Let's have some numbers, shall we?

-12 is probably the coldest temperature I got in Canada, and that was only on my first day back. Most vexingly, it got warmer and warmer over my stay, culminating with ABOVE ZERO temperatures in Montreal! :P

1 is the number of weddings I attended. Though, since M-P and Pat have been together for 13 years, a wedding seems sort of beside the point, it was a lovely little ceremony.

2 is the number of times I ate pho at Pho 99, my favourite pho restaurant in Ottawa.

2.5 is the number of socks I knit during my trip.

4 is the number of clementines I ate at my parents house.

5 is the number of new bottles of nail polish I brought back with me.

6 is the number of times I napped between leaving my parents' house and reaching my apartment: twice on the plane from Ottawa to Toronto (I woke up for the snack XD), three times between Toronto and Tokyo (including during both takeoff and landing, as usual XD), and most of the bus ride from Narita.

7 is the number of pets and babies I was introduced to/took pictures of. Merlin and Beulah, the new family cats; Morty and Frida, ASK's bulldogs; Croquette, A-L's bird; Sam, Bashy Boy and Tango Chick's baby; Roo, Anna's baby (this was over the phone, though, and her real name is Keira).

10 is the number of hours of sleep I got last night -- in bed by nine, up around 7:30, with only one trip to the toilet during the night.

11 is the number of books I brought back with me.

13 is the number of movies I watched during my holiday (reviews forthcoming).

25 is the approximate number of glasses of wine I drank in Canada, not including glasses of port and also the copious amount of port my mum poured into the second trifle (seriously, the cake at the bottom was soaked through with it!) and I probably had a cocktail or two at some point.

45 is the number of episodes of Monster my brother and I managed to get through. Out of 74 episodes, that's not too bad, considering we only had one day where we could properly marathon it. Otherwise, we watched it in fits and starts, limited by other activities, me getting sleepy (in the evenings) and B1 not getting up early enough.

500 is the number of grammes less my huge suitcase weighed coming back than it did going. But I guess it doesn't really count, since I had an extra bag!

3475 is the number of different kinds of cookies, chocolates, cakes, trifles, cupcakes, muffins and pastries I ate.

2348907 is the number of jelly beans I consumed at A-L's place and that I still have to eat, because she gave me a huge bag of them.
Christmas back home was wonderful, though we experienced a few setbacks. Originally, my plan was to only take half a day off work, leaving (and arriving) on Christmas Eve. Then I thought that that would be cutting it close, and that it would be better to leave on the 23rd, just in case there were any delays. B2, who was in Europe, was also supposed to arrive that same evening at roughly the same time I would, but in Montreal, so he'd arrive two hours later by bus.

My flights went as planned, with no delays, and I was in Ottawa by half past six.

B2, however... landed in Montreal at 2:30 p.m. on Christmas day. Originally, he was supposed to fly from Berlin to Munich, then from there to Montreal. As you may have heard, much of Europe has been thrown into chaos by the weather, which my brother said in most places was a joke (but it seems that Paris can't handle half an inch of snow), and his first flight was delayed, but he did manage to get to Munich, which was good because since he was officially in transit, the airline had to feed him and put him up in hotels.

So here's what happened to him:

He got to Munich late, but might have made his connection, except a security agent searched his carry-on bag three times, in the process damaging his gift for our mother. By the time he made it to the gate, they had already closed the doors. So he went and stood in a long line of people who had also missed their flights, waited for hours, and was finally told that he could get a flight to Zurich, and from there to Chicago the next day, and from there they'd get him to Montreal. They put him up in an airport hotel, and the next morning, he went back to the terminal and stood in line some more.

He made it to Zurich, then waited... and waited... and waited... and finally was on a plane to Chicago. By now it was late on the 24th. He'd been keeping us updated via phone and email, and called from Chicago on Christmas Eve to tell us that *fingers crossed* he'd be in Montreal the next day.

