This week has felt like three weeks rolled into one, so am I ever glad it's over! I'm not sure whether my sore throat is Kimberly's fault (she's been coughing for a week) or the karaoke's fault, but either way, I don't have to talk tomorrow, so who cares?

Eda and I had planned to meet up tonight. I wavered between wanting to go get quickly drunk on half-price happy hour drinks, or singing, but singing won out. I sang in Mandarin, she sang in Korean, and then we repaired to Coco's for food. Our original plan of getting dessert was postponed because we weren't hungry anymore, so we'll have to go out to a dessert porn place soon to get our fix. Mmm, delicious desserts...

Here are the daily memes. Incredibly, the month is almost over! How did that happen?!

Trains )

My fears )


Jul. 17th, 2010 10:17 am
First up, some announcements:

Fireworks! Here is what's going on in Tokyo this summer. I can't do anything between the 31st of July and the 15th of August, but any takers for some of the other ones, maybe on the 29th? *hopeful*

Birthday! My birthday is the 17th of August, but I'll be working that day, and will have a ballet class afterward, so there will be no partying that day. However, I would like to get to the Tamagawa Fireworks on the 21st (Saturday). Those are my favourite fireworks (after the Edogawa ones, which are happening while I'm away), so I hope they're just as good this year!

Birthday, Take Two! Apart from the fireworks, I'd like to have my birthday celebration on the 29th of August (Sunday). So far, my idea is to have Greek food (or possibly Turkish or Moroccan, depending on what restaurants are to be found), and also purikura and maybe something else. Reserve that date for me, please! ^_^

Desserts! To reward ourselves for sticker sheets completed, Eda and I will be hitting up that fabulous dessert place in Ginza on the 24th of this month, probably around 6:30. Who wants to join us? :D

Heat )

Girl, I want to make you sweat )

Fruity individuals )

Smile if... )

Counting the days )

Wow, getting up early on weekends is great, it's only a bit after 10 and I feel I've done so much! Well, I haven't actually done much, it's just that I've gotten my daily tooling around the internet mostly done. Still, I've done laundry, am uploading photos for my next Travelpod post*, and last night I got fabric out for a (few) new project(s). Because I really need to start new things, when I'm in the middle of a bunch of others.

All right, time to get some sewing done, then I need to go over my budget (the next few months are going to be tight -__-;;;), then I'm going to see U-KISS in Nakano! Because Eda is awesome and got us tickets. <3

* Picture #666 from The Great Train Adventure is of... the giant reclining Buddha in Shimabara. I giggled.

ETA: Here's what Tabitha thinks of the heat. You can't make me move )
Happy Canada Day! v^o^v

All right, so here's the deal for Sunday: the majority of the replies I've received have been in favour of the water park, so let's start praying for good weather! The Edogawa Pool Garden is on the Tozai Metro line, near Nish-Kasai station. It's pretty lame by water park standards (one slide, lazy river, a couple of waist-deep pools) but it's CHEAP -- only Y500! It opens at 9 a.m., but how about aiming for 10 so that we can secure a spot for our stuff?

Also, there's an El Torito at the station, as well as a Baskin-Robbins. Kimberly and I were thinking of doing late lunch/early dinner, to avoid the meal-time rush (if there is such a thing at Nishi-Kasai? XD), so I guess anyone who doesn't want to go to the water park could meet up with us around mid-afternoon for eats.

How does that sound? Comments? Suggestions? Death threats?

* * *

In other news, Eda and I have gone kind of sticker crazy. At least it's a rather tame form of? XD More on that later, must go to work now.
Dream Live 7th was over a week and a half ago, and I haven't said anything about it yet. Shock! Horror! Disbelief!

In keeping with the trend, I will start by explaining how tenimyu changed my life. It wasn't that I saw a show and BAM! I was in love, or that suddenly made me want to do, or become, or learn, something I'd never thought about before, but it set things in motion. Tenimyu and me, a story of (not really XD;) great BURNING PASSION! )

Fine, but what about DL7??? )

Thank you, tenimyu, for the crackiness and the fun times and the great friends I've made.

