Today was packed, to make up for my Saturday of Doing Nothing.

First, I headed out to my old 'hood, i.e. Asakusa, to get in my yearly plum blossom picture fix. If I'd gone last week, I would have gotten more of the five-petal white blossoms I love so much, the ones with the strongest fragrance, but then I wouldn't have had the shocking brightness of that one tree that flowers deep magenta. Next week the pale pink ones will be at their peak.

Next, I went back to the Shrine of Literature, only to find that most of the blossoms were done, save for a few later-flowering trees. There were people selling plum bonsais, and you're sorely mistaken if you think I was not very, very tempted to buy one for myself. Only the thought that I'd have to carry it around Tokyo all day stopped me; if I'd been coming directly home, one of those trees would have made the journey with me.

I met with Jill and Erynn in Shibuya (for real this time, and there was no crazy running around like in my dream). While I was waiting for them at Hachiko, and old guy with a cigarette shuffled up to a spot a couple of metres away from me, mumbling to himself. I ignored him, and he wasn't really looking at me anyway, but then he started to do these weird movement like he was trying to dance and it was very strange. Everyone around was staring at him but not staring, you know, the way Tokyo people do. XD

We had Chinese food for lunch, which is why I still smell of Chinese food*, and afterwards went down to Mandarake to look for porn highbrow literature, and ended up squealing over adorable Jirou, Ohtori and Shishido books. We also saw the most bizarre spelling ever for Jirou: Jirrow. O_O

I didn't have a ticket to Altar Boyz, but Jill suggested I tag along in case they were having a lottery, and am I ever glad I did! I stood in the toujitsuken line and was given number 70, and I'm fairly certain they didn't go past 75, because once I finally made it up to the ticket table, I got one of the last standing-room tickets, and there only looked to be two or three seated ones left. I was standing at the very back (because Japan is not only the land of assigned seating, it is the land of assigned STANDING! :D), but still had a good view of the stage, and it's not as though the room was very big anyway.

And the show, oh the show! So damn funny. I didn't get all the jokes (especially what was going on when the guys were reading out some of the confessions from the box, mostly because they were laughing so hard and it wasn't scripted, so it was harder to follow), but there were some points where I was cracking up at things that went over Japanese audience's heads.

[ profile] dilettantka already wrote a far better review than I ever could (and that review was the final push, after having Jill bug me about it for a week, that convinced me to go, so thank you! ^_^), but here are some of my favourite bits, and our Close Encounter of the Altar Boy Kind: Altar Boyz! )

If you missed the show, they're coming back in the autumn of 2010! That was their big surprise senshuuraku announcement.

* The only drawback I can think of to eating at a Chinese restaurant is that the smell goes home with you.
Today I saw a play with Jill and Laura, and it turns out it actually has a name: 罠 (wana: trap, snare). Up until now, we'd been calling it "the Kazuki play". XD What? He plays the lead role!

Wana )

That's it for me, I'm off to sleep.
I still haven't written about Samurai 7, have I? A few things. )

* * *

Artistic ventures )

* * *

This morning, I beat Jorudan's predictions. It was giving me two time options to get where I was going; the arrival times were 25 minutes apart, so I thought, "There has to be a faster connection than that!" And there was, and I made it, with 20 seconds to spare. I was the green and grey blur racing through Shibuya at 8:30. ^_^

I spent much of today in the studio, because I am a movie star! Coming soon to a theatre near you! )

Also, my screen name is Adele Robinson, because I had to go back to my grandmother's maiden name to find one that wasn't German/Austrian or French, i.e. that would be easier for the Japanese teachers to understand. And that sounded, you know, English.

* * *

Date #2 with Karaoke Guy tonight. V. gentleman-like. Still have not gotten laid. )

* * *

That... turned out much longer than I thought it would.
I won't steal Becca's thunder, since she's not home yet to flail about it, so all I'll say about the play (ファミリア) is that I don't care what their real names are, the Sparkle Twins will always be the Sparkle Twins to me. \@v@/

Go Go Sparkle Power!

ETA: Also, Go Go Pocket Sprite!



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