He finally got the airline to give him a hotel room in Chicago, and he also got a $45 meal voucher, but he said the cheapest thing on the dinner menu still came up to almost $30, once you added tax and tip. And the cheapest thing on the breakfast menu was $17, so he couldn't even have breakfast before plodding back to the airport, early on Christmas morning. We were at Dorval to greet him (with a sign, even: Baron von Latefürchristmas) and then rushed home to open our presents, with a pit stop at what was supposed to be Tim Horton's, but ended up being Harvey's because Tim Horton's was closed. On Christmas Day! Can you believe it?!

My gifts included books (very thoughtfully chosen by both my brothers, though one is a hundred-pound thing that I have to lug back to Japan with me -- thanks, B1! XD;;;), money, a pair of lovely peridot earrings (real gold and everything, which means I now own actual jewellery!), and the usual stocking stuffers, though my mother got me tights instead of socks this year! I got the lucky gratteux (lottery ticket where you scratch off numbers/pictures) this year, though I only won $3; I'm pretty sure that ever since my mother started the tradition of giving each of us kids one of those in our stocking, twenty years ago, it's only happened once or twice that either none of us won anything, or more than one of us won something. Without fail, there's one lucky ticket, though none of us has ever won more than $20.

Since arriving, I've gotten to know the two new family cats, Merlin (a.k.a. Merlin le malin, Merlichon) and Beulah (a.k.a. Madame, Toutounnette), both lovely black cats with yellowish-green eyes. They're not related, but strangely enough, neither of them can meow properly. My parents got Merlin when he was a kitten, so he's presumably always been like that, but they adopted Beulah when she was about two years old, and think she might have been abused and so lost her meow at some point. Instead of meowing, she creaks, and Merlin makes this weird noise that sounds almost like a pigeon cooing.

I've been checking the forecast and so far, there doesn't seem to be much hope for a snowfall before I leave. Bloh! Oh well, at least there's snow on the ground.

A last thing I'd like to note is that I'm sitting here typing in nothing but a t-shirt, track pants and socks, and it's no doubt at least -10 outside, and the heater in this room isn't even on. And it's kind of surprising that when I turn on the cold water tap, the water that comes out is ice cold.
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My siblings )
Being rather proud of my Halloween costume, I sent a picture of it to my mother, who it turn showed it to her coworkers. Apparently, they all thought I look just like her! We had a good laugh over this, because I look absolutely nothing like my mother. The only things I got from her are my hair (I'm wearing a wig in the picture), my eyes (which you can't see very well as it's a full-length shot) and my skin tone (which is mostly covered by the costume). Apart from that, I got everything from my father's side of the family.

I slept until nearly 11 this morning! Go me! *cheers*

Now I want to be productive for the next couple of hours (cleaning, etc.) so that I can Get Stuff Done the rest of the day. I have big plans for November, and they need some advance preparation.

Happy Halloween!
Ballet tonight didn't turn me into a blubbering mess of fail, go me! Though I kind of sucked during the class, rehearsal went well. Inui-sensei taped me up real good, so my wrist was okay. <3

There was more explanation about the cardboard boxes of fate:

"So then the dancers [people in the contemporary class, or one of the other ballet classes, I'm not sure] with the cardboard boxes are going to come up beside you and do their thing, and you have to walk around them and follow them, looking at them like, 'What the hell are you doing crashing my song with your cardboard box?' Then you take the box and go [insert choreography] and then walk in a line to this side of the stage, and sit down with your box, like, '私のダンボール,' "

My fail moment of the day (apart from the fact that I'd forgotten my ballet studio membership card at home, so came home after work to get it, then walked back into Kichijouji for my class, so I was really hot and sweaty by the time I got to the studio and my bright red face contrasting with my bright yellow hair had two different people asking me whether I'd gotten sunburned in China XD;;;) was this morning. After hitting snooze for over half an hour, I finally rolled off the futon and started my little morning routine. Do-do-doo, shower, do-do-doo, pat Tabitha, do-do-doo, get breakfast ready, hmm, check email -- wait, why are people wishing me happy -- OH RIGHT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

While it's true that I don't make a big deal about my birthday, it's never been this bad!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, I felt warm and fuzzy and loved all day as they kept coming. *mushyraburabufeelings* I'll reply tomorrow, maybe in the morning if I wake up early enough.

The funniest message was from B1, who doesn't believe in exclamatory punctuation:

Happy birthday. May your day (and hopefully week) be filled with Capibara-san*.

