Inui-sensei didn't let us go until midnight last night. Or rather, he didn't kick us out until midnight. And I asked him to go over stuff with me, so he isn't really to blame for the fact that I got home at about 12:40.

I've been having some trouble sleeping the past few nights, and I don't know why. It's most vexing. Last night, I guess the four and nearly a half hours of dance meant that my body was still riding high, and even the 30 minutes' walk home wasn't enough to calm me down. I really hope tonight I'll sleep better! I should, considering I've had nearly two glasses of wine. Although, I sipped those over a period of nearly three hours, while writing my latest Travelpod entry, so the effects may be somewhat dilluted. But red wine tends to make me sleepy, so here's hoping.

I got some clarification re: the "You're Atsushi" issue. It seems that the kids don't like Atsushi (of Exile), and since they'd decided I was a bad guy during play time that day, I was Atsushi. And I guess the other Exile members they don't like have longer hair. XD

Sarah and I have beds for all four nights of our little trip! The first is in a Toyoko Inn, and I can put the coupons I got back in March, on the Road Trip That Never Ended, to good use. The next two nights, on Yakushima, we'll be in a Y1,600/bed dorm, which is incredibly cheap for Japan, so yay! Our last night is a splurge in a fancy ryokan on Sakurajima, with a nice meal and everything. And we'll get to bathe in an onsen while wearing yukata, because it's a shrine! It's going to be so cool!

For some reason, the prospect of bathing fully clothed is almost more appealing than doing it totally naked. And I'm alway happy to get naked! XDDD

That much ballet in one evening has left me seriously sore. And it's not the soreness of having strained my muscles, it's the soreness of, "Hey, you didn't give us a break for four hours yesterday! We protest!" Like, even my arms. :P

At last, I'm done my Travelpod entry, and my wine!

Time to stop abusing the exclamation marks, so I'll be off to bed, now.

Good night!
I have an hour left to pack for Korea (Korea! :D), do various last-minute things, and finish my dress. Well, at least put the zipper in, since I figure I can sew on the train on my way to the airport.

Hmm, maybe I should check the weather forecast for Seoul? *checks* Sunny and hot, not bad! I will definitely be wanting the dress, then.

As you may have guessed, my big post on creativity is still... creatively stewing in my mind. But it will come!

On the travelpod front, things are going well, as I'm managing to stick to my schedule. Yesterday, I wrote out a list of the things I still want to write about and was shocked to realise that if I stick to posting three times a week (sometimes 2, since I need to give myself a breather every once in a while!), by December I should be able to have written about all my travels since the spring of 2007.

Yes, I've travelled that much. @_@

All right, now I really have to go pack! ^_^v
Not only are my Takumi Panties, well, Takumi panties (XDDDD), they're also really cute and really comfortable. I would go and buy a whole pile of them, except at Y840 a pair... *doesn't want to go back to old stretched-out underwear, should not have spoiled self with expensive things, must do laundry more often*

I dreamt that I was really skinny, like skin-and-bones skinny. It was gross.

My eyes are dry and I wish I could crawl back under the covers with Tabitha warm and soft and purring against me. Right now she's curled up in a little kittyball on top of my futon, taunting me.

My NaNoWriMo fic outline is still growing. If I ever get this done, be warned that it contains Angsty Oishi, Somewhat Evil Fuji, Original Female Characters, Comfort Sex Shishido (okay, not exactly XD) and a Gratuitous Trip To Okinawa!
I haven't written a word of actual story for NaNoWriMo, but I've got over 1000 words of outline for a Golden Pair angst-sap-smut-fest written in a notebook, and that's not even the whole story! [ profile] umbrellaofdoom has requested that I include the line, "What faggotry was that?!" in it, and since Shishido is already a major character, it shouldn't be too hard. Except that he's to be involved in a lot of said faggotry, so... XD But I also have a list of other fic ideas, in case I run out of steam with the first one, so maybe I can include it in one of those.

Working with young children forces me to ask questions such as, "Yuriko, why are you sticking your hand up my shorts?"; "Hina, why are you trying to lift my skirt up?"; "Leon, why are you groping my breast?"; "Haruka, what do you think you're going to find in my back pocket?"

I love that in this country it's possible to buy super-cute shoes for under Y2000 (of course they were made in China!) that are comfortable to walk in! Now I have to bring myself to throw out the old, worn shoes that these new ones were meant to replace.

Studying for the JLPT has reminded me of how much I enjoy writing kanji, and how particular I am about them. There are some kanji that I just don't like the look of, such as 長 or 違 (and in that case, I retained the meaning immediately because it just looks wrong to me); others such as 家 or 機, I like the look of but can never seem to write gracefully; and others I like the look of and can write very prettily, such as 魚 or 遊.

Tabitha approves of the drop in temperature because it means I use more blankets, which means a cushier bed for her. Unfortunately, this also means that the centre of the futon is hers, and if I want to move my legs during the night I have to do it around her, because a comfortably sleeping cat weighs ten times more than that same cat does when awake -- she will not be budged. Also, she starts mewing at me earlier to get to bed. As she's doing right now.

I haven't yet finished writing my reports on the training workshops, and they have to be mailed Friday at the very, very latest.

K and I are already plotting next year's Halloween costume extravaganza, which will be Alice in Wonderland. She's to be Alice (because I don't want to be), I'm to be the Mad Hatter, and we'll have the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar. Ooh, I've got fabulous costume ideas dancing through my head already! I don't plan on making strict adaptations of the Disney versions of the characters, because I'm not sure the kids would recognise them anyway, and I don't want to make an actual caterpillar suit.

Now that Halloween's over, we get to look forward to Christmas! Last year, I was ever so happy that my mother had found me a copy of Nana Mouskouri's Christmas, which is an essential part of the season in my family. There are two other albums I'd like to have as well. One of them is Raffi's Christmas Album. What the other is, I have no idea, but it's an old tape my parents have, featuring traditional carols sung by a choir -- in my family, it's known as "the Grosse Marie tape", because my parents swear that at some point there is mention of "Grosse Marie". My brothers and I conceed that point, but we've always heard the beginning of one of the songs as, "Abu Dhabi bébé rose", even though the songs are all in English. I have no clue what the lyrics really are, and I don't really care.



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