And that was the second of three promised posts! Will I get the last one done before I leave for Korea? *suspensesuspensesuspense* Who knows, but in less than 48 hours, I'll be in Korea! :D


May. 15th, 2010 04:01 pm
Still no internet at home, and I am mightily vexed. So here I am in the net cafe again, drinking melon soda. At least this time the keyboard is decent, though the mouse is kind of lame.


Got a post up on Travelpod at least! Next I'm off to a ballet class, the third in as many days, because I have to use up my dance card if I don't want to have wasted money on it. My legs are already feeling it today, so tomorrow's going to be fun! XD;

Kimberly and I went to a burger place in Harajuku for lunch, though we nearly gave up because the map we had was so bad. We finally asked for directions in a shop where, according to the map, the burger place ought to be, and the guy's comment of, "Hn, that seems to be a popular spot!" led us to believe we weren't the first to have done exactly that! It turns out the restaurant was nowhere near there, but we found it, and I had a lamb burger, so all was right with the world again. :D

It's frustrating to have been away for nearly two weeks, and still not be able to catch up on lj properly. I've read back most everything, I think, but haven't been able to comment much. Maybe this evening I'll finally get my connection working after I talk to costumer support. Their helpline is only available from 9 to 9, and I've been getting home too late for that.

I still haven't finished unpacking, though I did get all my laundry done, and I really need to clean my apartment. Let's see if I can muster some energy for that tonight...
This morning, I received what is probably my favourite email, ever. Someone (not someone I know, or at least I hope!) commented on a picture on my Travelpod. A picture I took and posted over 4 years ago. They said: you look not so good.

It's not even a picture of me! XD

* * *

I've been busy lately, and there are about a thousand things I want to share with you all, but for now, I just need to write a bit about what I did on Saturday, since I haven't laughed so much in a long time. In fact, it's probably illegal to have so much fun helping a friend move, so shhh, don't tell the authorities!

Anyway, Jill and I helped Eda move from Nakano to Nippori, because she decided she no longer wanted to be part of the West Tokyo Crew. ;__; I'd reserved the van from 11:30 to 9:00 and in spite of the rain*, we made fantastic time, getting the move done in just 2 trips, with a long break for lunch at Coco's, during which we helped Eda work out some details for the doujinshi she's going to draw. Seriously, it's going to be the best thing ever. Come on, admit it, you've always wanted to see the tenipuri boys on ice! XDDD

Jill and I are going to start our own moving company, Gaijin Girl Movers. I'll handle the driving and the logistics (what goes in the van when, etc.), and Jill will guard the van, pack the stuff in and assemble any furniture that needs assembling. Our motto? Yudan sezu ni ikou, bitches!

The navigation system in the van had us using surface streets the whole way, and traffic was surprisingly light. I got to honk at a twit on a bicycle who was in the middle of my lane and wearing earphones. We all misread Gokokuji as "Gekokujou", and somehow, each time, the 50-minute drive seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

The first time I turned into the little street that leads to the even littler alley where Eda now lives, a purple-haired obaasan was selling vegetables from a truck, and her customers were blocking the road. I inched the van forward, waiting for them to get the hint and move out of the way already, and was given the dirtiest look I think I've ever received, courtesy of ol' pickled nasu face lady. Then, as Jill and I were running things into the building, we "met" one of Eda's neighbours, who will ever be Mr. Disgruntled to me. I mean, if you were about to go out, and a girl were struggling to get two unwieldly pieces of furniture up the step, you'd probably offer her a hand, if only so you could get to your shoes faster, right? Not this guy; Sourpuss just stood there, staring, as Jill finally got the pieces of the bed up from the genkan.