I'm expecting many updates on Travelpod of your China trip. So far, it looks like it was muy bien.

(* When he visited me in 2008, he was struck by the number of game centre machines that had Capibara-sans as prizes. This has remained a joke between us, and I've given him at least a couple of Capibara-san souvenirs since then. XD)

B2 has so far not remembered my birthday, but I kind of expect that from him.

My mother sent me an e-card featuring a squirrel blowing stuff up. XDDD
Can one go into cheese withdrawal, I wonder?

So for the past three nights, I've gone to bed between 11:40 and midnight, and each night I've woken up at exactly 0:40. And I don't know why.

I got an email from my aunt this morning, regarding my posts about Vienna: Your pix are great! I just find it hilarious that my 67-year-old aunt actually typed "pix". XDDD

And now for the story of the reasons behind my brief life sans internet, in case you cared. ^.^ Boring story goes here. )

In other news, I've got the travel bug, and I've got it bad. Sunday, Emily and I met up for our first strategic planning session of our Assault on China*, and there was much poring over the map, much discussion about means of transportation, and pondering what we were going to eat. In China, not at the restaurant.

Today I went to a travel agency to look into tickets, and we are nearly booked! I go back tomorrow to pay for them. And then I get to go crazy looking for info about travelling in China! :D

Also coming up is my blink-and-you'll-miss-it trip to Korea with Eda, which will be very, very exciting. And spicy. And hopefully full of fabulous, cheap shoes. :DDD Damn, I have to get in gear to keep my promises to Haengbok-sshi, or Eda's gonna make me some more Inui juice! D:

All right, bed time!

I'm feeling way too chipper about everything. ^_^;

* We need an official name for our trip. Journey to the West would be appropriate, no? XD
Central Europe 2010 was incredible, and I'm predictably suffering from "But four days ago I was in PRAGUE, what am I doing back home?!" syndrome. Still, it's nice to be back in the land of good customer service!

I am currently in a net cafe and my keyboard's a and d keys both have issues. I would normally be at karaoke for the hour before my ballet class, except my internet is also having issues, and I may not be able to fix them tonight. We'll see if uninstalling and reinstalling the Flet's software does any good...

On the other hand, net cafe = free drink bar!

Apart from that, I landed in Tokyo yesterday morning at 9m after about 14 hours in transit and very little sleep, was home by 11:15 (Narita, you're doing it right! Don't ever change! Love, me), napped as best I could, then was at work at 2:30. I managed a decent amount of sleep last night, and felt more rested than I'd expected to this morning. But then I got to work and realised I'd forgotten my glasses at home.

So far, jet lag and I are tied one for one.

Tabitha was very happy to see me, and was, for the most part, an adorable purring furball who slept curled up by my side. She's started shedding in earnest, but she resisted the brush, and just wanted me to cuddle her last night.

Kimberly teased me today, saying I'd come back with a stronger Canadian accent. "You keep saying 'aboot'! " I think it's just because she hadn't heard me speak in nearly two weeks. XD

I haven't yet uploaded my pictures, but I have over 5GB, and there are a few I'm very pleased with. Although to tell the truth, one of the most awesome (er, well, maybe awesome isn't exactly the right word...) pictures is blurry and is one I didn't even take myself. Actually, I didn't even know it had been taken until the next morning, but it proves that I couldn't have asked for more caring brothers than the ones I have. Though I imagine my definition of "caring" in this case is perhaps not the same as everyone else's, unless you define it as "taking embarrassing photos of your sister". XDDD

Hmm, what else did I want to say? Oh yes, I bought postcards but didn't mail them, so they'll be stamped and postmarked in Japan.

Also, I really should take more time to read actual books again. I finished one during the trip and got well into a second, and it just reminded me how much I love the feel of a good book in my hands, and how big a chunk of my life has been spent reading.

Provided I get my internet connection working again tonight, there will be a post (part I of V, or possibly more) on Travelpod by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I suppose I'll USB it and come back here tomorrow after work.
Hello, all!

