I'll be going for the Saturday evening show), I have [ profile] xelloss_poo and [ profile] later_uk. Anybody else?
The roomie is down to his final week in Japan, and he craves meat, so we're going to eat sukiyaki in Shibuya, probably Thursday evening (could be moved to another time, on the weekend, say, if other people want to come too). Anyone want to join us? ^_^

Got my tenimyu numbers, now to decide on when I'm going! For Tokyo it'll be either the 30th or the 31st, depending on when I leave for Canada (I'll get on that tomorrow, Ah needs mah ticket!), and of course there are always other cities, right? I was thinking Nagoya (weekend of 4-6 Sept.), since I've never been there. Who wants in on my bid for Tokyo? Who wants to visit Nagoya with me? :D
Fabric for kirakira mitts has been cut. Sewing to be done... soon. By Thursday. Final price will be Y1000 each, which is a steal, because that's Y700 cheaper than the official ones, and these ones will be made of awesome and contain 150% more gay! 8D

For those of you I won't be seeing at the show Sunday, or who want them for Saturday (because I know some people are going to more than one show... @_@), how shall I get them to you?
I'm going to be timely for once, and post pictures on the actual day they were taken! Shh, let's pretend it's not yet past midnight.

A large number of people came over today, and we prepared and consumed a large quantity of food! I managed to give away lots of clothes that I no longer wear (much better than throwing them out!) and there was discussion of boobs, specifically about how some people have them and some don't. Well, I do, they're just... stealthy! Like ninjas. Or something. ^_^ At any rate, we laughed a lot about a lot of things.

We even invited Masa to share a drink with us. Take a look! )

We also watched the shiny Shitenhouji DVD that I picked up yesterday, and there was much laughter when, at the end, the camera kept lingering on the guys who were crying. [ profile] lizstarsky, I want that video! :D And everyone else who was there, if you took pictures, post or send, please? *grabby hands*

If Easter dinner is always this much fun, I want to do it every year!
Last night I saw a very weird play that involved Kane prancing around in white tights, and I was possibly cured of my life-long aversion to asparagus by eating it on pizza tonight, but that's not important right now. I have a request and a couple of offers:

1) I'm going to be having my whole family and then other guests stay with me, starting on 25th April, and I only have two air mattresses. I need two more. Does anyone have a spare or two that I could borrow for a month or so? Also, possibly a sleeping bag.

2) I plan to help [ profile] puzzlepiece try to acquire a Dream Live 6 ticket by way of Loppi; since I got my lottery tickets, I'm all set, but I thought I'd offer to share the love. If anyone else is interested in a ticket for the 2 o'clock show on the 2nd (Tokyo), let me know, and I'll add you on the bid whenever general sale opens up. 3 spaces left!

3) The most important announcement of all: I already have a Seigaku kirakira mitt, but I only have two hands, and that's not enough to represent my love for all the schools. Therefore, I want to make myself a multi-coloured, multi-school kirakira mitt of awesome, i.e. a mitt with a stripe in each school's colour. So it'll be:

Seigaku: royal blue
Fudomine: black (with a slash of magenta? XD)
Yamabuki: medium/pine green
St. Rudolph: brown
Hyoutei: sky blue
Rokkaku: red
Rikkai: (hideous) mustard yellow
Higa: purple
Shitenhouji: lime green

(Did I miss anyone?) Damn right it's going to look like a gay pride glove! :D

Anyway, since it will require very little fabric of each colour, I'll have plenty to make other gloves, if any of you should be interested in joining me in my silliness and splitting costs. Any takers? :D

ETA: OMG, should I make one for my brother and force him to wear it?! *dies of laughter at the thought*
Guess who got 4th row tickets to Dream Live 6?

Typo of the week: instead of typing "Always King Rikkai", I typed "Always Kind Rikkai". Because, you know, they're kind and gentle souls. XD

Tabitha didn't appreciate me holding on to her and bopping around to Hawksley Workman. I'll have to work on her music appreciation, it seems.
Merry Christmas, everyone! *<[:)

I got books from my family, and Tabitha got a little toy that's made her go insane. More insane than she usually gets, anyway.

Last night was tenimyu! :D )

That's all for now, I have to get ready for Christmas brunch!
Tabitha LOOOOOOOVES the heater. I was sitting on my futon with a blanket over my legs while I watched tenimyu, the space heater turned toward my lap (to keep my hands warm while I knitted, of course!) and within two minutes, Tabitha was firmly ensconced on my thighs. Kitty heaven! She didn't move at all during the whole myu, even when I was fumbling to top up my tea, or even when I couldn't stop giggling at the video of Tezuka looking soulful on a tennis court in Germany Kyuushu.

My (very, very loose) translation of the Match of Love:

Oishi: Eiji, don't mind! You're awesome no matter what you do!
Eiji: Oishi, I love you so much! <3
Shishido: What the hell, I thought they couldn't possibly get any gayer than they already were!
Ohtori: You're right, Shishido-san, that is pretty gay!
*Synchro happens*
Shishido: What faggotry is this?!?
*Seigaku's Golden Pair loses*
Eiji: What happened? All I could see was Oishi!
Oishi: I remember it being match point, and then... It was like the earth moved! It was incredible! Eiji, I love you!
Eiji: I love you, too!
Shishido: Goddammit! Save the gay-ass sparkling for off the court!
How To Be A Rockstar At An All-Girls Middle School In 3 Easy Steps:

1. Cultivate an interest in anime, musicals based on anime, or Japanese boy bands.

2. Collect related phone straps or charms and display them proudly.

3. Sit back and wait for the squealing to begin.

It was pretty hilarious. The first part of my morning was games and conversation in the classroom (I had a grade 9 group), so they asked me basic questions about what foods I liked, which actors, which tv shows... When I brought up テニスの王子様, and pointed out the tenipuri bling on my purse, I got questions about who my favourite character was (one group in particular seemed to find it vastly amusing when I answered, "Ooishi!"), and then when I said the magical word "musical" and said I had seen Hyoutei A on stage and was going on Christmas eve, I got some really excited shrieks and "Ii na~~~~!"

My phone (which has about 394590 Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin straps hanging from it) also generated quite a buzz. I took it out to show the girls pictures of my cat, and was suddenly surrounded by girls pawing at the straps, wanting to know, "Dare? Dare???" and exclaiming, "Ah! Kenshin! Yuu Yuu Hakusho da yo!"

The second half of the morning had all the grade 9 girls gathered in the gym for free conversation, and as soon as I set foot inside, two of the girls from earlier appeared, dragging friends along behind them, to introduce us tenimyu fans to each other. After I'd gotten a picture with all of them, I mingled with other students and, regular as clockwork, each time I produced my phone or showed off my purse, there would be a collective squeal. I really wonder what the other participants thought was going on in my corner...

All in all it was a fun morning, and the girls were so adorable when trying to share their excitement with me. A couple were shyer in the group, but came up to me afterwards to ask me about which other series I liked, and one girl in particular was almost hyperventilating, she was so wound up.



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