Once everything was inside, we helped Eda at least clear some space on her floor. Jill set to work assembling things, helped by Eda's Tool Bag of Manliness, and I piled things up in the corner. We did pretty good work, and since we had to get the van back from whence it had come, we opted for dinner in Nakano. An izakaya beckoned, and it was with great amusement that we watched Eda get tipsy on practically no alcohol at all! I actually had the most to drink of all of us, since Jill gave me her first drink, as she didn't like the taste.

It's a shame I didn't have my camera with me, but I didn't want to have to carry anything around, so here are some crappy shots from my phone. Click! )

* Note that I am more than happy to help a friend move by driving the van, but I seem to bring bad weather with me the first time 'round. With Jamie it was hail, with Becca it was a downpour, this time it was miserable drizzle. But the second time with Jamie, it was a gorgeous, sunny day. Second time's a charm? ^.^
Last night I watched some figure skating with Eda, and it was interesting to watch it with someone who actually knows about technique! I can tell if a jump looks good or not, and I'm great at complaining about the between-jumps bits being boring, and making fun of the costumes (ugh, that neon green monstrosity with the sideways bow, DIE!), but that's about it. And Eda confessing her secret desire to be a large Russian figure skating coach wearing a huge fur coat and lots of bling totally made my evening. <3

This morning, I suddenly had a violent, inexplicable craving for poutine. I could practically taste it! I almost want to go out and find a Becker's, though their poutine is but a pale imitation of the real thing...

Mmm, speaking of cheese, I'm very excited to be going to Europe for my annual family Golden Week vacation*. Because you know what they have in Europe? CHEESE! Lots and lots of delicious cheese. And I will eat it all. :D

First up on the Get Stuff Done! project, I'm going to give myself a sticker for every picture post, either livejournal or Travelpod. I would also give myself one for getting to bed before midnight, but seriously? Pfffffft! Like that's ever going to happen! XD

So here's for a sticker, for my yet-to-be-created sticker sheet! ^o^

Out and about )

Speaking of the Berry Café, I can't for the life of me find my card for a free slice! It is most vexing. I've been through all my papers twice, and I still can't find it. I'll try one last time tomorrow, since the card expires this weekend, but I'm afraid it might have accidentally gotten mixed up with papers to be recycled. If so, it's long gone... -__-;;;

Next picture post will feature the fifty seven desserts I consumed in Yurakucho a couple of weeks ago.

* Ten days, starting in Vienna and ending in Berlin, with stops in Prague and any other place that strikes our fancy in between! Gotta get me an international driver's license so I can get us to those in-between places. I'm excited!

Snow! ^o^

Feb. 16th, 2010 11:43 pm
I celebrated Valentine's Day marathoning movie/television adaptations of the works of Jane Austen with [ profile] nekonezumi, [ profile] akahannah, [ profile] lizstarsky and [ profile] later_uk. Pictures will come at a later date. ^_^

In the meantime, in honour of the snow that may or may not fall tonight, here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago, when I awoke to a very unusual sight. Snow day! )

In case anyone was wondering about my back, there is now a hole in it, where the mole used to be. It's smaller than the mole was, since it's mostly healed, but the skin hasn't closed up completely yet. It'll probably take a few more days, maybe a week. It doesn't hurt at all (good!) and I can take normal showers again, and apart from covering it up for ballet class (went back tonight after over two weeks away, let's see how Inui-sensei's new stretching exercises leave me feeling tomorrow! XD), I can go about my life as though nothing had happened.
I may have said this before, but I love my new camera. Whole-heartedly, passionately love it. <3

A couple of weeks ago, I looked up one morning on the way to work, and spring had come! ^o^ )

On the 30th of January, I met up with Jill and Andrea in Shinagawa for some karaoke. Everything seemed normal until I went to the washroom (for the second time) and noticed the warning on the door. D: )

After singing our little hearts out, I met up with some fellow food-lovers near Omotesandou and hit up a restaurant that specialises in eel. NOM! )

While the eel was certainly very tasty, we weren't quite full, so we headed off in search of dessert in Harajuku. And what do you eat in Harajuku? Damn right! )
One thing I did last month was attend the Tokyo International Quilt Festival, held annually at Tokyo Dome. I'd been in 2007 and 2008, but had missed it last year. Overall, I don't think there were quite as many stand-outs as the other times I'd been, but there were still some very beautiful things to be seen. I appreciated the trend of using sparkly or sequined fabrics, of which there weren't so many in previous years.