I am safely in Vienna, and now I remember that those wacky German keyboards are pretty much the same as English ones... except the y and z keys are reversed. XD

I arrived last night (by Finnair, very nice airline) via Helsinki, and going by the delicious-looking cloudberry and lingonberry and lots-of-other-berry jams and other products, I need to go back someday. Also, reindeer! :D

Anyway, I spent most of the morning waiting for my family to show up. After eating my weight in cheese at the breakfast buffet, I parked myself in the lobby with my book and waited... and waited... About an hour after I'd estimated they'd arrive, I told myself that after I finished my book (I had about 5 pages left) I'd go out and hunt for an internet café, but they showed up right about them. Turns out their flight from Montreal was cancelled, so they were put on another flight, and everything was off by about an hour and a half.

So I accomplished pretty much nothing today, except finish my book, and we walked around a bit, then went back to the hotel to rest, then went out for supper.

Very exciting stuff.

Take care, everyone!
More trip planning with my brothers, and I'm not sure how it started, but the theme is now mocking Munich. I think it's because B2 really wants to go to Berlin, so nixed the idea of Munich very early on. Anyway...

B1 writes:

One thing I know is that Vienna and Berlin do seem like fairly good options to fly in or out of whereas Prague is not so good (when I last checked a few weeks ago). So flying into Vienna and out of Berlin would be affordable (in ticket terms) and not too transfer laden. Flying from Prague to Canada is laced with more stopovers than a Tenis-Pourri* concert is with eyes-glazed-over-maniacal-grin-screaming-glowstick-waving-girls. There's nothing stopping us from doing Vienna, Prague and Berlin (before our six month stay in Munchen) but maybe sticking to two places is better.

B2 replies:

"before our six month stay in Munchen" I thought we were staying for eight months.


Like you'd have time to see everything in 8 months!  *rolls eyes*  If you're not planning on at least a year, don't even bother.


Yeah well obviously, the six month period is just on the tourist Visa, at which point we come back to Canada and apply for special permenant residency to Munchen (not Germany). Due to the 10 year backlog of requests, we might as well try and get it over with as soon as possible.


I heard on the news that a child in Thailand was born without bones and when his father took him to Munchen he grew bones.


Also, their schnitzels are ten times bigger and more delicious than anyplace else on Earth.  Trufax.


Have you asked at least if you can have that week off? Or have you been signing ''Munchen, Munchen, My Heart yearns for thee! Munchen, Munchen, where the Sauerkraut is free'' all day long.

* "pourri" means "rotten" in French.

* * *

Yesterday I had a sucky 24-hour stomach bug, courtesy of my co-teacher, who had it earlier this week. I got to work, but spent half the day sleeping in the baby room (whenever the kids had playtime, or I had a break). Part of the reason I didn't come back home was that I was afraid I'd throw up somewhere along the way. I did throw up, but I had a toilet to do it in, at least. So that's twice within a month. Considering the last time was... God, I can't remember the last time before that I threw up. The only time I can remember would have been when I was living in my apartment in Hull, so 2004 or 2005, and I'd gotten really drunk and smoked some very potent weed the night before. ^_^;
This probably won't make much sense to anyone but those concerned (i.e. myself and my brothers) but I want to post this just so I don't forget about it, because I just split my sides laughing.

There's been this running joke for years about my feet being perfectly round. It originated (I think?) when we were watching Fushigi Yuugi together -- so that would be about 10 years ago! -- and my brothers thought the close-up of Chiriko's foot with his seishi symbol was hilarious, and somehow this led to them accusing me of having spherical feet. Anytime is a good time to bring this up, so now that we're in the initial stages of planning our annual family trip, the following exchange appeared in my inbox:

B2 writes:

Pending receipt of your answer to this inquiry, please be advised that effective January 1st, 2010, all passengers boarding international flights with feet deemed "roughly circular," as per the guidelines set out in the International Foot Roundness Screening Protocol (IFRSP) subsection 4(i through iv) are required to pay a minimum accommodation fee of US$260 and up to US$475 for feet deemed "perfectly circular" as per the guidelines set out in the IFRSP subsection 6(i through vii). Refusal to consent to these fees can result in penalties including detention for no more than 21 days pending criminal prosecution under the International Air Traffic Security Act, INTERPOL, Section 16, subsection 4(b), schedule A.  I mention this knowing that M-A will be travelling with us and wish to avoid any possible delays in our travel plans.

B1 replies:

Good call on the regulations. And just to clarify, you misread the sections and the penalties for perfectly circular (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circle) feet include, but are not limited to, incarceration for a minimum duration of 6 years and extensive sanding of the feet in question so as to remove all circular and ovaloid qualities. Specifications reagarding the duration of the sanding process, as well as the techniques and materials employed in its execution, can be found in the International Foot Derounding Protocol  (Chapters III through LII). Failure to obtain any angled sections in the foot will not be held against the sanders and can result in accusations of high treason and is punishable by death.

B2 again:

Thank you for the clarification. I would also like cite the final judgment in the first case tried under this new legislature, James K. Henderson v. The Republic of Korea, International Court of Justice, 2010:

"[...] the court cannot uphold imprisonment and physical restraint as reasonable grounds for refusal to comply with the regulations of the International Foot Derounding Protocol [...] as prior knowledge of the perfectly round feet [...] and the regulations and affects of the Protocol having been made public several months prior to its effective date [...] demonstrate beyond this Court's doubt that the accused did knowingly and recklessly persist in boarding, occupying and using the facilities of overseas-bound aircraft after having had ample time to comply with the regulations of the Protocol and take subsequent actions to ensure that its standards were met prior to boarding any aircraft. [...] By the power vested in it by the International Court of Justice Legislature, this court finds the defendant guilty on all counts, [...] and sentences him to be placed in a container of sufficient volume in which for him to be completely submerged in a quantity of vegetable oil at least twenty-seven (27) times greater than the volume of his person, and confined to this container in the presence of a quantity of vegetable oil equivalent to that of the adorementioned, until breathing has been sufficiently restricted so as to cause cessation of life."

According to this precedent, detention is not grounds for defence so M-A you'd better make sure your feet meet the requirements of the
IFRSP before we leave.


Also, when we were having Christmas over Skype, the conversation turned to clothes and after they hated on many a trend (B2 thinks the creator of Crocs should burn in hell for all eternity), they enlisted my help in designing the ultimate pair of overalls: satin silk, pinstriped and skin-tight. A revolution in business attire.

So yes, I sold a bit of my soul and got myself an ipod touch. Or rather, my parents got me one, since what I requested for my birthday was an electronic dictionary to aid me in my pursuit of more jouzu nihongo, and when I got back to Japan, K was all, "OMG you've gotta buy an ipod touch, you can get all these awesome nihongo-aiding apps! :D" And it turned out that buying the ipod was about the same price as the dictionary I'd been eyeing, and besides, did you know that you can get Cooking Dash (new version of the Best Game Evar -- after Dune II, of course -- i.e. Diner Dash) on it?

Anyway, so far I've used my little buddy to listen to the playlists B2 made for me (since he has no money, that's what I asked him to give me for my birthday), play Cooking Dash and use Kotoba!* for its intended purpose. And by that, of course, I mean I've been using it to help me read doujinshi. XD

All joking aside, I am really wired this evening, even after a super study session during which I took 5 pages of kanji notes (I looked up the kanji for every word JUST BECAUSE I COULD!)... -_-; I need to get to bed.

Hmm, I should name the ipod. Any suggestions?

In other news, why the hell is Facebook being so difficult? I'm trying to upload pictures, and if I try to select more than one at a time, it crashes my browser. If I only do one at a time, half the time it tells me the attempt was "unsuccessful", but even if it works, it's horribly slow to do them one by one. :P

* This application is awesome and it is FREE! People with an ipod touch or an iphone, go download it now! You can look up words in either Japanese or English, look up kanji (just set it to Chinese keyboard and you can draw them), have it show you the proper stroke order (not all kanji have this, I'm not sure why). Also, it goes from Japanese to English, French, German and Russian, so if you happen to speak more than one of those languages, you can set it to simultaneously display them; I find having both the French and English very helpful, as there's sometimes a slight difference between the two, which I believe brings me closer to the actual Japanese meaning in some cases.
This is it, my last night in Canada for... I have no idea for how long, really. As long as I can take trips with my family every once in a while, and my friends come out and visit me, I don't really have a reason to come back, do I?