Be warned that I didn't edit these pictures in any way, so I apologise for the poor framing of some of the shots! Here be crafty stuff. )
Here be part one of a ???-part photodump, because I've got all these pictures accumulating that I should really share with people, especially the people appearing in said pictures. Here are some of the things that I've been up to so far in 2010, and it seems I've been a busy girl! I don't know how I've managed to do so much in less than a month and a half. @_@;;;

Actually, I meant to post this last night, but by 10:00 I was so exhausted that I couldn't keept my eyes open, so I made like a little old lady and went to bed. However, it wasn't until 11 or so that I finally fell asleep, because that's when Tabitha decided to finally stop being a pest and gave up running around and scratching at the walls and meowing, in favour of curling up beside me and sleeping the deep sleep of innocent babes and evil kittehs.

Tokyo Oedo Onsen, waaaay back at the beginning of January )

SYTYCD 5 Finale! )


Jan. 1st, 2010 04:43 pm
Clearly, I should not be allowed to take trains on my own after having been out all night.

Last Saturday, I went out for all-night karaoke with Hannah and Eda. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but by the time Eda and I got on the Chuo at Tokyo Station, I was crumbling with exhaustion, I was cold, and my feet hurt. It was only just after 5, and since I couldn't remember at what time the buses from Kichijouji started, and didn't want to shell out for a taxi from the station, I pondered my options.

"Would it be really pathetic if I just rode the train all the way to Takao and then back?" I asked Eda. "At least then it would be late enough that I know the buses would be running." Eda laughed at me.

[Those of you unfamiliar with Tokyo's Chuo-Sobu line can use this handy map, the relevant portion being the orange line running east-west in the centre-left of the map, specifically between Shinjuku and Hachiouji.]

We chatted a bit, then fell asleep. Well, I did at any rate. Eda shook me awake to say bye when she got off a few stops before my station, but I went right back to sleep, having decided to ride the train for a while more. I awoke at Hachiouji, figured it was a good place to change directions, then got on an east-bound Special Express, a.k.a. The Train That Does Not Stop At Kichijouji, but that was okay, I'd just change at Mitaka! Woke up just as we pulled into Mitaka, crossed the platform and hopped onto a regular train, sat down, and was asleep within seconds.

I woke up in Ogikubo.

As a peace offering, Tokyo offered me a beautiful golden morning with a clear view of Mt. Fuji between the buildings as I rode back west. I finally reached my station at around 7:15, and learned from the schedule posted at the bus stop that there are numerous buses between 6 and 7, even on Sundays. I'm pretty sure some have been added recently, but oh, well. Now I know.

This morning, after a night out to celebrate the dawn of 2010, I stood, undecided, on the Sobu platform at Akihabara. Should I wait for a Mitaka-bound train? No, I finally decided, I'd take the next train, which was only going to Nakano, and hop onto a Chuo once there. I had a nice nap, woke up blearily as we pulled into Nakano, then stumbled through the station to another platform and ran onto a yellow-striped [i.e. Sobu] train. I sank onto a seat just as the doors were closing, then chanced to glance up at the scrolling sign above the doors.

Next stop, Higashi-Nakano! *facepalm*

At least at Higashi-Nakano I couldn't make the same mistake, as there's but a single platform.

The sky was once again wonderfully clear, and this time I had my camera with me. I love my new baby. )
Gentle reminder: post-JLPT celebration starts at Berry Café in Ginza! Let's meet at Ginza Station exit C8 at 4:00 or so. Will later move on to a yet-to-be-determined drinking establishment. Who's coming? Comment or text me!

Last night, Eda and I indulged our sparkle fetish fine appreciation for things of a sparkly nature. :D Here be a concert review: )

I just finished a last-minute practice test (the 2004 one, specifically) with a result of... 56%. And that was in sub-optimal conditions, with Tabitha alternating between running around and being evil and then being cute and demanding attention, so the result may be slightly skewed, though I guess my exhaustion balanced out my lucky wild guesses... That's honestly higher than I expected, so yay? On the other hand, it's good luck for the final rehearsal to be a disaster, so...

Either way, it'll be over tomorrow, so I'll finally be able to relax! Ahahahaha. Actually, no, I'm going to be busy for the rest of my life, it seems. I'm going to have to block out a couple of days in my two-week winter holiday for me-time, if I want to get any relaxing in! >_<

K and I laid waste to Nippori today, with my handy dandy 10% discount postcard from Tomato. K had brought her suitcase, I had two large bags, and we shopped for a solid 2 1/2 hours. I believe the technical term for the amount of fabric we bought is "good lord, ladies, learn to control yourselves!" (metric). I was unable to resist all the cute can-be-Christmassy-if-you-want-it-to-be prints, and then I saw a blueberry print. For realz. I believe I squealed. "What are you going to make with it?" K wanted to know. "I don't know! 8D If I can't think of anything, I'll just fondle it! 8D" She laughed at me. ;___;

After that, we had lunch at Bubba Gump's by the Tokyo Dome. We got there at around 2, and the line for the Arashi concert was already snaking all over the site. Pretty much all women, of course, though we did see one guy who looked to be in his late 40's, accompanying a teenager. "Aw, a dad taking his daughter to the concert, that's so cute!" Or at least, waiting in line with her to get goods. XD

I'd never had a meal at Bubba Gump's before, only drinks, but K had warned me about the size of the portions... Indeed, her order of fried chicken was 2 enormous pieces (she took a whole one home), and I had to eat half the fried shrimps on my po' boy before I could even contemplate eating it like a proper sandwich. I guess you get your money's worth, considering I'm not even remotely hungry yet, nearly seven hours later! Also, we split a (huge) dessert. "Since neither of us will want supper tonight anyway, we might as well! :D"

It was raining hard by the time we left. The umbrella vending machine at Suidobashi, which I'd noticed a guy restocking earlier in the afternoon, was empty.

Now I should start getting ready for bed, so I don't sleep through my alarm like I did this morning... And I'd wanted to be all productive this evening and tidy up and write cards and put up my Christmas tree! I guess I can do the tree and leave the tidying up for another day. XD
A week or so ago, I was looking at the calendar and thinking, "Cool, after weeks of being busy all the time, and before another month of lots of things to do and places to be, next weekend I have nothing planned!" Ahahaha. I fully intended to study all weekend, but then various friends suggested various activities, so...

Tonight I had a sexy Saizeriya study date with Eda; tomorrow I'm going to volunteer with Jamie, then we're joining Eda and William at a vampire café for supper; and on Sunday, the Fuji Crew -- we need t-shirts! XD -- will descend upon Ikebukuro to find Emily some boots.

This means I need to get to bed soon, since I've apparently gone crazy and think it's a GREAT idea to want to be up by 6:30 on a Saturday morning. ^_^;;;

Sleep tight, everyone!
This weekend was nicely relaxed and low-key, but I still managed to do lots of stuff!

Friday night, Marianne and I shared a bottle of yuzu wine (try it!) and watched the Kabukicho Daycare movie, which she hadn't yet seen. There was much giggling and exploding ovaries.