I spent this evening with my family, and it was happy and sad. Happy because we celebrated my birthday (I got my traditional feast of shepherd's pie and fresh berries) and had a game of Scrabble, and sad because we buried Stanley and Fluffy in the back yard. Fluffy's ashes had been sitting in their little urn in the living room since 2005, and Stanley's in a small wooden box since last December.

The moment was sort of interrupted when my brothers, who were digging the grave, had one of their typical arguments with my father about how to go about it. My father didn't want to bury the urn and the box, just the ashes, but then B1 couldn't get Fluffy's ashes out of the urn (they were in a plastic bag), so there was discussion about how to get them out. "I'll get another bag and we can rip this one open and transfer them." "What's the point in that? Just dump them in the ground!" Finally, B2 ended up smashing the urn open with his shovel, and we got on with the solemn business at hand.

Incidentally, this reminded me of a sort of similar (and hilarious) scene in Michel Marc Bouchard's play Les grandes chaleurs, which has been made into a movie. I hope I can find a download of it somewhere someday!

Oh, I also had my little bonfire. Did you know that pictures burn in the most satisfying way? :D There weren't as many cards and letters as I thought there would be, but now I remember that I gave a whole pile of them back to G at one point, saying that since he'd written them, he could do as he liked with them. >:3

I'll leave you with that, as I have to finish packing. I'll be picking up timbits tomorrow morning, so Eda, if you still want some, you'll have to come meet me at Kichijouji on Sunday evening! ^_^
Yesterday was rather emotional, but mostly in a good way. A-L and I met the blushing (XD) bride for lunch, and OMG PHO and SPRING ROLLS and THAT DELICIOUS CHICKEN SALAD!!! *drools* It was heaven in a bowl and two small dishes. ^______^ Pho 99, people. That's where the good stuff is.

Afterwards, we got bubble tea (OMG HONEY GREEN TEA WITH PEARLS *drooooooools*) and babbled away some more. A-L went out for a minute to make a phone call, and when she got back, she found A and I sobbing on each others' shoulders. "I missed you so much! I'm so proud of you! I'm so happy for you!" My little ducky is all grown up... ;___;

Our next stop was G's new house, where all my things were waiting for me in the garage. I'd spoken to G in the morning to ask if I had to get a key from him or what, but he said he'd leave the garage opener in the mailbox for me. I kind of wondered about that, like, "What, he's going to go home at lunch and put it there?!" Of course, it was because Connasse (sorry, there's no good English equivalent for that, and Stupid Cow just doesn't have the same ring to it) was home, so she did it. I still find it hilarious how he never mentions her existence at all to me*, to spare my feelings, or out of shame, I guess. He was certainly ashamed enough to not speak to A-L! It was funny to hear A-L rant about him, though. >:D

So starting at 3 o'clock, A-L, who is one of the best friends a girl could ask for, helped me sort through boxes, picking out what to keep, what to give away, what to throw out. My furniture and all housewares like dishes and towels went to B1, who finally moved out of my parents' house last weekend. He and his roommate S (whose family used to live across the street from ours, so I've known him since he was 6, and A-L and I had a "Aw, they're all grown up!" moment to cut up the hilarity of listening to the boys figuring out the best way to load things: "Tu m'as dérobé l'espace!" "Mais c'est pas un oblong." "On peut mettre les objets disparates en arrière.") showed up later in the evening with a van and a trailer to move the stuff out. It took them two trips, and it's a ways from Gloucester to Aylmer, so I didn't get back home until midnight. A-L didn't feel like driving back so I got to drive Maggie (her Smart car) again. It's like being in a little bubble! <3

Today I need to finish sorting through my stuff; while I did a pretty good job yesterday, there are still a lot of things that went into the "Will be lent long term to either parents or brother" file, because what's the point of having DVDs or CDs or books sitting in a box for however many years it takes before I move back here? I'd rather someone else enjoy them.