Yesterday, I went to see the Tamagawa fireworks with Laura and another friend. The site was really nice; a lush, grassy riverbank, and not so many people that we didn't have our pick of places to set our ground sheets out. The fireworks themselves were lovely, as fireworks tend to be, and we had a great time. Here we are... )

Today, Laura and Emily and I consumed large amounts of yummy, yummy Chinese food. That all-you-can-eat price was a seriously good deal, and the food was great. While the mapo tofu wasn't very spicey, it was plenty flavourful. Also, there were har gao. Have I mentioned how I love har gao? I do. I love them in my tummy. <3

Of course, there was no way we could even think about eating dessert after that; but we thought about dessert, and decided it would merely be postponed, so we killed some time by:

1 - buying bus tickets for next weekend's assault on Fuji-kun;
2 - going to a 100円 shop;
3 - taking Emily to Don Quixote and showing her the wonders of a store where you can buy anything, including -- but not limited to -- fake eyelashes, maid costumes, badminton racquets, electronic keyboards, candy, earphones, alcohol, inflatable sofas, designer wallets, and sex toys of all kinds;
4 - doing purikura; )
5 - doing karaoke, only to have me once more confounded by a song system I'd never encountered before (seriously, Shidax, the hell? How many systems do you have, anyway?!) and that contained no tenimyu -- sadness ensued;
6 - going to Kinokuniya so Laura and I could get the registration packet for the JLPT;
7 - finally eating dessert. I had a pear & kiwi jelly cup and the others had ice cream, and we discussed Important Topics, such as What To Take Up Japan's Most Famous Volcano.

It's been a week since I've gotten back from Canada, and once again I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by. The two weeks I was away passed much too quickly, and the week I've been back in Tokyo has sped by like nothing.

I've had time to collect my thoughts a bit, and I must say that while there were a few things I didn't get to do (I didn't have time to go to Milestone's for Bellini's with A-L, nor did I eat a shawarma at Les galeries de Hull, nor did I make it to Montreal. I also didn't get to go to a queer women's dance, but that's not my fault, it was ASK's for saying, "You should totally come to this event! It's next weekend! *checks schedule* Oh wait, it's not. It's in 3 weeks."), and a few people I didn't get to see, my whole trip home was wonderful. I got to spend time with my oldest friends, and I'm happy to see them all so happily settled.

It was slightly bittersweet, in a way, to get to meet A-L's and Duck of Doom's respective men. It made me realise how much I miss being in love and loving someone like that. I hope I'll find someone for me, too. Though I suppose the best way to do that would be to start looking... .___.;;;
All right, plans have been (sort of) finalized.

It seems that they don't do Dim Sum As It Should Be (i.e. Hong Kong style) in Tokyo, but, in Shinjuku's Lumine Est, looks really good. Y2,087 for 70 minutes, which is a bit pricey, but it's all you can eat! :D~~~

So let me know if any of you want to join me and [ profile] nekonezumi tomorrow for lunch!
Am in the middle of packing. A big part of my packing strategy has been: "Did I have this the last time I went back to Canada? Has anyone from back home seen me wear this? If so, can't take it with me!" Does this make me a shallow person? XD Seriously, though, I feel as though I've never looked better than I do now, and I want my outfits to reflect how I see myself. Feel free to mock my deluded sense of fashion behind my back. .____.;

I've managed to fail on several fronts in the Department of Being Prepared. Namely, all but one lightbulb on my standing lamp have died and I haven't bought replacements; I haven't yet vacuumed my room, though I gave the sewing room a lick and a promise the other day; I've only done 99 out of the 120 points in my Japanese grammar review book, though my goal was to finish it before leaving for Canada -- this means the book will be crossing the Pacific with me, along with a kanji review book and possibly another grammar/vocabulary book. Because it's not as though I'll have anything to do while I'm there! @_@

K gave me an early birthday present, the most awesomely-titled book ever: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. That solves my dilema of what reading material to bring along with me; I've started The Lies of Locke Lamora, for some reason I'm not too keen on taking it with me. Though if I did, it would make it a well travelled book indeed: my father brought it to me in April, along with the sequel, which he took back to Canada with him because he didn't have time to finish it in Hawaii, and which I'm going to bring back with me to Japan.

A small victory was had in finally hanging up my Dream Live 6th poster. Because I would have felt more than faintly ridiculous had I failed to do that before seeing the new show. Now if only I could post my review of it...

Another victory that isn't really a victory is that I spent YET MORE MONEY on nail polish (I didn't have any sparkly yellow or sparkly coral yet! *justified*) and earrings (I didn't have any shoulder-duster ones yet!).

Bloh, I really need to get to sleep, because I've decided that vacuuming and dishes can be put off until the morning. Assuming I can drag myself out of bed early enough to get it done! I'll need to find energy somehow, though, because I have a hot date with Rikkai's tennis team tomorrow night. :D And then I have to meet up with [ profile] llamachan, Tabitha-sitter extraordinaire to bring her to my humble abode.

[Please to be noting that the following is not meant to be taken as a lament over the fact that I don't have an AC unit, because the past few days have proven to me that air conditionning only aggravates my stuffed nose; I feel better as soon as I set foot outside.]

It's so hot that even sitting still, wearing nothing but my panties, I had droplets of sweat running down my chest earlier this evening.

And on that oh-so-sexy thought (XD!), I bid you good night.
It's official, Facebook and Gmail freak me out. There's Gmail, where the ads on the sidebar change depending on the content of the message you're reading or writing (and it switches languages when you do, which is even freakier!). And then there's Facebook, and while I know that it's linked to my Gmail address, it's disconcerting to have a "Suggestion to add So-and-So" when that person only joined Facebook a couple of days ago, you have no Facebook friends in common (and no friends-of-Facebook-friends in common, as far as you know), and the last time you exchanged emails with that person was over a year ago.

And now for the important part of my message: OMG I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY TODAY!!! D: At least it's crazy summer sales time, so I got a hell of a lot of stuff for all that money, much of it gifts for people on my list, but still...

Okay, I lied, that was not the important part of my message. Ahem.


If there's anything anyone would like me to bring (within reason, obviously, so no bowling ball requests!) back with me, let me know! I'll try to cram it into one of my suitcases.

So far, [ profile] umbrellaofdoom wants toothpaste, [ profile] lizstarsky wants Kraft Dinner, and [ profile] akahannah wants makeup (you'll have to send me a link or a picture!). Anyone else?

Similarly, if anyone in Canada wants anything from Japan, now's your last chance. I've got very little shopping time left!
Thank you so much for the kind words on last night's (this morning's!) post, they really made me feel loved. <3

And speaking of love, I felt a surge of something tonight as I watched a giant robot level Tokyo fly up into the sky stand firm against the gentle breeze. Oh, and it lit up and spewed smoke! :D

Becca and I were unable to take pictures of the Gundam in front of the sunset (because that would be a shot no one's taken before! XD), because the clouds got in the way, but I got some pretty sweet nighttime shots of it lit up with glowing vapours wafting around it. To be uploaded... soon.


People! There are supposed to be lots and lots of fireworks in my old 'hood (Asakusa/Sumidagawa) on Saturday, and I'd like to go. The weather forecast is not too promising, but I don't really care, I just want an excuse to wear a yukata. Because I have one, bought last year, that I haven't yet worn a single time.

This is clearly unacceptable, and I'd like to remedy the situation as soon as possible. So if anyone wants to come along, let me know! :D
It's always nice to be reminded that I can be moved to tears by the beauty of nature. On the way home from the waterpark, K and I were treated to a gorgeous sky, clouds whipped up like mountains and castles on the horizon, burnished gold and gleaming. Then, as I rode my bike from the station, I looked up and before me was the most beautiful rainbow I'd ever seen, a complete arch of brilliant colours against the clouds. I was so choked up that it took me a minute to notice the second, fainter rainbow above the first.

These pictures were taken from behind my apartment building and aren't quite as dramatic as the view I had a few blocks away, but I didn't dare go any farther with my camera, for fear the rainbows would fade away before I could get a good shot.

Here, have a double rainbow: (insert Silver Pair joke here) )



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