Tomorrow starts the true whirlwind of meeting up with people and being busy. At least two people to see tomorrow (possibly 3!), then Friday is wedding preparations, Saturday is the wedding, Sunday is maybe Pacific Mall with M-P (yay!), then I sleep in Waterloo, then Monday I go see B2 in Toronto, then I come back to Aylmer, then I scramble to see the people I won't have had a chance to see this week, visit B1's new place (and take the guys out to eat to thank them for the help), go for drinks with A-L, and hopefully get to spend some time with my parents. @_@

*Some rare ranting about the whole situation )
As promised (a long, long time ago...), here are my thoughts on Dream Live 6th. In bullet form, copied directly from my Hawaii journal, since I wrote them down on the flight. For me, the show was:

- Silver Pair synchro fail (baka pair win?!)
- Tezuka & Sanada can sing
- Shitenhouji are ravers at a gay disco!
- Yuuji = sparkly crop top
- Higa with leis
- Yakiniku battle
- Ichinensei get a little song
- High school uniforms: sequined badges, WTF Fuji?! (Mao with polka dot tie!)
- Still like A Shiraishi better (B not feeling the ekusutaji~~ quite so much)
- Flying Taka!
- 5th Horio really, really short*
- Koori no emperor & Hyoutenka no jounetsu medley
- B Gakuto SO MUCH CUTER with that wig
- Hardly any talk at all compared to DL5 (perhaps they had less rehearsal time after Shitenmyu's super long run?)
- Luke C. needs to learn to pack his junk better. >_<
- "Do Your Best" & "Kimi to nakama de/Good Combination" blast from the past
- Can't remember what had me screaming "OH MY GOD! D:"

I still can't remember what had me yelling, but when I get my hands on the DVD and watch it, it will hopefully come back to me. ^_^

* I think he must be going through a growth spurt, because when I saw him on stage on Friday, he didn't seem that short anymore. Does anyone care about him enough to confirm/deny this?

And here's what my brother thought! I was very proud of him for wearing his (my) kirakira mitt and waving his (my) light stick around just like everyone else, though he had but a minimal understanding of what was going on, having only watched the anime up to the end of the Hyoutei arc. His comments:

- I didn't understand anything
- I was surprised at how many people had light sticks
- I felt tall
- The screaming was insane
- Everyone seemed to really like the guy in yellow [Sanada]
- The parsimonious use of pyrotechnics was a bit strange [my brother's way of saying that he didn't expect random fireworks at a musical about tennis XD]
- There was lots of energy, but I still didn't understand anything

And there you have it, folks. Tomorrow (possibly), my Very Silly Review of the newest show. I'm half-tempted to once again transcribe it as is, random Japanese included. :D
Arrived safely in Hawaii this morning, after going back in time: we left Tokyo at 9 p.m. on Sunday, and landed in Honolulu at 9 a.m. on Sunday! Freaky...

For some reason, I was sure the flight would be 8 hours. Why I thought this I don't know, since I know that Tokyo to Vancouver is a much greater distance, and that only takes 9 hours... @_@

So far, the beach is gorgeous, and I felt terribly overdressed (wearing what I wore to tenimyu, since most of my flist saw me there XD) so the first order of the day, while we were waiting for our hotel room to be made ready, was to buy a bathing suit and some beach clothes.

Success! I has a new bikini that is neither a) in shades of blue nor b) polka dotted, which are what all my other suits are. And my mum and I spotted a cheap clothing store, so we'll be going back that-a-way tomorrow to get more stuff.

I'm still groggy, though I did have a nice nap an hour ago, so I think I'll head back up to the room and see if the men of the family (naturally, my mother and are ready to go!) are in any state to go out and find some supper.
Kirakira mitts are mostly done. My mum helped out by ironing. ^_^

I took my brothers out for sushi and karaoke last night, and it was revealed that B1 can sing! B2 we knew about, what with him being the lead singer and guitarist of his band, but I can't ever remember B1 singing, so it was a nice surprise. We had fun belting out Bon Jovi and Green Day songs together. <3

Today we rented a car and I drove us all out to Fuji go ko, though we only saw four of them. Very pretty, the weather was perfect, and we had a lovely view of Mt. Fuji. On the way back, I was telling my father about how disappointed I was to learn that the "san" in "Fuji-san" was another reading for the kanji for mountain, and not Japanese people calling it Mr. Fuji. My father said "Mr. Fuji" sounded a bit too formal, that he wanted a closer relationship, so I suggested "Fuji-kun".

"Fujikins?! 8D"

One of the things my family brought along was scans of all our family slides, including this picture of me when I was eight years old and heading off to Camp Woolsey (that's Brownie camp for you non-Ottawa folks!). Click here for lolz! )
If any of you are thinking of taking a drive through Tokyo on a Saturday, in the pouring rain, my advice is DON'T DO IT! At least half your time will be spent inching forward on the "express"way.

I hadn't driven since going back home nearly two years ago (helping Jamie move doesn't really count), so three straight hours with my hands on the wheel left my fingers a little numb. All I can say is I was never so glad to be driving an automatic, because a clutch would have killed me.

After helping Becca move (surely I got myself a big chunk of good moving karma just for the hell that was traffic today!), it was much too late to contemplate taking the van back and catching a train to Ueno to meet my family, so I drove there instead. It took an hour and a half from Funabashi, which made me nearly an hour late meeting them. Thankfully, B1 called me from a payphone, and we negotiated a new meeting place, that is, me slowing down in front of the Keisei station and them jumping into the van. From there, it took nearly two hours to get to my place. @_@

B2, the only member of our family who hadn't yet come to Japan, thought it was a pretty sugoi way to get a first glimpse of the city. Everyone agreed, including me, because the only time I'd ever driven across town before today was when I got a ride with my movers last year, and we took a different route, so this was a side of Tokyo I'd never seen. I wish it hadn't been raining, though it was neat to see Shinjuku's skyscrapers disappearing into the mist.

They've all been asleep since 9:30, and it's about time for me to do the same, to try to catch up on all the sleep I missed this week.
It's nearly 2 in the morning, and I've not been getting half the sleep I should this week, but that's okay, because I finally have curtains in my sewing room! Somehow, the thought of welcoming my family with a sink full of dirty dishes wasn't as distressing as the thought of making them sleep in a room which had fabric pinned to the curtain rod in lieu of actual curtains. Cleaning the bathroom can wait until tomorrow morning, because I figure that if I'm to get up early to help Becca move, I may as well wake up SUPER early and finish getting my place ready then.

I handed over the costumes earlier this evening, and I think I must congratulate myself. First of all, I'm proud of the work itself; secondly, though I did get to bed very late these last few nights, there were no all-nighters, nor was there any panicked running around. Now I can sit back and relax, and hope that everything fits.
1. Leave me a comment saying, 'interview me'.

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (You must do this, even if it's filtered for my eyes only!)

4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

So I asked [livejournal.com profile] krk to interview me and she started off with a bang, asking about my thoughts on yaoi (sort of). XD )

I live!

Jan. 30th, 2009 10:38 pm
Yesterday, we took the kids to the Inokashira Zoo, and a grand time was had by all. There were three of us herding 11 four-year-olds, and we managed, though we did have to raise our voices at times. But still, they were just so cute it was hard to be harsh with them, and I was too busy taking pictures, anyway.

B1 gets a kick out of making me laugh, but this is the first time he's done it this way: we are loving siblings )


So this evening I went back to Parco to check out the last of the sales... and ended up spending nearly 10,000y. But it was all in the name of cute shoes, cute slips and awesome pants. How awesome are these pants? For starters, they're green (almost exactly the same shade as my green jeans, in fact >_<), and also the lining of the pockets has POLKA DOTS. But best of all, they're those weird double-waisted pants (like the red ones Mao-chan is wearing in the Dream Live 5th pamphlet) which means I can wear two belts at once, should I choose to do so.

Actually, I lie. The best part of those pants is that I bought them in a regular Japanese shop, i.e. Not Uniqlo.

They Had My Size. Or rather, I Am the Right Size (for their largest size). This is Good, but it also opens up a whole world of dangerous shopping possibilites... ^.^

Also, Japanese salesgirls are too damn cute, and they're chatty. Even chattier when I'm wearing my cute rainboots, as I was today.

And now, time for some more So You Think You Can Dance Canada as I sip my camomile tea.



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